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Hello there fellow inmates!

The asylum isn’t limited to just WordPress you know! WorldofHarley is trying to spread. The madness has gripped other sites around the world wide web already. You can become an inmate at a number of other social networks now. Tell all your friends! Come show us some love at these other sites!


Facebook: WorldofHarley


Twitter: OSHarlequin


Tumblr: WorldofHarley


DeviantART: OldschoolHarlequin

Deep Underground Poetry: OSHarlequin



Thank you for your time! I tip my hat to you and i hope you have a very crazy day!

2013-01-31 07-58-24.937

  1. Hi, I posted my Liebster Award and of course, mentioned you.

  2. c.f. leach says:

    I really enjoyed “Eraser Debris”. And thanks for taking out the time to stop by my site. Blessings and Peace.

  3. Nice to make the acquaintance of another mad silly. You’re quick off the mark liking my posts. Thanks

  4. An empty-headed rhymer appears to be on the loose. Am I in danger?…

  5. Hello, We would like to publish your drawings or texts on I’ll send you a link so you can get to know us My email is Greetings Juan re crivello
    En inglés:

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