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Spawn of December and January,
Children of Saturn,
Listen to this,

Like the humble mountain goat,
A creature of work and advancement,
Salt of the Earth,
You’re practical and ambitious,
Hardy and wilful,
A horned beast of burden,

And like a scaled critter of the ocean,
You can be cold and calculated,
Vicious as the sea,
As unpredictably deadly as a stingray,
Even to those you are fond of,
A child of winter as you are,

Alas this is no horoscope,
But a simple analysis of a human,
From the outside looking in.

Do you ever wonder what a fireplace sees?
From its brickwork oubliette,
Blushing in its soft heat,
What secrets it bears witness to,
The feelings put out into the universe,
Caresses and kisses upon the shaggy rug,
The hidden trysts before its flame,
The small moments meaning the most,
A living room rising to its name,

This choleric witness,
Do you think it laughs?
Fire displaying its cruel nature,
Flickering in hilarity,
With its charcoal friends,
Or maybe it tries to warn them?
Crackling in its mayday throes,
Energetic yet impotent,
Within its hearth prison cell.

The beats of life are undeniably beautiful,
But treacherous by the same measure,
Like performing ballet on a cliff edge,
A knife blade,
A ciseaux through the years,
From the first position to a precarious cabriole,
All smiles while waltzing upon pointy stones,
It is a radiant performance,
Worthy of a standing ovation,
But all take bets on which foot will slip first,

This chalk stage of existence,
It’s a steep cliff face,
One we all ply our trade upon,
What lies below doesn’t bear thinking about,
Waves and scythes,
Dashing rocks and terminal coral,
It’s built upon limestone and inevitability,
In this great dance of life,
Even a prima ballerina tires,
We all slip eventually.