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“A brawny and proud, yet slightly diminutive, race humanoids that originated from the Golmont mountains in the southern section of the Bulrin Empire. These mountains sit comfortably on the borders of both the Golus and Ontarfeld provinces. There have been reports of small enclaves in various mountain ranges all over Primea containing groups of Demiens, but the large mountain city of Galdorez is officially recognized as the Demien capital. Galdorez hides within the Golmont mountains. Though it is the capital of the Demien people, it is perhaps not their most well known stronghold. That honor is held proudly by the great enclave in the Ragfez Mountains, within the neutral lands.

The races history is centric to the underground world they inhabit. It is not exactly clear what the Demiens evolved from. It is not even entirely clear to the Demiens themselves. There are theories of course.  That they came from the very similar subterranean mammalian creatures called Rockrats that are common in many Primean mountain ranges. Another theory is that Demiens evolved from some form of inferior creature that inhabited the underground waterways. This would explain the fish-like qualities i suppose. Another, more esoteric, theory is that they were somehow born from the very rocks of the mountains. Suggesting that they are in fact some kind of earth-based “Elemental”.

The average Demien is only slightly taller than a Human child, at about 4”9. They are significantly broader than a Human and tend to have considerably more muscle mass. They have quite leathery skin that always comes in differing shades of gray. Their faces are punctuated by fairly long, black, ovular eyes that go up diagonally on their almost bestial skull. A Demien head is an odd cross between an fish and some kind of avian beast. However, the most fascinating feature of the Demien anatomy is their “Lignama” or light stalk. This curious extremity protrudes from the rear of their heads and usually dangles down their back, reaching to just above the waist on a typical Demien. It resembles a hat-like tube, but is occasionally flat. This light stalk clearly evolved while the race mostly resides underground. It gives off an eerie glow, which ranges from a dark blue, to a teal, to a soft pink to a vibrant red. This evolution is quite bizarre when you consider that the races eyes are also designed for seeing in the dark.

The Demien race first came into contact with Humanity, whom they now hold a strong partnership and relationship with, during an expeditionary journey into the Golmont mountains about 150 years ago now. The expedition was led by a Doctor Garth Ament, a Bulrin. He and his fellow explorers discovered several small groups of Demiens, who were cautious and ever-so-slightly aggressive. At first there was conflict, as the Humans mistook the Demiens as creatures born from Dust.  After a few small scale skirmishes, a Demien diplomat managed to make peaceful contact with the Doctor himself. The diplomat explained what the Demiens were and that they had only acted in defense. The diplomat took the good Doctor to meet the Demien Kaiser ‘Kan Macturz’ and a treaty was fostered. The Kaiser was then put in contact with the Bulrin parliament by courier and further peace treaties were brokered. The Bulrins and the Demiens now are true allies and dedicated friends. Demiens have the same rights as Humans within the Empire. Indeed, Demiens even have the option to serve in the Bulrin army if they wish.

From this a booming friendship has grown, slowly but surely.  The Demiens have taught Humanity how to work with new metals and minerals, and together they have developed new technologies such as new ways to power basic machinery using underground magma, new building techniques and the the most advanced artillery in Primea. Demiens are renowned for their mastery of metallurgy and architecture, most likely originating from their exquisite, but homely mountain sanctuaries. The palace of the Demien Kaiser is a masterpiece that is rivaled by few. I have visited it myself and i don’t believe i have actually stood in such obvious awe in my entire life.

The Demiens are a great people. It is truly humbling to see how flawlessly they work together. A task that would take 10 Humans, can be completed in half the time by 3 Demiens. They are industrious and welcoming. Their Lava festivals are something to behold and i have a personal adoration for Demien architecture. Indeed if i was ever going to settle down somewhere and establish a home, i would hire a Demien architect. There is much i don’t know about them; their mating habits, their origins,  but i intend to learn more in the future. A truly amazing people…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.


Standing proudly on your stage,
High above the crowd.
They’re cheering just for you,
Or is it jeering?
Your hangman co-performer beside you.
Your only prop around your neck.

Your performance,
Your time to shine,
Your noose,
Your death sentence.
Even an execution can be a masterwork.
All eyes are on you after all.

Your co-performer nods,
The lever says “GO!”,
A short, sharp drop,

You begin your great dance.
Feet twitching and pirouetting,
Arms and hands waving and prancing,
Head flapping and waltzing,
Pulse vanishing.
Neck broken.
The papers say you’ve broke into the big time.
The bandits jig, your Pièce de résistance!

