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Winter can’t last forever,
Even the blizzards give way eventually,
Relieved by ice cream and sweat,
And the sun shall dwell for longer,
It’s a time for celebration,

It’s not all good news though,
When the nights grow shorter,
My twilight assemblies are also cut short,
My gambols with Lady Lunar,
Our time more precious than saffron,

The sun doesn’t hold the same power,
Not for me,
The heat is welcome,
But the annulment of my celestial soul mate,
That is an injury too grievous,

Will the moon still remember me?
Or shall summer be the end of our tryst?
Yet another romance incinerated,
Burned away at first light,
To the monody of paradise birds.

One spring day,
The rain went away,
Its embrace no longer comforting us,
The mercury rose,
As the summer wine began to flow,

We eloped from our misty love,
Water left us in turn,
The dirt cracked in torrid applause,
The streams shrunk in embarrassment,
Clouds leaving us to our new solar paramour,

We have our stinking fun in the heat,
Reveling in the fire,
Our festivities and sunburns,
But when the rain comes again,
We shall embrace it as an old flame,


I do say,
When these months rear their head,
The summer sky hypnotises the world,
It appears to shift every dynamic,
Every face has that much more vigour,
And each body dances so much more fervently,
Not a cloud crosses our path,
Tans replacing scarves,
Carmine ousting the grey,

Like an eldritch entity,
Deep ultramarine and limitless in body,
Way above us,
I see its cyclopean eye,
Watching and slowly broiling,
It burns with zeal,
But means no harm,
This stratosphere spirit,
It only wishes to animate us anew,

Before the fall.

The sun is fervent,
And the fields of green surround us,
Nature in all its splendour,
And its authority,
A patchwork of reeds and moss,
Tarmac snaking betwixt,
Hay fever winds and manure vistas,
A million little legs within the grass confines,
Fur and feather and carapace,
The fields of green are all around,

Hello there inmates!

How is the day finding you all? Well I hope! And what a day it’s been eh? Sunny, beautiful and oddly optimistic. That’s how it’s been here in the south of the UK at least. I’ve even managed to spend a handful of days on the beach this week. Hence yesterdays poem I suppose. Being out and about inspired that, to be sure. I certainly hope it lasts into the coming months. I’m totally bored of winter and frigid weather, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Lots of bike rides in my near future, I assure you. I’m hoping that wherever you guys are in this mad world, you find the weather agreeable.

Speaking of agreeable, we probably ought to have some nice music going eh? Did any of you glimpse todays musical theme clue? Unfortunately it was not a photo taken by yours truly, though I intend to take some more from around the Island in the future. It was a pretty photo though, wasn’t it? Did you get the clue?

Yes, that’s right! Or wrong! Todays musical theme is beaches! Not an overly surprising one given what I was saying above, but there you are. One of those quintessentially “holiday” areas that we all know and maybe love. It conjures up images of family outings and bonfire raves at night. Sitting on a deckchair in front of a serene shoreline. Surfing or bathing in the swell. I’m sure you’ve all got a picture or pictures in your head. Did it also bring some music to your ears? For me it does. The kind of song that speaks calmness or relaxation. Or the other end of the spectrum: a fast-paced party tune. I think beaches inspire both of these in equal measure, for different kinds of people. I’m going to share five songs that I think represent those yellow places of joy and serenity. Let’s get to it!

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of sandy artists the world over!

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

All Saints – Pure Shores

Weezer – Island In The Sun

Martin Garrix – Forbidden Voices

Yellow Claw – After It All

And there we have it! I almost want to go and sit on the beach right now. That would be quite dumb though, cause it’s coming up to 9PM. But still, we have the vibe for sure. I hope all of you enjoy my choices for this week. There were so incredibly many potential choices for such a broad topic. Check them all out eh? You shan’t be disappointed!

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So, until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

On a happy day like this,
One must go on travails,
It’s expected of me,
A day like this must be favoured,
Must be taken in,

This spit of land,
We take what we can from it,
Traipsing along these island veins,
Running my fingers along white cliffs,
And across fields of green,

Enjoying it is a razor,
The sweet touch of a land adored,
The candy edge of an island of summer,
You’ll find me supping at the sight,
Clawing at the sun and licking in the swelter.

The sun is a tyrant,
Thermometers were its heralds,
Yet we still opened our windows,
Below these beams of radiation do I reside,
And my willpower is stripped from me,
Melted down to perspiration,
Burned to cinders,
Scorched beyond recognition,

I am a wickerman,
Burned to X’s and O’s,
Sandcastles have become my skin,
Sweat has become my lifeblood,
My breath has become a menagerie of spices,
Made pink by the skys hatred,
I am scorched,
As are we all.

Hello there inmates!

Having a pleasant week? I certainly hope so! It’s been rather nice over here at the asylum too. The weather took a rather grey turn at one point, but returned to the warm weather we expect at this time. At least the grass had some refreshment eh? I’m actually typing this up while outside right now. There’s a decent breeze so I shan’t be burning. No complaints here, that’s for sure.

So, I know why you’re here. You got lost on the way to a better blog. No- wait! That’s not right. Oh yes, you’re here for the Harlequins writing music! At least I hope so or you’re likely to be disappointed. Well, I have some music for you, oh yes I do! Did anybody see the theme I shared a clue for earlier on? I think it was a pretty obvious one again honestly. The theme for todays music is the summer! Seems obvious really, but it hit me like a bolt out of the blue this morning. Many people love the summer. They love the vibes of joy, the crowds of people and the general heat. I’m personally a fan of the hot weather. Everyone associates different music with the summer. It may bring back specific memories, or has a particular ‘dancey’ and tropical sound, or instead it may simply be the time of year that someone heard a particular song or artist.

I’m curious about the kinds of music that you guys out there like to listen to in the summer or songs that remind you of the summer days. Let me know in the comments if you are so inclined. I’m going to share some songs now and nobody can stop me! Just kidding, but I am going to share some music…

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of aestival artists the world over!

Cider Sky – Northern Lights

Sum 41 – Fatlip

Bowling For Soup – 1985

Shaft – Mucho Mambo (Sway)

O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei

And there we have it!

How was that eh? I could have included sooooo many other artists in this weeks edition. I was thinking I may even do a second part of this next week. Summer ain’t over for a while yet! We’ll see! I hope you check out all of these artists and give them some love! I know they’re not unknown artists or anything, but they still deserve the love right?

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Until next week, remember that suntan lotion and have a very crazy day inmates!

In these scorching months,
Me and the sun continue our samba,
It’s this crimson dance we do every year,
Me and that solar predator,
Nuclear in her vivacity and brilliance,
Our dancefloor is the open blue sky,
My skin gripes in the heat,
Painted red in the radiation,

I don’t scream,
Even as my flesh sizzles,
The mercury rising is the chorus we sway to,
I’m a glowing one,
This summer dance cannot go on long enough,
I revel in the swelter,
My sweat only the toll I pay,
To not feel the grip of winter again.

The fickleness of spring gives way,
The temperature rises,
And with it comes the anticipation,
Hope for this year,
And the trees samba to a thankfully cool breeze,
As we rejoice around the barbeque,

Sunbathing and sunburns,
Beaches and azure waves,
Picnics and chilled beverages,
These temporary heavens,
I adore them all,
These hallmarks of a summer fulfilled.