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My foolish friend,
Swim far away from that woman,
She is an angler fish,
A hunter with brunette flair,
Flourishing that bright fa├žade of harmony,
Put fathoms betwixt you,
Make for friendly coral reefs,

The world can be an airless abyss indeed,
But don’t make for the first lure of promise,
Don’t heed her tantalising light,
The fleeting warmth shall turn to thrashing pain,
Her smile shifting to puncturing fangs,
Those lidless dead eyes will feel no remorse,
As she tears you limb from heart,

Swim far away.

Recently my mind has lamented,
That I no longer truly have friends,
More a rogues gallery of acquaintances,
A revolving door of faces,
Past photos with actors vanishing,
Memories growing more indistinct,
And a painfully icy feeling of seclusion,

It’s a curious kind of solitude,
I have family,
And the love of my life,
Warm aegises to preserve my life under,
Yet all else is cold and barren,
A vacuum of unread messages and meetings dubious,
Existence drags away comrades of old and repels new cohorts,

In this dingy opium den I reside,
I find myself gazing outside wistfully,
I recieve no calls,
And feel no inclination to brave the cold myself,
A vicious circle made of photoframe shards,
Loneliness begets loneliness,
Until it becomes all I am.

The cursor hovers over the icon,
A pointed attack helicopter,
Over that barren pixel siberia,
The mouse quivers,
Is this the necessary action?
Do we leave them in the past?

Time has put continents between us,
Our correspondence becoming more an endangered animal,
Now a dodo,
An eager button is finally depressed,
Is it a friendship that needs to die?
Contact to be terminated?
Or is it merely your use is ended?

Someone must be told,
You sit down to scribble,
A message must be bestowed,
Your current mood is a catalyst,
To drive ahead this heartfelt endeavour,
What shall be the purpose?

What shall this clay golem of characters say?
You scratch varied runes into this parchment,
The magic of emotional discourse,
In ink of tears and smiles,
The reds of disappointment and fury,
The emeralds of jealousy and want,

Your reasons for this missive may be myriad,
Romance or notification or malice,
Meticulously cast upon each word and period,
So that they may confer a spell upon the reader,
A soft caress or spiteful outburst in letters,
Ending with a best regards and an array of X’s.

Compatriots we are face to face,
Barely inches apart,
Strenuous palpitations almost audible,
There is so much to be said,
I begin to broach my mouth,
Tongue longing to prattle sentiment,

But the jaw rebels at once,
Grinding to a painful halt,
Hamstringing my longing tongue,
Leaving so many words unsaid,
Prisoners to a cruel muscle spasm,
But did they truly deserve to be uttered?

Or has your jaw defended your character?

This world is indeed a carousel out of control,
Run on chemical disasters and hominid mistakes,
Fuels of chaos,
Colours and shapes that don’t fit,
A turmoil our minds were not designed for,
Dulling and stress-testing our mental blades,

But on this day of mental health aid,
I proclaim to you that you are alone,
Let my words built of granite support you,
Bolster your barricades and direct your first footfall,
A whetstone to sharpen your confidence,
Enabling you to cut down your demons,

Whichever torment has assailed you,
Many others shall be whetstones for you as well,
It is a global blight,
You need only reach out,
Scores of angelic blacksmiths ready to assist,
There is no need to suffer in silence,


I have become a hollow man,
Cracked porcelain,
Empty inside,
With no signs of smiles,
Since my best friend became obscured,
Through my own foolish artifice,

Without your voice,
My mind has nothing to chew on,
Without your saintly cuddles,
The world is a frightful place,
Without your rainbow hair and honest smile,
My eyes simply cannot light up,

I am an empty vase,
Fractured with its contents leaked,
Only my best friend has the glue,
And the deft touch,
To put me back together,
And fill me up once again.

Dust settles,
I’m out,
Of this El Dorado,
I fear I never learned the rules,
Of rather never heeded them,

Alas I speak not of baseball,
But of a home,
Knapsack at the ready,
Full of filthy guilt,
My human mistakes,

Was it my unwieldy and sickly countenance?
Did I spend too much time in my head?
My unkempt den?
My friends in the night?
Strikes one and two,

This haven,
Of Bavarian design,
Strike three is called,
And I’m out of here,
The sidewalk beckons.

I once knew a vibrant soul,
A beautiful friend to all,
A wife and parent,
A mother bear,
A woman of boundless love,

We were not privy to her whole life,
But she exuded love and peace,
She supported so many of us,
Helped shoulder our mental weights,
Fondly indefatigable,

She left us,
Perhaps for a greater purpose,
Perhaps needed elsewhere,
To join the cosmic bulwark,
Against the evils of the universe,

She was a humble shieldmaiden,
But now she’s a valkyrie,
An ascended warrior,
A heroine of legend,
Rest in Valhalla my friend.

I once met a woman,
Hair of sand,
And heart of gold,
A bastion of blessings,
Dented armour of life experience,
A shield of friends hopes,

You’re no damsel,
You don’t need rescuing,
You’re a warrior,
A shieldmaiden,
You’re on the front lines,
Fighting the good fight,

You’ve been a salve for my soul,
Along with many others,
You’ve pulled together a tribe,
A human sanctum,
A family of introverts,
A family of soldiers,

With your hand upon our shoulders,
We are a battleline for good.