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In my humble lodging,
I often feel alone in the dust,
But I’m not,
Not truly,
The books are here for me,
My bibliophilic hoard,
Piles and piles of knowledge,
Stacks upon stacks of paper worlds,

I keep them all safe here,
Fact and fiction from here and there,
From the aged veterans,
Leather-bound epics penned decades before,
Handiworks of the greats,
To the contemporary jumpy upstarts,
A newer generation of tomes,
Paperback portals to the modern world,

The ink and vellum,
My narcotics of choice,
With me they are all equal,
And I add to their ranks daily,
I may not peruse them all,
Many may never have their spines cracked,
There is not sufficient hours in a lifetime,
But they remain my forever friends.

Sitting alone in your cradle,
Dross all around you,
A world in turmoil,
It’s hard to ignore the grey,
But did you forget?
You hold the solution in your hands,
A leather-bound saviour,
Pages upon pages,
Filled with worlds and invisible people,
It’s both a blindfold and portal,
An unguent for the world weary soul,
Hiding the monotony of the world around you,
While permitting you to traverse others,
Befriending all manner of secret friends,

My friend,
It’s a temporary respite,
But a necessary one,
There is no shame,
In sheltering oneself between the pages.

Good day inmates!

Another Wednesday dawns (well, it’s evening but shush) and here we are once again for my usual tangential post about music and my nonsensical life. Speaking of which, it’s been a rather good week so far actually. I’ve been really happy with my creative output and nothing has actually gone wrong. A rather pitiable yardstick perhaps, but still. Also, I apologise for my tardiness in responding to comments recently. It’s not intentional I assure you all, I just struggle to manage my time. Haha!

Interesting times ahead you know. My brother and my best friend have surprised me with a rather amazing thing. They both kept it a secret for some time but they’re taking me to the Reading Festival this weekend. I’m so very lucky and blessed! That is a bit of a segue. Did anybody see todays musical theme? Hopefully it makes sense what the connection there is. I’m grinning right now.

Todays musical theme is, in fact, the Reading Festival! For those not in the know, Reading is one of the larger musical festivals here in the UK. Behind the likes of Glastonbury or Download, but still around 85,000 I believe. The musical tastes involved tend to be rather varied, with pop artists, rock bands and electronic DJs playing alongside one another. I’ve not been to any festival myself so far believe it or not, so I’m extremely excited to be given the opportunity. The choices for todays music are going to be based on my personal favourites among the setlist (if that’s the term). Five artists, as always. You know the drill by now my friends! Would you care to see if I picked well?

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of wonderful artists of the Reading Festival!

Pale Waves – Heavenly

All Time Low – Lost In Stereo

Gorgon City – Imagination

Bru-C – No Excuses

The 1975 – Happiness

And there we have it! How about that eh? Some interesting choices there eh? I actually should mention that not all of these artists are on the day (Sunday) that I’m going to be attending, but I still feel they should be mentioned regardless. I’m not sure I have shown the greatest variety in artists this time but I certainly tried. I certainly hope that you enjoy my choices this week either way. Also, wish me luck at the festival eh? I’m going to need it!

So, for my usual social media rubbish. The asylum here has a few social media sites that I post random nonsense and clues for my poems a few hours ahead of posting them. I have a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and a page on Twitter as well! Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thank you for everything inmates!

And as always, have a very crazy day inmates!

Every book is a wellspring,
Dripping with the exertions of an artist,
An acolyte of the quill,
Each and every tome,
It is a font,
A primordial soup upon parchment,
Birthing life on every page,
Bursting forth galaxies in mental geysers,

It draws stories in your minds eye,
Worlds that never were,
Fantasy and science fiction,
Horror and romance,
It is succour to a soul in this grey land,
A taste of aqua for a dying man,
An escape,
Until the book covers meet.

To read is to commune with nature,
A very personal ritual,
Authors breath life on to these fragments of lumber,
Rejuvenation via ink and quill,
Your eyes scan across the veins of oak,
Hallucinating as you go line by line,
Seeing stars and lands never formed,
A veritable opera of sundry speakers,
Worlds of every ilk imaginable,
Fashioned by a writers madness,
Literary paths left for you on parchment,
The skin of the forest,
Books are the trees talking to us,
Mother Natures voice,
Translated by shamans of the written word.