You were headline news yesterday,
You were “Wanted: Dead or Alive” by all,
You’ll be headline news tomorrow,
Remembered forever in the obituaries.
You’re a celebrity.
A legend.
An epitaph.

Your final dance,
Your final performance,
The bandits jig.
Next stop: the underworld!


“Roughly 100 years ago, a war began between the Empire of Bulrin and the Kingdom of Riefe. This bloody conflict was known as the “War of Perspectives”, although occasionally it is referred to as the “Great War” or the “Brutal Romance”. The war raged for approximately 45 years and even then the tension did not entirely dissipate. The wounds inflicted on each nation are still felt to this day. Never before had Humankind fought so viciously (and in some cases, so mercilessly) as they did during the war.

The war began when a leading member of the Bulrin parliament and a dear personal friend of the emperor of the time was assassinated. This man was Sir Klaus Tainsturm, a much adored member of parliament and a highly respected politician. Sir Tainsturm had been visiting the Kingdom of Riefe as a diplomat. A member of his entourage returned, gravely wounded, to the capital of the Bulrin Empire Highdon. Managing only to say the politician and his guards had been kidnapped, tortured and then murdered before passing away himself. Naturally, the people of Bulrin were outraged at this betrayal and demanded their emperor, Terminus Bulrin, declare war on Riefe. After much deliberation between the parliament and Riefan diplomats, who utterly denied any wrongdoing, the Bulrin Empire declared war on the Kingdom of Riefe. These two powers were fairly matched in military strength however and many strategists expected a total stalemate. The forecast for the war was grim.

At first, they were wrong. Countless battles were fought over the neutral lands in the centre of Primea, with the Riefans taking the brunt of the casualties. The Bulrin Empire dominated the battlefield for a good 10 years, during which the army utterly crushed the 1st Riefan army led by the feared General Touclaire at the battle of the Fell-hill. After this victory, the Bulrin pushed the Riefans back across the Fell Marches and the Vert Plains, therefore invading the Kingdom of Riefes lands. This was the longest portion of the war, with countless skirmishes and sieges within the Riefan lands, spanning the course of 20 years. Though massive damage was dealt to Riefe, including the razing of their great fortress Kerys, the Bulrin army made extremely slow progress towards the Riefan capital. Even by this point, losses to both sides were incalculable, far too numerous to deduce. In truth, the Bulrin army never made it to the capital of Riefe, but instead were made to retreat after three major defeats; the Battle of Hauteclaire, the Battle of Painsley fields and the battle of Agaire pass. The latter is still taught to novice strategists as a perfect example of a small force in a exceptional position defeating a much larger one.


Over the remaining fifteen years of the war, the Riefans (with the help of their new allies the Hauteclarians) managed to push the tattered scraps of the Bulrin army to their borderline province of Ontarfeld and its castle-like mountains. The Ontarfeld mountains proved the deciding factor in the defense, proving almost impregnable to the Riefans inferior siege technology. The defense by the Bulrins was brutal but undeniably heroic. Of particular note is the siege of Bulrin fortress Helmgrund, where a force of nearly 20,000 Riefans was defeated by a force of a mere 500 Bulrins. It was about this time, during the last two years of the war, that negotiations began between the monarchy of Riefe and the government of Bulrin, aiming for an end to the bloodshed.

Naturally a great deal of these negotiations involved investigations of the murder of Klaus Tainsturm and his entourage. The incident was still a mystery, as the Riefan officials denied any involvement. The investigations were conducted by the Bulrins Tern Street Runners and the Riefes own agency, the Masques. This investigations and the diplomatic negotiations continue for two years until the officials on both sides signed a ceasefire. The War of Perspectives was over.

The 45 year long war had taken its toll on both sides, with countless dead and miles upon miles of land destroyed. Not to mention damage to defenses and property. The terms of the ceasefire were never openly discussed, the murder of Klaus Tainsturm was never resolved and so many people of Bulrin do feel somewhat cheated and feel they didn’t the revenge they desired. They ignore the enormous amount of damage dished out to the Riefan military and land. There have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the ceasefire and indeed, the war itself. Some believe the war was planned along, to test military might. Some even stipulate that another outside force was responsible for the whole thing, to weaken the two nations. Some believe that Sir Klaus Tainsturm is still alive out there somewhere and that it all was set up. There are too many theories to practically list here, some far more radical than others.

