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It is the mourning period of the last night,
The early hours of the morn,
When foxes cry and frost descends,

I’m cloaked in the velvet breeze,
Lapping softly against my cheek,
This witching hour,
This twilight,
It is a meditative time,
When the sky burns its many candles,

Even as lethargy rears its head,
It is pleasant,
But it’s the calm before the storm,

Something appears on the horizon,
That eerie blue glow,
It is as beautiful as it is foreboding,
For I know what follows,
That which burns the eyes,
And wearies the soul.

Good day inmates!

How are you all doing this week? Hope you’re all keeping warm out there (or cool for those in other climates). It’s still a bit chilly here right now, but it’s remained dry for the moment. I can deal with that I suppose. In fact it’s been sunny for the most part. It’s been a rather rocky week thus far in other areas though. I’m not going to go in to any details of course, but there’s been some family stuff going on in the last couple weeks and it sort of progressed this week. Yes, vague I know. But a certain degree of separation of personal life and online life is wise when it comes to these things don’t you think? I know y’all get where I’m coming from.

Anyways, we are here for music aren’t we? If not, you may be a touch lost my friend. The poems are on the other days of the week you know! Wednesdays are for writing music! Did anybody see the clue for todays musical theme? I’m going to keep asking you know. It was right there on the social media, you naughty munchkins!

Let’s get straight to it as I was really looking forward to todays theme. The theme for this weeks writing music is night time! As many of you may know from many previous poems, I’m a big fan of night and in particular the sight of the moon. Sunsets and sunrises have their appeal to be sure, but to me, sitting under a starry sky with the odd cloud lit up under a full moon is so much more magical. If I ever need to go out and think, I prefer to take a short (or sometimes not) ride around the island on a clear night. It really is quite something special. I think music artists get that too. There are so many ways to express the visual beauty and esoteric feelings that the darker hours profess. Slow and numbing electronic beats, songs from a sad soul alone in the dark, music about the realm of dreams or maybe songs expressing fear and horror with how the night is. It’s one of those broad subjects that means a different thing to every different person. The best subject for an artist. Musical and otherwise. Let’s see what I found for this theme eh?

Please join me as we delve into the minds of nocturnal artists the world over!

Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down

Poets of the Fall – Late Goodbye

Kikuo – Song of the Night

Phaelah – In The Twilight

Tiger Army – Dark and Lonely Night

And there we have it for another week! If it wasn’t a bit chilly tonight, this would almost make me want to go out and wander about in the dark. On second thought, that sounds a bit on the creepy side. That’s definitely not what I meant. Haha! I hope that you all enjoy the musical choices for this week. I tried to get a decent variety of musical styles while still retaining the overall theme. I hope that y’all decide to check out these artists from this week, they all deserve the attention. Madness knows it’s a rough world in the music industry after all.

Incoming awkward segue! You know what else is a rough world? Getting noticed on the interwebs! Not in celebrity terms of course, but just reaching new readers is all. That’s what social media is meant to be for eh? So, I’m going to share my social media sites here for anybody who hasn’t followed/liked yet. No pressure of course, just an open offer. The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and lastly a page over on Twitter as well! Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thanks for everything my friends!

Until next week, have a very crazy day my dear inmates!

After the sunsets warning,
The dark creeps up,
Nothing is radiant in the world,
Naught but the two lights I see,
Corpselights in the black,
Malevolence in twin lustre,
Eyes flittering a grim emerald,
I lock vision with them,

Just silence,

The hairs upon my nape stand in awe,
I know not to which fiend they belong,
But I feel the heat of their ire,
Such hate in their illumination,
They pounce from brush to brush,
Denoting a predators process,
The night shifts just that bit colder,
I am fixed in their gaze,

Just silence,

Then rapid claws upon broken twigs,
No more sound would be heard,
No more sunsets to be seen.

The dark has a mind of its own,
The periphery does not lie,
There’s something there,
Exerting its will unseen,
It’s like a shadow person,
It has limbs of pure contorted blackness,
It pinches at your ears and thighs,
Supping upon your rapid heart,
Tentacles against table legs and wall skirts,
Those whispers are very real,
It tries to lead you further in to the night,
Tendrils ushering you onwards,
For nefarious ends perhaps,
Or some other mischief.

