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So i recently resurrected my deviantART account. Turns out i have owned this account for about 5 years but never really used it. Crazy huh?

I’m going to be putting the majority of my work on there too, the idea being to try and get some more exposure. As ever, i remain modest. I don’t ever expect all that much but if even one person likes it, ill be quite pleased. I feel I have a bit of a better chance getting noticed by more people if i put my work on this blog as well as that site. 🙂

Also, you may notice i have enabled a Twitter widget on my blog now so you can see my kooky ramblings on there whenever i post them. Give it a follow if you have an account. I’d be very grateful.

So the link to my deviantART page is this: >>>> <<<<

Cheers fellow inmates!