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Hello there inmates!

Good day fellow inmates of the world! How are you all doing? Ultimately good I hope! Things have been pretty decent for me too. I’m having a good start with the new job and I am actually enjoying it. I know, it was a surprise to me too! Here’s hoping for a bright future eh? I wish I could say the same about the weather this week. It’s been diabolical honestly. Not cold or anything, but changeable to say the least. I got soaked the other day on a minor 10 minute trip. I was most tilted. I hope that all of you are having more luck in your respective neighbourhoods.

So, did anybody see the musical theme clue today? It was a pretty obvious one, I’ll confess. A fairly recognisable flag I’d hope. Go on, I’m sure you guessed it right!

That’s it, you got it! Todays theme is the country of Scotland! That most northern part of the United Kingdom. I’ve not yet been lucky enough to visit our northern comrades yet, but everyone I know who has say it’s simply beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh and especially watch the yearly Edinburgh Tattoo (look it up, it’s so cool). The Scottish are a hardy people who seem to be reduced to a comedic stereotype much too often. All whisky, pubs and haggis. I daresay they’re not all that different from us southerners though. The highlands evoke a certain majesty that you don’t always get to see elsewhere in the UK and I think a lot of that translates to their music artists. It’s a picturesque land that just begs to be sung about. Like any other country though, the inhabitants like and create all sorts of music. For example, Calvin Harris and The Waterboys couldn’t be more different and they’re both Scottish. So, let’s see just how varied I can be today eh?

Please, once more, join me as we delve into the musical minds of Scottish artists!

KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See

Primal Scream – Rocks

CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue

Iona Fyfe – The Cauld

Alestorm – Keelhauled

And there we go! Not a Proclaimers song or bagpipe in sight! That’s not to say they wouldn’t be suitable choices I suppose. I think I got a good selection there, don’t you? I was surprised how many bands I know were in fact from Scotland. That’ll teach me won’t it? I hope you all check each of these artists out, they definitely deserve the attention. Slainte Mhath!

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

I didn’t see you lurking there! How are you all doing? Having a nice week so far? That’s wonderful to hear! It’s been a rather eventful one for me too. I actually started a new job this week, which has given me the opportunity to get out and about a bit more. Hopefully make some new friends too eh? The weather has been absolutely bizarre. Thunderstorm after hot sun after rainstorm. It simply can’t make its mind up. It’s quite frustrating when you’ve got to travel by bike. Haha!

Anyway, let’s get on to the meat of todays post. The reason that you’re all here, theoretically. The Harlequins writing music! I always find it breaks up the week quite nicely, between my poems. A reprieve, if you will. Did anybody see todays theme clue? It’s a slightly harder one to explain if I’m honest. And potentially something of a red herring.

Todays musical theme is… high school! Or rather “high school never ends”. The clue I used today was from the music video of the Bowling For Soup song by the same name. Clever eh? But what do I mean by this one? Songs based around school wouldn’t be all that interesting after all. Well, no. Todays musical theme is more centred around showing you all a few of the songs/artists that I “started with” back in the day. The favourite songs and bands of my formative years. The music that has contributed to shaping my tastes these days. Angsty teenage Harley was a bit of a plonker, but present Harley has a lot to thank him for on the musical front. Want to hear some of the music that I listened to in my bedroom on my PC or iPod? Let’s try it eh?

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of past artists the world over!

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home

She Wants Revenge – True Romance

My Chemical Romance – Helena

Linkin Park – Numb

The Shanklin Freak Show – The Light Fantastic

And there we have it! What did you think of those eh? There were so many others that I could have included on this one, but I’d be here for eons. I may even ending up doing this theme again some time. So, from listening to these, you may be able to see how they have influenced my own writing style, creative endeavours and indeed this asylum as well. I really suggest listening to all of these, they definitely deserve the attention. It’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come.

