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I’ve been running this process awhile,
Inhaling and exhaling,
I could pass for a technician,
No crashes so far,
Yet an anomaly has arisen,
A glitch in the machine,

Some entity has grabbed my attention,
Seizing my cursor,
A brunette beauty,
Pixels all in the right places,
She makes me feel almost human,
Replacing quicksilver with flesh and blood,

But there’s an internal error,
A spiteful little line of code,
Telling me,
I best shutdown these feelings,
Pull the plug,
Before karma catches up,

I am yet a machine,
So perhaps I ought click OK,
One doesn’t deserve romance,
So I’d better shut it down.

I find myself in a conundrum,
A dilemma in what this feeling is,
This dynamic,
Between me and this dark angel,
She haunts the recesses of my brain,
A thought hidden in every other,
She is the birds chirping,
The ones at the window as I wake,
She’s the warmth of my blanket,
The ease as I rest my eyes at night,
Her voice never truly fading,

It could be friendship,
I am not addled,
But I sense more,
If it even be reciprocated,
When I witness our meetings,
With this feeling,
This dynamic,
Could it be anything but love?

In this secular world,
If there’s one mystical object that exists,
It has to be the human heart,
And the mana of love that excites it,
This arcana,
This magic is undeniably powerful,
It can restore ones faith in humanity,
It can pit friends against one another,
It can ensorcell one against their best interests,
Even bring a jubilant man to tears,

Yet we risk the spellbinding pain,
For the elation can be commensurate,
But remember this,
Once the charm is cast,
It’s next to impossible to dispel it wholesale.

The wine glass shatters,
A porcelain heart with it,
The table launches skyward,
This is a crisis,
And there are only two responses,
Two options,
Fight or flight,

Do you flee tail betwixt your legs?
Living to war another day,
Or do you attack?
Rip and tear the shards back together,
The amygdala kicks in,
That reptilian conductor in your head,
Decreeing these two human conclusions,

Time has not paused,
So what is to be done?
Grey matter already told you,
It’s fight or flight,
Inaction is no option,
So spar for them,
Or scram for yourself.

I once met a woman at the watering hole,
She spied me across the pine bar,
Sultry eyes with rum held in gaunt fingers,
There was something fated here,
A once in a lifetime event I fear,
I had to approach,
Drawn like an inevitable end,

A bell tolled somewhere else,

She was a deathly tempting creature,
A pallid face and sunken eyes,
Her ebony dress hung tight,
As if only bone hid beneath,
She spoke through knife edges,
Honeyed words upon a scythed tongue,
The dialogue flowed like deathbed tears,

A bell tolled close by,

She pecked me upon one cheek,
Leaving a chill signature,
She turned and beckoned me,
A fell wind followed her step,
It was love,
So I joined her,
And my lips turned blue,

A bell tolled by my ear.

These days,
I guess I’m vapour,
Condensation upon your window,
You just peer through me,
And wave to another,
I guess I was always translucent,
Social carbon monoxide,
Ever on the periphery,
Out of sight,
And out of mind,
Your grimaces are as gas masks to me,
I linger in the air of our friendships,
But I’ll dissipate ere long,
I’ll be just like vapour,
You’ll blink and I’ll be gone,
Like the steam from your coffee pot,
I’ll just go.

Once in the caves of time,
I wrote a tear strewn letter,
To a beau of yesteryear,
To reveal the garden of my heart,
My intentions were that of scented flowers,
Though the reception was likely stainless steel,

To put pen to paper was an ordeal,
My quill was a frigate in a storm,
A typhoon falling upon the parchment,
This water would not propagate a flowerbed,
The etchings persisted through my rain,
Though every second word was tainted by aqua,

When the torture was finished,
When the roses were cast atop the casket,
I signed with a trembling flourish,
A terminal gift,
Fastened to it as a final kiss,
A peony held with a paperclip.

It had to happen eventually,
All festivities end,
And now,
Upon this field of revelry,
Only spectres dance,
Dodging the empty cans and bottles,

The lights are dimmed,
The bards are paid and leave,
The ale is drunk,
Every keg and winebox,
And the couples have retired,
On to more amorous waltzes,

Joy becomes grief,
And the rains follow suit,
Washing the pinot from the grass,
The bunting has come loose,
Free in the wind,
Like so many heartstrings,

And indeed,
When the party is all done,
A single shape remains,
All that’s left,
Is a sodden and bent party hat,
Worn by a clown that nobody wanted.

Between the heart and brain,
Emotion and sense,
Lies a diplomatic table,
Bestrewn with spilled bourbon and old photos,
We play the translator,
Pulled between two rivals,
These belligerents of an intermittent war,
They do not share a language,
Their approaches do not align,

One is a warlord,
An impetuous sort,
Pumping red wine and hot air,
Dancing with mayhem,
The other is a schemer,
A reptilian vizier,
All double-speak and calculations,
Cold and always right,
Two true opposites,

So it falls to the interpreter,
We have to make sense of it all,
Bridge the language gap,
Decide the course of action,
Impulse or artifice?
Which do you favour?

I’ve been drowning in you,
Salt all over me,
My breath taken,
You’re the sun above the surface,
Out of reach,

In my thrashes,
The tide of the moment fills me,
My throat and lungs strain,
I reach out feebly,
You’re still there,

I’m almost gone,
I feel hands on my wrenching form,
Th suns rays are around me,
When your red lips touch my blue,
The bubbles stop.