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Oh my god,
Peoples problems are such trifles,
They should be listening to me,
Don’t they know how hard my life is?
My family were so mean to me,
I deserve all the praise,

Oh my word,
You should be looking at me,
Can’t you see how magnetic I am?
It’s so easy for me,
I’m more important than your friends,
I bet you fancy me,

You’re my only friend,
I should be yours too,
Nobody could love you like me,
I should be at the centre,
It’s all about me,
But it’s never my fault.

I once met a woman,
In a side street sideshow,
All lavender veils and candles,
A purported soothsayer of old,
A fortune teller,

It was as if she saw the future,
As if an eye had opened upon her brow,
She spoke of things that hadn’t happened,
Conversations and marriages and heartbreaks,
Crashes and illnesses and revels,

She spoke with such artistry and vim,
Firmly and sincerely,
I could only believe her,
It could only be the truth,
Breaks in the dream,

She had also seen the end,
Not of you and I,
But of everything,
Despite my requests and coin,
She would not reveal how.

The brain is an opera singer,
Constantly on practice,
With a captive audience of one,
Its voice inciting electricity,
Galvanising cortices,
Bouncing within the skull as acoustics,
From falsetto to bass to alto,
And back again,
From a music sheet constantly in flux,
Screaming out messages,
Orders to the whole,

Move that hand,
Take the next step,
Break that heart,
Fall apart again.

At times my mind seems to glitch,
I stare unheeding into the horizon,
I find myself in a vacuum,
The very air becomes clammy,
As if coated in cellophane,
Displaying the world like wax figures,

Nearby voices sound like distant echoes,
Muffled by my inattention,
I’m an alien,
Though I feel more like a UFO,
Feeling as if I’m not here,
No longer tied to mundus,

It was a gross realisation,
Of my own derealization,
Of my minds plea to be free,
To be mad,
To be something else.