Welcome to my ordinary bedroom,
Such as it is,
It’s not much but it’s home,
It’s not frightful at all,
Ghosts and ghouls?
Never heard of them,
It’s just ordinary here,

Please make yourself comfy,
Don’t mind the red running down the wall,
The flies converging in that corner,
Those aren’t bats roosting on the ceiling,
Nor are those shadows moving on their own,
Pay no attention to that low chanting,
Or the scratching under the bed,
It’s like any other home,

Indeed it’s not much but it’s home,
Don’t you find it snug?
Just don’t look in the mirror,
She doesn’t like that,
And when the lights go low,
Don’t mind the figure,
The one at the foot of the bed,
It’s totally ordinary.

  1. Fabulous! Made me smile. I love it!!👍

  2. judeitakali says:

    haha. Amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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