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

How goes your week so far? Exceedingly well I hope! Getting everything in your personal worlds done and dusted eh? I admit I had a bit of a slump early in the week, but that has since passed. I suppose posting poems like ‘Memento’ or ‘Remembering’ may have given my low mood away, but I assure you I’m rather good now. The weather here has been a bit schizophrenic as well, rain one minute then blue sky the next. Here was me thinking I belonged in an asylum, but I think the weather does more so. At least it’s been warmer!

Enough nonsense for now anyways. How about some music? The Harlequins writing music to be specific. Did anybody see the clue today? It was a good one I swear! You should have seen it! Oh well, you’ll get some music today anyways, I forgive you.

So, the theme for todays writing music is rather fabulous one! The theme for today is female empowerment! Oh yes indeed! This one is for all of those mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmommies! This was sort of inspired by the situation over in the US right now with the current abortion law fiasco. It has made me very sad to say the least, and after talking to a good friend over the pond, I wanted to show some form of solidarity with the good ladies who are having their rights threatened. Not only that, but there are some really good bops that can be centred around lifting up the ladies in your life. Many artists have written songs about how much they love their femininity, grace or maternal instinct. Songs about how girls can do anything that a man can do. Songs about a girls night out. I’m sure the list goes on! So, let’s see what I can come up with and hopefully I do you goddesses some justice eh?

Please, join me as we delve into the musical minds of feminine artists the world over!

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Iggy Azalea – Fancy

The HU – Song of Women

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

And there we have it! I know that this has been a slightly different kind of writing music post today, but I do hope that you all enjoy this one. Even without the nonsense going on in the US, I think it’s important to show love to the ladies in our lives, whether they be family or friends. Please check out all of these artists, they all deserve the attention. I feel like you may know the majority of these ones.

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As always, have a very crazy day inmates!

With his six string Excalibur,
The bar tab nomad is here,
A Picasso with a nomadic spirit,
A jukebox in a duster,
He’s your cowboy clown,
Bandaged fingers and dizzy eyes,
With a voice like smooth Jack,
Playing for spare change and cheap beers,
Every dive is his louvre,
If there’s a crowd still upright,
He’ll keep playing through the night,
But he can never settle down,
The devil is at his heels,
So before you even wake,
He’ll be already on the next highway,
Always towards the next stage.

Hey there inmates!

How is your day going? Well I hope! I’m having a much better day today, you’ll be happy to hear. A few of you lovely people sent some lovely comments after my poem yesterday. I’m never overly positive about my writing as it is but occasionally I have days where I’m particularly down on my work, and on that occasion I decided to “voice” it. Thank you for all the kind words, it really did mean a lot to me, however small it seemed. Other than that, things have been pretty satisfactory this last week or so. I’ve been getting out more and even got slightly touched by the sun. Summer approaches!

Speaking of approaching, you know what else is? Of course you do! The Harlequins writing music! I still find it rather profound that I’ve inflicted over 130 of these on you wonderful people. You’re rather understanding, aren’t you? Did any of you see todays musical clue? I think it was a less obvious one unless you knew the people in it beforehand.

Todays musical theme is a specific band: Apocalyptica! They are a band from Finland that are quite unique in my opinion. They are technically classed as a symphonic metal band, but unlike the bands I showed the other week in that theme, they tend to stand out. You see, other than a drummer, all of the band members play cellos. You’d think that this may cause them to sound rather homogenous and one-note, but the truth is far from it. I’m always amazed about the different sounds and styles these lads can get out of their instruments. I’m not particularly familiar with the instrument, but it seems rather versatile.

This is augmented by the presence of vocalists from a huge array of different bands that often feature in their songs. To name a handful, Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach, Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and Till Lindemann from Rammstein! Oh yes, also Ville Valo, Corey Taylor and Franky Perez, among quite a few others. This gives the band an unprecedented range of musical landscapes to draw from. I also feel it means this band can appeal to almost anybody. I’m going to attempt to demonstrate this right about now. Are you ready?

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of Apocalyptica!

