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Our lives are Broadway shows,
A starring role for every soul,
Glamour and pomp to be sure,
But misery abound in equal measure,
Every continuance drawn to a genre,
Which demesne does your life fall?

Is it a Greek tragedy?
An overbearing tirade of unfortunate episodes,
Maybe your life is a thriller?
A slithering story with fangs of menace and twists of scale,
Perhaps a horror is more your style?
A tale of mundane cruelty and human monsters,

Could your life be a comedy?
Absurd scenarios and guffaws aplenty,
Or is it a feel-good story?
A silver spoon journey to a silver casket,
Could your life even be a romance?
A lifelong game of will they won’t they,

The possible genres we fall into are legion,
As numerous as the twinkles in our eyes,
Different experiences in both colour and tone,
The only similarity betwixt these archetypes,
You may already know it,
They all end the same.

Love can be a cruel game,
A barbed game of chance,
Did you know this?
When a man and woman love each other very much,
God flips a coin,
And fate calls for heads or tails,
Crossed fingers and all,
Do we hear the result?

Oh no,
It only becomes clear when and if the peace is shattered,
Is the house a home or a hell-pit?
Is the dinner table a banquet or a battlefield?
Will the pairing create memories or PTSD?
Romance is in flux you know,
Only one thing can be guaranteed,
The heavens and depths laugh in unison.

There was a man from Amsterdam,
Who had fallen foul of the reaper,
Taken from life a touch too soon,
In the morgue he did repose,
Waiting for so-called family who’d never show,
His family had forsook him years ago,
It was thought he’d rot alone,

But this was still his big day,
So along came the poets and civil servants,
Bouquets and verses in tow,
To perform this hallowed show,
To send off this main failed by society,
To gift him a final valediction,
The words,

Rust In Vrede.

Hello again inmates!

How are you all? Having a grand start to the month I hope. It’s finally June! It seems like that has come around really fast to be honest. It’s starting to feel summery already. It’ll be Halloween again before we know it. What’s that about the big red bloke? Saturn Claws? Never heard of him. Haha!

You know what else June means though right? Oh yes, indeed. It is Pride month! So it happens, pride month is the theme for todays writing music. I think the clue earlier on today was really quite obvious this time. But how could it not be about Pride month? The asylum has always believed that everyone deserves to lead the life they were bestowed the way they wish. So, all religions, sexualities, creeds and the like are welcome here. As long as nobody is getting hurt, love who you please my friends. I’m completely straight myself, but I will always stand by people of other sexual orientations. Love is universal and all that.

So, in keeping with todays theme, I am going to be sharing some lesser known artists that are of less represented groups. Whether that be gay and lesbian artists, trans artists or whatsoever else they identify as. Diversity is indeed on the rise thankfully, but it should still be noted that people of these groups are still maligned and misrepresented ofttimes in the media. I’m not a fan of that. There have been some amazing artists from the LGBT community over the year, too many to actually list here I’m afraid. I’m going to pick some of my favourites though and I hope you enjoy them too. Give them some love eh? That’s what Pride month is all about in the end.

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of LGBT artists the world over!

Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls

Shea Diamond – American Pie

MIKA – Grace Kelly

Keiynan Lonsdale – Rainbow Dragon

Adam Lambert – If I Had You

And there we have it!

How about those choices eh? I’m sorry, I just had to include Adam Lambert I’m afraid. I’m a big fan believe it or not! I hope that you give all of these musicians a try! I wanted to include a metal or rock band, but I realised a bit late that it’s probably reasonably rare that an entire band would be filled with LGBT peeps. So, as always I hope that you go and check these artists out and show them some love!

So, now for some social media spiel! The asylum has an account on Facebook, a page on Instagram and an account on Twitter. Go and follow them for clues for my poems a few hours ahead of posting. And as always, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-Fi page. Thanks for everything!

Happy Pride month and have a very crazy day inmates!

Bacteria abound,
Pestilence in microscopic fashion,
So grab that bottle,
That shield of pharmaceutical design,
And lather your hands,
Prepare those viscous defences,
Build up the barricade,
Bacteria abound,
They are fiends to be sure,
And you don’t want to let the wrong ones in,
So it puts the lotion on its skin,
Or else it gets the virus again.

The earth speaks out,
Tectonic truths in waves,
The rumbles come,
And upon them comes the moleman,
A priest in filthy vestments,
Slouched and indistinct from ore,
Conducting each quake in totality,

He preached in earthy tones,
Each verb a stone to the head,
He was an unassuming critter,
As humble as his namesake,
But his speech was steadfast,
Sermons extolled through two teeth,
Through unseeing eyes,

Despite his inhuman form,
He meant no harm,
This humble mole is just delivering epistles,
From the titans writhing below,
Magma and raging stone,
Voices of the planet,
Sounds we no longer hear.

The fickleness of spring gives way,
The temperature rises,
And with it comes the anticipation,
Hope for this year,
And the trees samba to a thankfully cool breeze,
As we rejoice around the barbeque,

Sunbathing and sunburns,
Beaches and azure waves,
Picnics and chilled beverages,
These temporary heavens,
I adore them all,
These hallmarks of a summer fulfilled.

As the timeless adage decrees,
Man must explore,
To blaze trails,
Cross malms and seas,
The very astral lanes above,

In our collective consciousness,
There is a primal need for the next sight,
Each step falls upon a new time zone,
Conquering hazard and fauna both,
Striving for the exotic,

The labour is a double-edged cutlass,
Even as they discover new opportunities,
Pray for the adventurers,
It is their achievements that are exploited,
Turned to corrupt purpose.

An evil man,
He took them,
Innocent souls,
From the harsh streets they knew,
To a harshness they couldn’t imagine,

Down to the basement,
Down with the misery,
Down to the dark,
Down with the rats and dogfood,
Down to the torture and desecration,

Over the airwaves,
I heard no devils laughing,
But god found it all very amusing,
I heard him chuckle from his throne,
Yet there was no funny side.

From this automobile window,
Through tired eyes,
I saw it,
Or was it you?
A shadow play,
A shape illuminated from the horizon,
Organised by a curiously grinning sun,
A vision borne of questionable morality,
A questionable past,
It shifted before my eyes,
One moment a woman,
Identity unknown,
The next a spectre of a mistake,
Repeated perpetually in an obsidian pantomime,
The one thing these shadows held in common?
A peculiar element of nostalgia,
Corrupted and cruel.