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I died many moons ago,
A forgotten yesteryear,
A summer of discord,
Stinking heat of golds and silvers,
All burns and bugs,

I amble these haunted houses,
And cemetery streets,
Shadowed by a convoy of corpseflies,
Just a walking dead,
A dusky cadaver,

Invisible to most,
Save for those of a similar spiritual leaning,
Bumping into the unwary,
Shrieking banshee tunes,
A miserable poltergeist,

I’m a wraith,
What killed me?
It’s hard to say,
Memories can be eerie mirages,
But I believe it resemebled Eros.

We writers are like ghosts,
Shrieking into the dark,
Under stars seen by few,
Witching hours,
Shadow people,
Revenants with quills,

Our ethereal words,
You read as we rot,
Rarely heeded until we’re dead and gone,
By our ectoplasmic hands,
The pen becomes animate,
A literary poltergeist,

In this modern world,
Wordsmiths are as wraiths,
Residing in haunted houses,
Solitary and forlorn,
Scratching at musky tomes,
Knowledge for future generations,

Our future readers,
They’re like mediums,
Conjuring up our phantasms,
Apparitions in the syllables,
Hearing our voices on the pages,
Even from the hereafter,

All writers are ghosts.