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Everything is a spiral,
Agony and abuse,
The years,
Every beginning and every end,
It’s neither good nor evil,

It’s an ironclad cycle,
Bereft of kinks,
Ever coming back to itself,
I surmise escape is impossible,
To liberate oneself,
Is merely to begin a new spiral.

Do not call me a man,
Nor a human,
I am body horror,
What appears a man,
Is an abomination,
A terror of mutilation and mutation each,
A patchwork of flesh,
Necrotic and otherwise,

Seeing from countless eyes,
Not all mammalian,
Speaking from many maws,
Drool flowing from each,
Each of the humours on display,
All forms of improvement,
Sores and incisions,
Tentacles and fur,

This isn’t imagination,
Not delusion,
Just a real body,
In abhorrent excess,
Sutures and all.

I was born in winter,
When the year too was young,
I am cold itself,
Not feeling the sun for many cycles,
Brought up in the gloom,
Savouring only rainfall and bonfires,

My eyes are snowflakes,
Gleaming in blue fragility,
Open one moment and gone the next,

My voice is a blizzard,
A wind snapping at your flanks,
Bringing only frostbite and goosebumps,

My spirit is wintry rime,
A frozen lake in my chest,
Immune to human warmth,

I was born of winter,
I am algor incarnate,
Dead to the touch,
Call me Jack Frost,
Find ye shelter child,
For no heat shall accompany my step.

Hello again inmates!

Well, it’s finally over for another year eh? The day came and went by without a hitch. Despite my previous ‘grinchery’, I hope that you all had a wonderful time with your friends and/or family. You all deserve it after the last few less-than ideal years eh? I feel for anybody that had anything less than love in these cold months. I did have a good time as well, believe it or not. I went to my parents house and ate and drink far too much. It was a really merry time and I will cherish it. I’m still not a fan of Christmas though, don’t get me wrong. I also finally have a recent photo with my mum which featured in my poem on Christmas, which is surprisingly rare believe it or not. Oh I do love her so much. I’m not being soppy, you are! Shush!

Moving swiftly along, did anybody see the clue for todays musical theme? It was a bit less of a clue than usual, as it was just a picture of my ugly mug. It was over on my social media sites, which I hope that you would all consider liking/following me over on those.

Todays musical theme is… well… it’s me. Sort of. With the new year fast approaching this weekend, it is usually a time for reflection and this will be along those lines, in a way. This has been an interesting year for me. I would say the asylum hasn’t exactly grown this year, but it’s not shrunk either. So I guess that’s good right? I’ve successfully managed to post a poem (or writing music post) every day this year, barring any issues before new years day. This is an accomplishment that has been a source of pride and utter panic all year. I also successfully didn’t die or become homeless during the year. Sure, I still have been suffering with depression and anxiety (Haven’t we all?) but it hasn’t won so far. There was one major positive a few months ago. I actually had a poem featured in a two-page spread in a well known UK writing magazine, conveniently known as ‘Writing Magazine’ which was something I never dreamed of happening. Maybe it’s a positive sign for the new year? So with that nonsense all said and done, who wants to hear some music? I’m going to share five songs that particularly stood out and inspired me this year. Let’s see what I come up with…

Please join me as we delve into the musical minds of artists chosen by me from the world over!

Late Night Saviour – Devil

Postmodern Jukebox – Royals (With Puddles)

Ghost – Spillways

ANY ROAD – Megalith

Jain – Makeba

And there we have it! Quite a strange mix there this week isn’t it? There have been so many artists that I either listened to or discovered this year, it was impossible to include everything. I do hope that you check out and enjoy the artists that I have chosen this week anyways. To think, it’ll be 2023 when I create another one of these lists. That’s a scary thought. Here’s hoping to see you here again for that!

Speaking of seeing you, would you mind seeing me? Or rather see my social media stuff? The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and for the time being, a Twitter page as well. Please think about bestowing me with a late Christmas present and follow/like me over on those sites. Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well. Thanks for everything!

Until next week (and next year!), have a crazy day inmates!

In the minds of each person,
Pauper or prince,
There is an attic door,
Usually hidden,
Barred by clutter and cobwebs,
An oubliette in mental style,

What does it contain?
Who can know?
The answer is myriad,

For one it may contain a void of black,
Your fear in billow form,
This loft could hold monsters of all moulds,
Slashers and dragons and sphinxes,
Perhaps an imprisoned and decrepit facsimile of oneself,
Moaning out in your voice,

Why does it exist?
Does this attic incarcerate evil?
Or does it merely hide a part of ourselves?

There is so much angst in the world,
Unbridled rage,
Anger without outlet,
Poisoning every well,
It certainly paints a sorry picture,
The worst shades of crimson,
If life do indeed be a game,
Then it’s a bloodsport,

Like toddlers,
We push each other over,
Down on to the oil-drenched sandpit,
Toy soldiers and Raggedy Ann’s,
We tear each other down,
And for what?
To receive a more opulent grave?
In the same grave dirt?

You gave us life,
Between the both of you,
Now a troika you are,
Mother Father and Stepfather,
Your love has always been capital,
Shoulders always ready for tears,

A beginning of blood and pain,
And then decades,
Bearing us through barbs and salt,
Holding us,
Feeding us,
Supporting our hobbies,

I could not list your accolades,
There are not enough hours,
But on this day of family,
Please allow me to state,
Thank you to my parents,
For all you do.

Today as ever,
The errands must be done,
Slain and ticked off,
Yet the to-do list laughs in my face,
Everyday there is something new,
Sometimes small,
Oftentimes significant,
Go there or collect that,
Meet this person or deliver that,
The list ever grows,

I don’t gripe,
Save for this one trifle,
It’s a facet of life after all,
It’s a slog,
But the errands have got to be fulfilled.

Yesterday has passed the torch,
The hurricane has subsided,
And we sit amongst the wreckage,
The mess we lived through,
Fractured rubble and scrap metal,
Broken toys and ruptured sinew,
A clutter of blood and alloy,

Now it’s a new day,
We try to put it all back together,
Giving it a go,
Sticky tape and rivets,
Sewing limbs and organs back on,
Welding and patching up the chassis,
Shoring up the heart and mind,

We can always rally and rebuild,
Yesterday resulted in debris,
But today,
Today we try again.

We were spawned of stardust,
Brought forth as stellar entities,
All of us,
You and I,
You are both deity and vassal,
Creator and created,
The heavens and every atom on Earth,

When you blink,
Suns die and are born,
When you think,
You propel comets out into the cosmos,
When you breathe,
Nebulae pulse and unfurl,
And when you expire,
It is as matter to a black hole,

The void holds you,
Never succumb to despair,
Never give up,
For you child,
You are one with the universe,
You are starspawn.