But regardless of the reasons, the War of Perspectives will always be remembered. Acting as a reminder to mankind of more war-like and barbaric times. Let it never happen again…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.

Hello there inmates!

I’ve been getting some strange looks from family members while I’ve been listening to music recently. I suppose it’s not surprising with the likes of the Tiger Lillies or Ghost BC blaring out of my speakers at a considerable volume. I should of expected it really. My family tend to be a bit more conventional when it comes to music, they listen to pop, rock and the occasional rapper. I often find myself in prolonged conversations with my brother about why the hell i listen to the “weirdo” stuff that i do. Simply put, it’s because i enjoy it and it’s different. Not to mention the fact it helps me think!

For now though, let us delve into superlative artists the world over!

Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home

The Pixies – Where Is My Mind

Your Favorite Martian – Take Over The World

Blue Stahli – Scrape

À Rebours – Cardiac Thanatosis

So there we go for another chapter of the Harlequins writing music! Quite a varied list once again, some well known bands there and some not so well known! Seeking new music and new experiences is extremely important to a writing process I believe though. Variety is the spice of life and such! Haha!

So, see you next time for part 7! Have a very crazy day!

Picture 145

What is a sword to you?
What does a blade signify to you?
A forgotten relic?
An archaic weapon?
A pointless lump of metal?
An undeniable threat?

Rapiers and Katanas,
Do they not strike you as anything but graceful as angels?
Gladii and Xiphoi,
Are they not venerable as any sage?
Longswords and Scimitars,
Are they not the stuff of heroes?
Dirks and Zweihanders,
Are they not vengeful and unforgiving?

Swords can be as gods,
Ending lives on a whim,
Or in sinister prolonged exchanges.
Swords are the most devoted of companions,
Never betraying,
Defending until they shatter.
Swords are regarded as heroes,
Displayed for the masses in museums.
Swords can be ideals and banners,
Inspiring the people in spirit,
Acting as a blade to the hearts of tyrants.

Swords of all sizes and shapes,
Designs and lethality,
Conventional and exotic,
Pristine or blood-soaked,
Valiant or murderous,
Offensive or defensive.
All of you.
We thank you.
Your services are respected and reviled in equal measures.

Bulrin empire

“Depending who you talk to, Bulrin can go by many different names. Some positive, others not so much. The Blighted Jewel. The Empire. The Eastern Power. The Home Of Alchemy. The list goes on. Universally however, Bulrin can be known both as an economic and martial powerhouse. Few lands on Primea have not been affected by the Empire, whether it be through conflict, diplomacy, trade or exploration. It is a leader in industry, mining and science. Many say it is ahead of its main rival by quite a margin.

Bulrin is a large empire on the eastern ‘prong’ of the continent of Primea that has lastly nearly a thousand years now. Although primarily of human stock, the empire is far more accepting of other sentient races than its rival: the Kingdom of Riefe. Demiens, Forns, Mawkins and even Julmurns are usually welcomed with open arms.  The Empire formed after a revolution which liberated the Bulrin people from a thousand years under the corrupt and wicked “Church Of Dust”. The Empire has enjoyed almost unrivaled wealth and power almost exclusively due to its mighty leader, Walter Bulrin, the 16th emperor. A venerable and just man who looks upon his realm from the great city of Highdon in Highgard.The Empires status is also sustained by its impressive military which boast the most disciplined men in all of Primea. Vast numbers of experienced line infantry, backed up by steam powered cavalry and some of the most advanced artillery in the known world.

The people of the four provinces live in peace and prosperity under the Emperor and there is very little on this continent with the capability of unseating that.  The Empire will likely keep its position as a Primean superpower for years to come. Though i hear of a distant force far to the west, across the sea, that looks to these lands with hungry eyes. Something catastrophic may happen soon, if my instincts are correct.”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.

“Primea is a continent on our great planet of Daetrolos. It is one of the most populated continents in terms of how many varied civilized races reside upon it, second only to the continent of Demes. It is, however, the second smallest continent that is known thus far, only larger than the ravaged continent of Lenisca.  Primea rests east of the southern portion of Demes, across the vast ocean known as the “Great Divide”. Primea is often called the “Land of Factions” due to the fair number of different forces that inhabit and war over it. It has seen monumental, bloody wars. Primea is often pointed at to illustrate how warlike the race known as “Humans” can be. There have been several bloody conflicts between the two Human powers on Primea; The Empire of Bulrin and the Kingdom of Riefe. Despite this, oddly few point to the aggressive posture and invasions carried out by the Migran Empire on Demes. That is a story for another time however.

