Roll up,
Come in please,
Welcome to our museum of the occult,
We hold all manner of oddities,
Relics of the other side,
Like this here unsettling portrait,
Dark scrolls and dimensional mirrors,
And like this Raggedy Ann,

I didn’t hear any giggling,
No wooden footsteps either,
Are you sure?

Don’t mind the doll,
I don’t think she likes you,
But she’s well-behaved most of the time,
Well there was this one incident,
She roams about at times,
This is no typical plaything,
Oh maybe,

You feel breathing next to your ear?
Where’s the doll?
Her glass cabinet lies empty.

  1. Love the artwork. You manage to make me smile reading the macabre. That is a great writing talent you have, my friend. Bravo!!

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