On this night of nights,
The breeze is your only companion,
And it doesn’t mean well,
The aether hereabouts has a will of its own,
You feel a presence I’m sure,
A whisper on the wind,
Seething at the company of living souls,
You’re an unwelcome draught,
An intrusion into the night,

It rides about on the air cackling,
It’s a ghost,
A revenant,
A wraith,
It regards you with gelid eyes,
It moves in a gusty rave of enmity,
A hatred demonstrated on the raised pressure,
Its claws are the chills upon your shoulder,
And this spectre seeks to blow you away,

And it will.

  1. Fascinating magery. Brilliant how you take the “breeze” as wraith in its invisible yet felt by the wind’s effect.
    P.S. the new Rolls Royce is named the, ‘Rolls Royce Wraith”👍

  2. Lucy says:

    So haunting and enchanting like a spell. ❤

  3. Awesome 🙂👍

  4. Carol anne says:

    I enjoyed this piece! xo

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