Primea is shaped much like a cross, albeit a slightly awry one. The southern ‘prong’ tapers off to the west slightly. In the western portion of Primea, we have the lands of the Kingdom of Riefe. Vibrant grasslands here dominate the often bleak mental image of Primea, making Riefe one of the more picturesque regions of Primea. The Riefan capital is closest to the southern coast of the west ‘prong’ of the continent. Riefe is dominated by lush grasslands known simply as the “Plains of the Dragon”. All is not perfect however, as in the north of Riefe is the “Zyst Foret”, which is at the base of the “Guardian Mountains”. This corrupted forest turned wasteland acts as a stark reminder of the corruption that plagues Daetrolos. As we move east across the Plains of the Dragon, towards Riefes eastern border, we come to the Vert Plains. Stretching into the neutral lands that hold the centre of the continent. These considerably unremarkable grasslands were once the battlefield between Riefe and their eternal rivals: The Empire of Bulrin. They are now largely empty save for recovering nature, of course.

As we come further east we come to “Hauteclaire”, a neutral merchant city and home of commerce on Primea. Hauteclaire rests at the base of the “Pienna Mountains”. Roughly a half mile west of “Union Pass”, where Hauteclaire, Riefan and Bulrin forces once stemmed the tide of Julmurns, a menace from the south. The pass stretches south from near Hauteclaire to the “Badlands” at the other end, on the southern ‘prong’ of Primea. The Badlands consist of dry, nearly barren grasslands with the occasional dead forest and canyon. In the north-east of the Badlands is the “Zyst Einode”, another fell wasteland and home of the barbaric Julmurns. The Badlands stretch all the way south to the coast, encompassing the entire southern ‘prong’. On the west coast of the Badlands, another sinister force have carved out a home however. This area is punctuated by strangely formed mountains. It is known as the “Coast of Dogs” by the Riefans and is a dark, dangerous place.

If we head back north, beyond Hauteclaire, we come to a small mountain range called the “Ragfez Mountains”. A well known Demien stronghold. On the west of the mountains, between Ragfez and the Guardian Mountains, is the “Vanaire Plains” which span from the north point of the Vert Plains north to the “Loreur Steppe”, which in turn span the neutral border to the northern ‘prong’ of Primea: “Taklik”.

Taklik is a mysterious realm, practically unknown to outsiders. It is believed to be the home of the Grendel race, a bizarre race of humanoids that span the gap between mammals and reptiles. Of little that is known about Taklik, a few rare factoids are certain; firstly Dust behaves strangely there, passing between the plant life in aerial streams but never touching and never corrupting. These aerial streams are formed as Dust floats to the border of Taklik and forming into literal filters or funnels. Secondly, the region is an odd amalgamation of marshland, swamp and jungle riddled with vines the length and volume of city streets. Thirdly, it is a lethal place. Few survive there, either due to vicious and deadly flora and fauna, or through the vast host of plagues and diseases that seem part and parcel to Taklik air.

If we leave the region of Taklik and return to the Loreur Steppe, we can find the accursed town of “Thistle Knoll”. An old Human town, brought to its knees by a mysterious plague. Little is known or spoken about Thistle Knoll, it is a dark place. If we leave the Loreur Steppe and head south again, we come to the “Fell Marches”. East of the Ragfez Mountains and north of the Pienna Mountains. These vast marshlands were also known as a battleground during the great “War of Perspectives”, acting as the resting place of countless Riefan and Bulrin soldiers. The Fell Marches span from the Ragfez mountains eastward to the mountains of “Ontarfeld”, also known as the border of the Empire of Bulrin.

These castle-like mountains of Ontarfeld act as a natural wall for Bulrin, riddles with myriad forts and keeps, daring enemies to approach. Bulrin is a land of variety, containing grasslands, wastelands, forests and tundras, not to mention mountains. The Bulrin Empire is split into four provinces: “Ontarfeld” in the west, “Nordfeld” in the north, “Golus” in the south and centre, and “Highgard” in the north-east. Each of these provinces has its own customs and peoples, from the aristocratic halls of Highgard to the naturalist festivals of Nordfeld. Bulrin contains people of all walks of life. Bulrin has been hit by Dust hard in the past, so it is unsurprising to know that three wastelands are present, one of which being the very worst on Primea. There is the “Zyst Tradator”, which is in Nordfeld, the “Zyst Demente”, the worst wasteland on Primea and is in Golus and lastly the “Zyst Juntar” which span the border between Nordfeld and Ontarfeld.