Do not quake fleshlings,
When I wail,
When I shriek,
I do not wish terror upon you,
I yearn only to confess my sins,
I don’t have many guests,

I once lived,
I once loved,
Travelled many malms,
Thrust blades betwixt ribs,
I too suffered through loss and heartache,
I was a sinful man like any other,

I daresay much like you,
So don’t be afraid of my ectoplasmic visage,
Just lead your best life,
You’ll end up like me regardless,
A spectre,
Screeching your sins into the night.

I descend in to my sarcophagus,
To rejuvenate this faded corpus,
To replace grey with luminosity,
My self-imposed hypnosis,
Death with benefits,
My nightly reprieve,

Hither to my closed eyes comes a slideshow,
Disjointed images with no rhyme nor reason,
Castles riding upon clouds and birds flying backwards,
Conversations that never occurred and lessons never taught,
Stars playing chess with bolts of silk,
Vagaries and illusions in tropical colours,

My sense becomes a nebula,
Colourful and vibrant in the extreme but vaporous,
This nightly madness has done its due,
I awaken scarred and grinning,
Feeling ever more liberated but less stable,
A clown ready for the banal day,

Until my next death,
Next rest.

The moon calls,
The night desires me,
And I sit up as if commanded,
The dark has washed over me,
All hands and caresses,
Kisses on the neck,
Her crescent form atop me,
A blanket of lunar warmth,

Though her hands are stardust lambent,
I cannot see her with my weary eyes,
But the night breeze whispers of her presence,
My repose becomes akin to a dream,
The moon is a generous beau,
I love the night,
And my tears fall come the morning,
A lament before the sunrise.

When asked to describe my dreams,
To understand my nightly process,
I flip a coin,
To judge which dreamland I last inhabited,
The misty nirvana of colour and vividity,
Or the dread hellscape,

The latter often wins,
Indeed it is the more trod upon,
A grey and harsh wasteland,
With gargantuan twisted spires of charcoal,
Echoes of an inferno,
A haven of abominations,

A dappled waste by any other measure,
The wind is a sad accordion,
Piercing cries always from great distance,
Aural mirages,
A perennial eclipse,
The crying stars are merely wisps,

Here I find my monsters,
Here I breed their evil,
Unfathomable muses that they are,
My quill is my baton to subdue them,
Their horror becomes my ink,
To carve my art into parchment,

Sometimes I bring the things back…

When I awake,
I gaze glossy-eyed out of my window,
As I tell my querier,
And I see a similar hellscape,
Replete with misery,
But perhaps more.

I once had a dream,
An esoteric dance of the mind,
A story of astrological language,
I made a raft out of fingernails,
Crafted by strength of Taurus,
With the helping hand of a ram of course,
Upon cautious and melancholic stone,
To skirt a blue sea of pisces scales,

For miles I voyaged,
Waters of empathy,
Drifting upon balanced winds of Libra,
Winds of expression,
Dodging ornery waves of piscine goats,
Sent by the aquatic bearer of divinity Aquarius,
I escape by the skin of my teeth,
I disembark above Cancer rockpools,

To be greeted by conjoined twin dockhands,
Eager to assist,
Onward to bend the knee to a lion king,
And his assertive fiery mane,
His scorpion royal guard eye me suspiciously,
Barbed halberds at hand,
His equine archers nock arrows in caution,
Tension grew like noxious clouds,

When it seemed their patience had run thin,
The hand of his princess out cast,
Her name Virgo,
The other stars faded,
An embrace commenced,
But then I awoke,
And the stars were gone,
Only sunrise remained.

I’m a nocturnal beast,
I adore the night,
I live for the night,
To gaze longingly at her lightless form,
The comely orb of the moon,

To many the night is chilling,
But to me it is solace,
A zen-like plane of existence,
What is anathema to some,
Is sedative to my soul,

With Lady Luna,
And the beautiful dark,
Elegantly coming together,
In a wondrous fantasia,
Of light and shadow,

We practice our waltz nightly,
Within a ballroom of stars,
Completely alone,
But only in my minds eye,

To many the night is frightful,
But to me it is eden.