Apocalyptica – Path

Apocalyptica – Broken Pieces

Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care

Apocalyptica – I’ll Get Through It

Apocalyptica – House Of Chains

Apocalyptica – Bittersweet

And there we have it once again! Oh yes indeed, I did include a sixth song this time. Purely because there are so many songs of this band that I adore that I wanted to share a little bit extra. I really hope that you guys check this band out as they really do deserve the attention, they are so very talented. As always, I’ll include their website just below!

Here you go:

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Good day inmates!

What a fine day (and week) it is as well! The sun has been shining and the temperatures have been steadily rising. As I said previously, I even managed to get out on the bike in the last week. I took a lot of photos and videos. Maybe I’ll share some on the asylum pages at some point, the typical social media thing of course. It’s been uplifting as well as inspiring, being out on the roads and sitting in some of the lovely scenery that the island has. You may have got the inkling that a few poems recently came from my escapades out and about. Also, thank you all for the lovely comments and stuff I’ve been getting recently. I really do appreciate it and I feel I don’t acknowledge it enough.

So, it’s the day of the week that we “celebrate” the Harlequins writing music! As always I posted a clue for the theme of todays musical extravaganza earlier on. Did anybody guess it? It wasn’t a hugely intellectually irksome one. I’m sure it was obvious! Haha!

I’ll get on with it. The musical theme for today is country! As in the genre of country music! Now this is a genre that I’ve only really taken a step into in the last few months. Mostly due to one of todays musical choices. It’s always been in the background for me I suppose. Would it be fair to say that traditionally (or at least stereotypically) country music is very much American in nature? That old stereotype of rural Americans having a good ol’ party in a barn. The most famous country stars were certainly Americans, the likes of Johnny Cash or John Denver. It’s a genre that touches on some of the simpler, yet quintessential, parts of normal life. Not just for Americans either. Young love, alcoholism or everyday work, to name a few. Many songs can resonate with people globally. And that is something that I think is great about country music, it’s something that anybody can listen to and glean some nugget of inspiration and joy. They also have some songs that are simply great to have a hootenanny to. I hope I used that word right. Anyway, stop rambling Harley!

So, how about you join me as we delve into the musical minds of country stars the world over!

Brothers Osborne – I’m Not For Everyone

Dolly Parton – Jolene

Willie Nelson – On The Road Again

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

Roy Acuff – Great Speckled Bird

And there we have it! I tried to get a fair variety of artists for this one, as you can see. I mentioned above that one of these artists has gotten me into a bit more country music recently. That would be my first choice, The Brothers Osborne. They’re easily the most ‘modern’ of these artists, but I feel their work still encapsulates the true nature of what country music is and can be. Be sure to check out all of these artists, they definitely all deserve it. I’m sure you’ve heard of a couple though. Haha!

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

How is the day finding you all? Well I hope! And what a day it’s been eh? Sunny, beautiful and oddly optimistic. That’s how it’s been here in the south of the UK at least. I’ve even managed to spend a handful of days on the beach this week. Hence yesterdays poem I suppose. Being out and about inspired that, to be sure. I certainly hope it lasts into the coming months. I’m totally bored of winter and frigid weather, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Lots of bike rides in my near future, I assure you. I’m hoping that wherever you guys are in this mad world, you find the weather agreeable.

Speaking of agreeable, we probably ought to have some nice music going eh? Did any of you glimpse todays musical theme clue? Unfortunately it was not a photo taken by yours truly, though I intend to take some more from around the Island in the future. It was a pretty photo though, wasn’t it? Did you get the clue?

Yes, that’s right! Or wrong! Todays musical theme is beaches! Not an overly surprising one given what I was saying above, but there you are. One of those quintessentially “holiday” areas that we all know and maybe love. It conjures up images of family outings and bonfire raves at night. Sitting on a deckchair in front of a serene shoreline. Surfing or bathing in the swell. I’m sure you’ve all got a picture or pictures in your head. Did it also bring some music to your ears? For me it does. The kind of song that speaks calmness or relaxation. Or the other end of the spectrum: a fast-paced party tune. I think beaches inspire both of these in equal measure, for different kinds of people. I’m going to share five songs that I think represent those yellow places of joy and serenity. Let’s get to it!