On the south coast of Bulrin, Golus in particular, is the “Resting Giant”. An extinct volcano that explorers are only just beginning to investigate recently, discovering strange caverns in its base. Off the Bulrin southern coast are three islands, each containing a set of identical ruins left by Dust cultists many years ago. These are, amazingly, open to exploration. If we continue south, further out to sea (the sea being the “Sea of Roses”) we come to a large island called “Isla Rosa”.  This island is a well known pirate stronghold, specifically for the “Rose Consortium” who are one of the prominent and prolific criminal groups on Daetrolos.

And so ends our tour of Primea, there is much that i have missed and indeed much that is unknown about this land, i strive for a day that will come when this is not the case…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.

Good day inmates!

I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about something i love today. That something is video games. Or rather a specific video game. First things first though. Yes, the Harlequin is a huge gamer. I’m a huge nerd, clearly! I’ve been playing video games since the Sega Megadrive. I adore them. They could be my primary hobby, if it’s fair to call them one.  Console or PC, it doesn’t actually matter.  I play RPGs (Role playing games), strategy games and the occasional action game. Games like Total War, Civilization, Dark Souls and Disgaea to name a few.

One of my favourite gaming franchises is Final Fantasy. I’ve played the majority of the games in the series, as well as many of the spin offs. I have two favourite entries into the series. One of which is Final Fantasy 9, that nostalgic trip into crystal fantasy fun land. I’m not going to be talking about that today though. Nope, instead I’m going to be talking about my other Final Fantasy love: Final fantasy 11.


Picture belongs to Square Enix, obviously.

Right, Final Fantasy XI. Henceforth I’ll refer to it as FFXI, it’s just easier to type. It’s probably my most favourite game ever. I’ve made a number of lasting friendships while playing this game so it has a lasting place in my heart. It’s an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), much like World of Warcraft or Eve Online, but it takes all the little quirks and ideas from previous Final Fantasy games. That’s what i really love about it. Everything from the moogles to the job system makes this a true Final Fantasy game. It has all the same monsters, the whole emphasis on crystals, airships and even chocobos. Basically, the point I’m trying to make here is this is a real Final Fantasy game, despite being online. That actually works in its favor in my opinion. People you meet in virtual space are your party members now, not a host of occasionally irritating anime characters (I’m looking at you Vanille).


You pick a job (or a character class) from a list of 22. From the destructive Black mage to the iconic Dragoon, from the humble Warrior to the quirky Puppet master, there’s a class to suit all kinds of play styles. Personally i chose to play as a White mage. Basically my job is to keep everyone else alive and protected from enemy damage with healing and support magic. Easier said than done. Imagine a priest or cleric, that’s pretty much a White mage.


You then level up your character in a given class and go out and adventure! Fight big monsters, complete quests and traverse through a number of pretty impressive story lines. Yet another advantage FFXI has over other MMOs is the story missions. They make you feel like you’re playing a single player Final Fantasy game as you conquer boss monsters and watch cut scenes with other friendly players. It makes you feel special and valued while keeping that aspect of teamwork. From destroying an evil god,  to exploring new frontiers, to traveling through time and space, FFXI has it all! I’ve poured countless hours in this game. That may reflect badly on my social life, but i don’t care all that much. It’s all in good fun eh?

I hadn’t really intended to tell you everything about this game, i just wanted to spill how much i adore this game! It’s the best, yet unrecognized Final Fantasy game in the series and far superior to the more recent Final Fantasy 14.  Seriously, just go play it!

Have fun adventuring in real like and virtual land inmates!


I stand here surrounded by all these corpses.
Caked in blood,
Loving crimson blood.
I knew these people,
Loved all of them.
I knew her with the slit throat.
I knew him with his skull caved in.
I knew the two with their heads missing.
I knew that one with a broken neck,
And this one here with a bullet hole in his face.
Family and friends.

