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Good day inmates!

What an amazing weekend that was! As any of you who read last weeks musical would know, I went to the Reading music festival here in the UK. It was my first ever festival and I absolutely adored it! My brother and my best friend really treated me by taking me. We had good weather, great music and pretty fantastic times as well! I’m so grateful to those guys. We even enjoyed some artists that we never thought we would, but I suppose that’s the beauty of live music really. It gives a different perspective. On a side note, the city of Reading (what little we saw) was lovely as well. It was so clean and the hotel was really quite unique! It was originally some kind of market street that had been changed into a building. I would definitely go again!

Apologies for my brothers beer gut there! Haha! So, we’re here for music as well ain’t we? Did anybody see todays musical theme clue? Aha! That’s a trick question. Due to my own incompetence I actually forgot to post the clue for todays musical theme. I know I know, I’m terrible. I wasn’t able to post the clues over the sunday/Monday due to being in Reading, and managed to post it fine yesterday. Today I don’t have any excuse really. Oops!

Let’s move past that embarrassing thing eh? Todays musical theme is a specific band once again: Billy Talent. A rather unique (in my opinion) rock band from Canada. I featured one of their songs in my writing music post a few weeks ago and I’ve had them in my head since. Why not create a whole post about them eh?

I have always found the instrumental design and riffs of this band rather unique. They experiment with different styles ranging from more punk rock sounds to almost full-on alternative metal with screaming and solos. The vocals of Benjamin Kowalewicz are one of the most recognizable aspects of the band. There are few vocalists who sound remotely similar. It’s a good thing that I’m not a reviewer isn’t it? I’m just sort of rambling. Anybody just wanna hear the band instead?

Please my friends, join me as we delve into the musical minds of Billy Talent!

Billy Talent – Try Honesty

Billy Talent – Devil In A Midnight Mass

Billy Talent – Surrender

Billy Talent – River Below

Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves

And there we have it! Aren’t they great? I imagine they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hoped that by featuring a variety from their discography, that there’d be something for everyone. Let me know what you guys think of my choices this week eh? I’m not going to be this useless next week I swear. Haha!

Despite my uselessness, do you guys mind pitying me and my social media sites? I’m kidding, but this is my usual social media spiel anyways. I have a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and a page over on Twitter as well. Please think about following me over on those pages, I post random stuff and, when I’m not being silly, I post clues for my poems ahead of time. Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page. Thank you for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Do you find on occasion,
That things launch you back in time?
Like the rewind on a VCR,
A careless word,
An overbearing atmosphere,
A face,
Even a string of notes,
Does it send you backwards too?

Back to a time you’d thought lost,
A time you’d hoped was lost,
Something you believed you’d transcended,
When it was bad,
A black mark,
A chronological curse,
Left by a Davy Jones of the past,
Summoning up weeping and sweats.

An empty field,
Browned in the sun,
Ignored by the majority,
Until that weekend,
That jubilee of melodies and decibels,

Brought to life anew,
Once that stage is built,
The speakers began their rhythmic rants,
And the music flows through the soil,
Like water after a drought,

This patchwork of grass and tents,
It’s no longer a vacant space,
But a venue,
A place of memories and revelry,
Not to mention the firewater.

We often put on temporary faces,
Papier-mâché masks just for the day,
Social engagement or spree of revelry,
It’s a game we play,
To fit in to the fold,

A little blush here,
A touch of mascara there,
Cologne and collared shirt and corset,
Making ourselves into little dolls,
GI Joe’s and Barbies,

It doesn’t last long,
A mask can’t be worn forever,
Our real face grows impatient,
We banish our disguise after the gala,
With the swish of a wet wipe.

No matter where in life I find myself,
The precipice is always there,
That edge in my periphery,
An unwanted emergency exit,
A demon in the wings,
A whispering envoy of the end,

The precipice stalks me,
It does,
If I were to continue the struggle,
Carry on my life as it could be,
Even upon the awards stage,
Accepting an accolade of merit,

The edge of the stage is merely a reminder,
Like each curb or step forward,
A way out I don’t want,
But a way out that follows me,
A cliff edge never letting up,
A siren song never letting up.