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of sandy artists the world over!

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

All Saints – Pure Shores

Weezer – Island In The Sun

Martin Garrix – Forbidden Voices

Yellow Claw – After It All

And there we have it! I almost want to go and sit on the beach right now. That would be quite dumb though, cause it’s coming up to 9PM. But still, we have the vibe for sure. I hope all of you enjoy my choices for this week. There were so incredibly many potential choices for such a broad topic. Check them all out eh? You shan’t be disappointed!

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So, until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Do guitars get tired of singing the songs of others?
When the show is over,
Is the instrument completely overlooked?
I fear that they are,
But does not the guitar not have a soul?

During the after-party,
They lament in cold storage,
As the masters revel in the backroom,
It’s a noticeable lack of balance,
Especially for what is meant to be a partnership,

The guitar sits solemnly in the back,
It’s never demanded from the crowd,
Nor mentioned in reviews or impressions,
The glory claimed by its Hendrix or Knopfler,
Is it not a partnership?

Does the instrument not a share a soul with the maestro?

Good day inmates!

And what a wonderful day it is too! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I’m not cold for a change. I’ve even managed to get out on the bike a few times since recovering from the great plague. Here’s hoping it lasts and gives us an excellent spring and summer this year. So how are all of you? Navigating the wiles of life pleasantly I hope. The world is a rather unsettling place right now, in all manner of ways. And here I was thinking the asylum was for the mad folks! Haha! Take care eh?

So on to something less insane. Music! Well I guess music can be a bit crazy too but shush you’re ruining my segue. It’s time for the Harlequins writing music! Did anybody see todays theme clue? I was a bit unsure on it to be honest. But I suppose that’s the given with clues. They’re not necessarily meant to be solved easily. I digress.

So, todays theme. What could it be you ask? Well, don’t rush me and I’ll tell you! Todays musical theme is symphonic metal! Well, its a genre many of you have heard of I hope. I know when some of you hear the word metal, a certain image is conjured in your minds. Some very angsty long-haired men punishing their instruments and vocal chords on stage. But I would argue symphonic metal is incredibly different to that. The name may give you a clue. Symphonic metal has more roots in a kind of orchestral sound mixed with metal instrumentation. Traditionally the bands of this genre tend to be female-fronted as well. Indeed some symphonic metal vocalists are actually trained opera singers or use a rather operatic style. The likes of Tarja Turunen or Dianne Van Giersbergen for example. This creates a very heavy emotional and deep sound for these bands, sort of like a movie soundtrack actually. I hope that I’ve sold some of you guys on todays theme, though I have no idea if I’ve described it all that tacitly. Want to hear some of it so you can make your minds up?

Well, join me as we delve into the musical minds of symphonic metal artists the world over!

Tarja – I Walk Alone

Aviators – Song of the Abyss

Within Temptation – Memories

Sirenia – The Other Side

Leaves Eyes – Elegy

And there we have it! How about those wonderful singers? I almost feel like going to an opera. Not really, but you get the idea. There were so many artists that I could have chosen, but I settled on these. I sort of wanted to include Nightwish (another band worth checking) but I did include my personal favourite thing about them. Tarja Turenen, to be clear.

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Is fate real?
Or is everything on a whim?
Is the story already penned?
Or are we toys for an impulsive child?
Not so much a puppet master,
But a dark conductor,

Randomly arranging the winds of life,
With thorny baton waved wildly,
Music sheets flung from the podium,
Picking from an orchestra of painful instruments,
Which beat to batter us with next,
The tempo of disasters and heartbreaks,

Perhaps not fully malicious,
But certainly uncaring,
I know not which,
The results remain the same of course,
A terrible life of a song,
Made up of misery.