I killed them to be remembered.
They’ll report about me.
Plaster me all over the news,
My very own bloody soapbox.
They’ll hate me,
They’ll love me.
Spread my legend.
Serial killer they’ll call me.

This bloodbath is my magnum opus.
My blades singing were my masterstrokes.
My claws around their throats were my crowning achievement.
My gunfire was my chef d’oeuvre.
The bloodstains are my masterpieces.
This is what I was born for.
This massacre is my bloody legacy.

Greetings inmates!


What exactly is worldbuilding? Why is it that some writers label themselves worldbuilders?

Well, there are two reasons really. Firstly, it is a hobby that many writers enjoy. There’s something truly quite gratifying about writing about characters in a world that you’ve poured your soul into. The worldbuilding itself can also be quite enjoyable. Designing nations, races, locations and the very metaphysical state of a world can almost make one feel like a god. A delightful prospect I’m sure you’ll agree. The second reason is that it can make writing a story easier. Allow me to elaborate on that. Writing a story from scratch, with no defined worldly rules or landscape, can become confusing and frustrating. If you have taken the time to create a vague “outline” of a world, even if its only a very basic idea. Say, you have decided on the geography and society on a specific country in your world. It makes it easier to write about a character in that country simply because you know how that place works, you vaguely know where things are and you can write your character within that. It helps avoid plot holes as well, you can dodge them if you know how your world works.

Worldbuilding is a useful skill for any writer, whether they be a sci-fi writer, a fantasy writer or even a horror writer. Game developers use it, RPG designers use it and the best writers do too. You can design how the world looks, the basic geography. You can dictate how magic is supposed to work in your world. You can design the races that inhabit the world, and how they feel about each other. I know from experience that an idea for a story can reveal itself during worldbuilding, as opposed to building a world because you have an idea for a story already.

Here’s a humble Wikipedia article that can probably explain the process a little bit more concisely than me.

Also, here is a link to a Youtube account called “Write About Dragons“. It offers splendid tips about worldbuilding and creative writing in general.

Now, i too have dabbled in worldbuilding in the past. There have been three “worlds” that i have created to an acceptable (by me) level. I’m going to tell you a tiny bit about each. Just in case anyone was interested. I intend to write more about each of these in the future.

The Damned Dozen


This was the first world i created, way back in high school. It was a strange, messy amalgamation of high fantasy and science fiction, involving a barbaric corporation who effectively ran the world with advanced machinery and weaponry. There were literally dozens of races i created for this universe, from elf-like beings to far more bizarre creatures. The centered around a disparate group of outcasts, each of which phenomenally powerful and talented in various ways. For example a man infected by a demonic virus that caused him to shift into a savage monster,  an exiled prince who hides his face behind hundreds of different masks, a pair of insane twins who were once one man and deity who controls the elements. It was a when i was far less experienced at both worldbuilding and writing in general. I had too many ideas and continued to stuff them into this one world. It felt bloated, but it was enjoyable. This world was more of a hobby, in all honesty.


I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I actually spoke about in a previous post, a few months ago. It was more of a silly, over the top universe that mostly comprised of video game and pop culture references. I’ll link the post where i spoke about it here. You even get a quaint little picture.



Now, this world is currently ongoing believe it or not. Daetrolos is an unfortunate world, the citizens besieged on a daily basis by creatures created truly out of the Dust. Dust is what powers magic in this world, but it also degenerates and corrupts everything it touches. Minds will snap. Landscapes will die. Monsters will come from the aether. Dust is an enemy of the world, but also central to its existence. The world has an almost Napoleonic era level of technology, with the odd steam punk and Victorian facet thrown in here and there.  I’ve created a few reasonably unique (or what i believe to be so) races to inhabit the world. From the lizard-like Julmurns to the scarecrow-like Mawkins. Nations war with one another. The map has yet to be filled in and there more and bigger wonders and horrors to discover yet I’m sure. This has been my favourite universe to work on, it’s more focused and neater than the world of The Damned Dozen. I’ve even got ideas for two stories in this world, both giving centre stage to a character i created called Michal Von Stromberg. I won’t tell you anything about that right now though, though i likely will in the future.

So there you have it. A very basic overview of the worldbuilding I’ve wrought so far. I intend to continue with my Daetrolos world and i will probably write more about this in the near future so look out for that i suppose.

Create the worlds of your dreams and nightmares, don’t limit yourselves. Turn your personalities into worlds that we would cherish and get lost in!

Farewell for now inmates!