I’m an absent friend,
Like a revenant,
I’m not about much,
You can’t always see me,
Not hear my speech,
But I’m there,
Only a call away,
To hell with reason,
Miles be damned,

I’m not the only one,
You have a warhost behind you,
Every einherjar you’ve befriended,
Any and all willing to fight for you,
So if the clouds grow too fierce,
Or a fool is nipping your flanks,
Just give a little whistle,
And I’ll come running,
Mad grin and top hat in tow.

I’m often welcome at the table,
And though I’m grateful,
It feels like charity at times,
I’m a puzzle piece from a different set,
I’m but an observer,
In a seat off to the side,

I try to fit in,
Earn the seat,
But my jokes miss the mark,
My anecdotes breed awkward pauses,
My laughter is often ill-timed,
Would they notice my absence?

I have devils I keep muzzled,
Slavering cerberi and taunting minotaurs,
They whisper seductively,
And unerringly,
Babbling of insecurities my pals surely see,
And long walks off short piers,

You see,
I cherish every damned second,
But when the demons finally win,
And they may well do,
Will you notice my silence?
My empty chair?

Good day inmates!

Another Wednesday dawns (well, it’s evening but shush) and here we are once again for my usual tangential post about music and my nonsensical life. Speaking of which, it’s been a rather good week so far actually. I’ve been really happy with my creative output and nothing has actually gone wrong. A rather pitiable yardstick perhaps, but still. Also, I apologise for my tardiness in responding to comments recently. It’s not intentional I assure you all, I just struggle to manage my time. Haha!

Interesting times ahead you know. My brother and my best friend have surprised me with a rather amazing thing. They both kept it a secret for some time but they’re taking me to the Reading Festival this weekend. I’m so very lucky and blessed! That is a bit of a segue. Did anybody see todays musical theme? Hopefully it makes sense what the connection there is. I’m grinning right now.

Todays musical theme is, in fact, the Reading Festival! For those not in the know, Reading is one of the larger musical festivals here in the UK. Behind the likes of Glastonbury or Download, but still around 85,000 I believe. The musical tastes involved tend to be rather varied, with pop artists, rock bands and electronic DJs playing alongside one another. I’ve not been to any festival myself so far believe it or not, so I’m extremely excited to be given the opportunity. The choices for todays music are going to be based on my personal favourites among the setlist (if that’s the term). Five artists, as always. You know the drill by now my friends! Would you care to see if I picked well?

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of wonderful artists of the Reading Festival!

Pale Waves – Heavenly

All Time Low – Lost In Stereo

Gorgon City – Imagination

Bru-C – No Excuses

The 1975 – Happiness

And there we have it! How about that eh? Some interesting choices there eh? I actually should mention that not all of these artists are on the day (Sunday) that I’m going to be attending, but I still feel they should be mentioned regardless. I’m not sure I have shown the greatest variety in artists this time but I certainly tried. I certainly hope that you enjoy my choices this week either way. Also, wish me luck at the festival eh? I’m going to need it!

So, for my usual social media rubbish. The asylum here has a few social media sites that I post random nonsense and clues for my poems a few hours ahead of posting them. I have a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and a page on Twitter as well! Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thank you for everything inmates!

And as always, have a very crazy day inmates!

One spring day,
The rain went away,
Its embrace no longer comforting us,
The mercury rose,
As the summer wine began to flow,

We eloped from our misty love,
Water left us in turn,
The dirt cracked in torrid applause,
The streams shrunk in embarrassment,
Clouds leaving us to our new solar paramour,

We have our stinking fun in the heat,
Reveling in the fire,
Our festivities and sunburns,
But when the rain comes again,
We shall embrace it as an old flame,


We are the filth,
The dross,
What’s left in the tray,
When all potential has dripped away,
Reposed in our own grime,

We are the trash,
The rubbish,
Broken tin cans and old plasters,
The fetid stink behind the fridge,
Playmates of carrion and maggots,

Despite the sewage we are,
We are yet alive,
We could hold our noses,
Perhaps all hope is not lost,
Even garbage can become a sculpture,

Given purpose.