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Do you ever see your soul in another?
Like a beacon amidst the masses,
Dancing for your eyes only,
They’re not you but somehow familiar,
Physically diverse perhaps,
But a spiritual doppelganger,

It could be a stranger,
Or an old confidant,
But within their form,
A flaxen glow emanates,
Your soul reflected,
As if a mirror stood before you,

That spirit in the one before you,
Maybe they were always there,
Perhaps the mirror was too foggy,
Blemished by your traumas,
Perhaps you weren’t ready,
To meet a true friend.

There was a girl,
Perchance a someday inamorata,
She told me of storms,
She was afraid of the thunder,
The primal sonance of it,
The unbridled decibel of its call,

I am no fighter,
But for her I’ll hunt tempests,
So I sally forth,
On to tornado alley,
To chase the rains and bolts,
To smite them in return,

Over stream and crag I clamber,
Battered by gusts and pellets of blue,
In tinfoil cuirass and rubber boots,
Toothpick blade and bottlecap shield,
An unrequited knight,
A banner of naivete at my back,

I nip at the storms heels,
The cyclone bellows in fury,
Neon glances all about me,
Burning the soil,
I am a flea to its authority,
But still I strike,

Just for her,
So the thunder ceases,
So she no longer has to be afraid.

I’m an absent friend,
Like a revenant,
I’m not about much,
You can’t always see me,
Not hear my speech,
But I’m there,
Only a call away,
To hell with reason,
Miles be damned,

I’m not the only one,
You have a warhost behind you,
Every einherjar you’ve befriended,
Any and all willing to fight for you,
So if the clouds grow too fierce,
Or a fool is nipping your flanks,
Just give a little whistle,
And I’ll come running,
Mad grin and top hat in tow.

One spring day,
The rain went away,
Its embrace no longer comforting us,
The mercury rose,
As the summer wine began to flow,

We eloped from our misty love,
Water left us in turn,
The dirt cracked in torrid applause,
The streams shrunk in embarrassment,
Clouds leaving us to our new solar paramour,

We have our stinking fun in the heat,
Reveling in the fire,
Our festivities and sunburns,
But when the rain comes again,
We shall embrace it as an old flame,


I swear some men are made of jelly,
And some ladies of taffy,
They bounce back from any ill,
Whether by their own design or not,
Keeping their original shape,
No dents or wounds,
Still smelling of lollipops and cologne,

Deep down however,
Some desserts are truly unhealthy,
Despite the tasty exterior,
They are made from compost,
Closet skeletons and dead flies,
They provide only heartache and ulcers,
And yet still come up stinking of daisies.

Good day inmates!

Ain’t it lovely at the moment? The weather and the heat right now. I know that a lot of people are suffering a bit with the temperatures, definitely in my area. I hope people are being careful, utilising sun lotion and staying mighty hydrated! Enjoy the weather, for it won’t last forever. I’m quite liking it myself. I’ve been a lot better this week than I was previously. I’ve far less down and I’m definitely smiling a lot more right now. Hopefully there’ll be fewer depressing poems for a little while eh? Haha!

So, it’s the day of days! The Harlequins writing music is here once again! I shared a clue for todays musical theme earlier today on my social media as ever. It was a pretty obvious one I feel today and I’m sure you all got it right. If you’re on my social media that is!

Todays musical theme is romance! I seem to remember I’ve maybe used this theme before as well. But it’s a very broad subject as you can imagine. I would actually go so far as to say that the “majority” of music created is around the subject of love or adoration. It’s a basic human fact that we feel love for our friends, family and of course, our paramours. Now romance is more centred around a particular kind of love of course, but I felt it was worth mentioning. I don’t feel that I need to really go into an explanation about what romance is or romantic music if I’m honest so how about we get to the songs eh? That’s what we all love!

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of amorous artists the world over!

Yungblud – I love You, Will You Marry Me

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses

Type O Negative – Love You To Death

Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

And there we have it! Some classics there eh? And some more unusual ones perhaps? Anyone else feeling a bit lovey-dovey? No, me neither. Haha! Alas, I hope that you enjoy the musical choices I’ve gone for today. Check these artists out eh? I’m sure they’d LOVE it! Haha, I’m a comedian!

Speaking of funny things, would you like to see my social media stuff? The asylum has a presence in various places on the web, it’s like a virus almost. The asylum has a page on Facebook, an account over on Instagram and lastly a page over on Twitter! Please think about liking or following me over on there! Also, while I think about it, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page too. Thank you for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Oh my,
She’s a laser beam,
Full of energy and warm light,
A powerful streak of colour,
Blazing through my dusky skies,

As quirky as a disco ball,
Shimmering under glitzy rays,
She’s energising as the suns glare,
Yet cutting as a Goldfinger laser,
She’s almost like science fiction,
This laser beam lady,
She lights me up like an x-ray,
A pale heart in an irradiated skeleton.

I once waltzed with feminine regality,
A radiant image of Cinderella,
Yet at the strike of a funeral bell,
Our Bal Masque was over,
And she fled,
Her carriage whisked aloft on the stars,
All pumpkins and fairy tales,
Leaving a glass slipper in my hand,
A reticent crystalline reminder,

Perhaps ensorcelled,
Or a talisman of a some Godmother,
Carved of pure diamond,
A spot of wine on the pointed heel,
It reflected my visage,
I was never a prince,
More of a goblin king,
A lich,
A villain of a Grimm tale,

And like a mirror,
Laid bare were all the reasons she left,
And who she was.

She withdrew her blade,
Her brand made of wedding silver,
And fled the scene,
The wound she left grew septic,
Bereft of warm feelings,
A pus-filled hole in my chest,
Where my killing jar once lay,
My insectoid heart,
It left me in septic shock,
Dying on the bed in tears and bile,
Her leaving may instigate my passing,
This wound is infected,
And no new fair hand has granted me antiseptic,
Nor sewn my heart together anew.

The night cometh,
Meeting right on time,
Eyes meeting,
Sweaty palms,
The anxious shuffling of seating,
Shy smiles,
Fingers tracing wine glass necks,
Azure to emerald eye contact,
Connections made,
Conversation once stilted now flowing like ale,
Hands touching,
Hackney carriage summoned,
Two passengers,
Happily ever after,
This was a date,
Now it’s a love story.