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Even in the healthiest of situations,
The closest of coteries,
You may yet find radioactive material,
Bitterness hidden in silence,
Toxic opinions,
Malignant arguments,
Polonium isn’t always obvious,
Despite its cool blue glow,
But its effects can be,

Like a cancer,
The radiation can seep out,
Unseen even by a Geiger meter,
Blighting the joy,
Poisoning the friendship,
Poisoning the well,
The host will inevitably grow unwell,
And unless decontaminated,
The crew will perish.

I have a friend abroad,
A dutiful witch of white,
To whom I owe praise,
You’ve been there for some time,
Though we have never shaken hands,
With your advice and your Dermot Kennedy,
Your temperance and your magic,

You speak to me on electrical channels,
In the wise chords of shamans,
Reaching miles under moonlight,
Even across wave and cliff,
The words and incantations still reach,
Like owls upon the wing,
A true friend.

Thank you Mel.

I’m an absent friend,
Like a revenant,
I’m not about much,
You can’t always see me,
Not hear my speech,
But I’m there,
Only a call away,
To hell with reason,
Miles be damned,

I’m not the only one,
You have a warhost behind you,
Every einherjar you’ve befriended,
Any and all willing to fight for you,
So if the clouds grow too fierce,
Or a fool is nipping your flanks,
Just give a little whistle,
And I’ll come running,
Mad grin and top hat in tow.

Conversations can often go awry,
Common ground crumbling underfoot,
If harmony is a creature,
A living thing,
Misunderstandings are a stake to the heart,
A fact or thought misconstrued,
Is the death of agreement after all,
A glitch,
A wound,
Emotions can be tarred,
Until logic is applied again,
Misinterpretation isn’t malice,
No harm is meant,
But misunderstandings happen.

Who can put us down the worst?
Whom do you think?
Those closest to us of course,
Our inner circles,
They indeed have the most volatile ammo,
The most cutting,

Friends know things that enemies only guess,
They know our weaknesses,
The nicks in our cuirass,
Whether intended or not,
They can get the closest with the blade,
And strike the most vital zones,

Keep friends close,
And enemies closer they say,
But a knife is still a knife.

Tell me,
Do people change?
Or does your memory betray you?
Are these machinations in your head false?
Ruby-tinted glasses in hindsight?

You recall them with fondness,
Sagacious in the extreme,
Beautiful and everything sweet under the sun,
Almost folkloric in their virtues,

But then witness them in the present,
Drugs and drink and crime,
Ugliness in their actions,
Selfishness to the core,
As if the past was a disguise,

It’s curious to remember people as they were,
Rather than the forms they take presently,
Are they mirages in the mind?
Or do people change?
Tell me.

The other night,
I made a scrapbook from the pieces of us,
Memories put on to parchment,
Crumpled photos and lingering gazes,
Tufts of hair and smiles around campfires,
Receipts and candlelit dinners,
It’s all that remains of us,
Existing only in paper and glue,

This scrapbook,
It has grown to be a cat o’ nine tails,
Papercuts and stinging eyes,
It hurts parts of me immaterial,
Every fibre of my being,
Yet the memories on those pages,
They’re the reason I don’t give in,
And throw it into the fire.

Hello there inmates!

So here we are once again! How are you doing this week? I hope you’re all keeping those creative minds ticking along nicely. The world needs artists now more than ever I fear. It’s been a fairly pleasant week here at the asylum with only a few hiccups, it’s beginning to feel a bit more like spring finally. I was getting rather sick of winter, I can tell you that! Here’s hoping the rest of the week will remain warmer. Ahh also, it’s mothers day this weekend I believe. Thanks for reminding me! Haha!

So, we need some music today don’t we? It’s the law here at the asylum after all. Not really, but it sounded true didn’t it? So, did anybody see the clue for todays musical theme earlier on today? Instagram was being a real pain in posting it for some reason. The other platforms had no issue. So that was weird. Did anybody guess it?

Well guess no more! The musical theme for this week is affection! I thought I’d so something of a nice positive theme this week. Affection can be a fairly broad topic. We can be affectionate of our friends, family and paramours. It’s not just about romance. It’s camaraderie and it’s partnership. It’s the glue that holds friends together. Platonic love, erotic love and well… family love? It’s a quintessential part of the human experience. As such, it’s no surprise that many artists have written on the subject. It doesn’t have to be purely the romantic genre, as I have outlined. It’s a subject that transcends genre in my opinion and so you can find it in any area of music. Want to hear my picks for this week? Go oooooon.

Join me as delve into the musical minds of tender artists the world over!

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

Demi Lovato – Gift Of A Friend

Thomas Rhett – Things Dads Do

The Rembrandts – I’ll be there for you

Cigarettes After Sex – Affection

And there we have it! Does anybody else have a nice warm and fuzzy feeling in their gut? There’s some nice songs there eh? Do they remind you of somebody that you’re affectionate of? I certainly hope so. I also hope that you check out all of these artists as they all deserve the attention.

Speaking of attention, mind bestowing me with yours? Or rather bestowing my social media pages with your attention? The asylum has a Facebook page, an account on Instagram and a page over on Twitter as well. It’d be really swell if you would give me a follow or like on those sites as well. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thanks for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day!

I know that monitor is not just a device,
I know what it means to you,
It’s your social safe space,
The real world was always too bitter,
You met these souls without seeing their faces,
Side by side exploring myriad galaxies,
Across battlefields rendered in digital space,
Amicable rivalries upon podiums that never were,
They were and are real,
They are not mere pixels and handles,
They are friends,
Past and present,
And perhaps future also,
People not profiles,
Place a hand upon the screen,
You can feel their palms against yours.

Is there herd immunity to loneliness?
I find myself something of a black sheep,
Not in familial terms,
But societal ones,
I find myself overmuch grazing alone,

These ebony rags of wool grow tiresome,
I hate how they suit me,
Like this I despise my form,
The mealy stench of my visage and attitude,
The feeble and disgusting sound of my bleat,

I have played the misanthropic loner for long enough,
I’d much rather be part of that herd,
Their grass looks far greener,
I don’t want to be me,
Can I instead be one of them?