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Greetings inmates!

I hope you’re all having a pleasantly crazy day! After a few weeks of copious amounts of “umming” and “ahhing”, i finally decided to create a Facebook page for the WorldofHarley. I’m finally making the plunge, so to speak! I’ve been unsure about it ever since i started this blog. I know that greater exposure and such can only be a good thing, but i fear the sort of drama that Facebook is known for creating. That’s not to say i intend to create any drama of course, but i suppose I’m saying Facebook has something of a reputation. I’m probably being absurd.

I’ve created the page itself on Facebook. It doesn’t have anything on it yet as you would expect, but in the next few days I’m going to be sharing all sorts of stuff on there. Interesting pictures, random thoughts, various odd things and of course links to the blog posts I’ve made. I’ll be including links to blog posts both as i post them and older posts that WordPress’ publicize function will have missed. Hopefully there will be something to interest WorldofHarley ‘veterans’ as well as newcomer inmates. Here’s hoping i can entertain you all!


You can find my Facebook page over here!

I’ve enabled the Facebook widget on the sidebar of my blog as well as adding a link in the ‘Contact me‘ page. It would mean a lot to me for any of my inmates reading this to go over to Facebook and like my page! I seem to ask a lot of my readers, but it really does mean a lot. Thank you all!

Have a very crazy day!

Greetings inmates.

Bit of a ramble today. So it turns out that my work colleagues and my boss found out about my blog the other day. This surprised me quite a bit since I wasn’t aware they actually check my Facebook page. My posts appear on there as soon as i post them here you see. My boss is fairly certain that I need to be sectioned, or so he says. He may not be entirely wrong, my writing and blog do tend to be a little on the eccentric side. They all think I’m quite crazy, but they thought the blog was cool. We had some amusing conversations about what I’ve written so I’m quite glad they found out.

It made me consider about what people I know personally think about my work. I know it’s not always good to care what others think, but when it’s people you care about and you’re close to, such as family and friends, it’s harder to ignore their opinions. I’ll admit that I’ve only had positive opinions from my friends and family so far. The ones who have actually noticed the blog anyway. My parents support it whole-heartedly, my closest friends that have read it quite like it and Lee seems to love it as well. I’ve been so lucky so far that everyone seems to support my writing, despite its eccentricity. At first i was terrified of their opinions, now i actually sort of revel in them.

As for strangers, it’s a bit more complicated of course. I still always worry about negative opinions, i worry about not being very good, i even worry about people mocking me. That may be ridiculous to some, but i think it’s quite normal. Only the very strongest wills can truly ignore negativity. I guess I’m not quite there yet eh?

When i found out people i knew personally had seen the blog…

But, then after I’d seen how positive their thoughts on it were…

Farewell for now inmates. There’s a new writing music post coming up soon.

Have a very crazy day!