Good day inmates!

How are you all doing this week? Hope you’re all keeping warm out there (or cool for those in other climates). It’s still a bit chilly here right now, but it’s remained dry for the moment. I can deal with that I suppose. In fact it’s been sunny for the most part. It’s been a rather rocky week thus far in other areas though. I’m not going to go in to any details of course, but there’s been some family stuff going on in the last couple weeks and it sort of progressed this week. Yes, vague I know. But a certain degree of separation of personal life and online life is wise when it comes to these things don’t you think? I know y’all get where I’m coming from.

Anyways, we are here for music aren’t we? If not, you may be a touch lost my friend. The poems are on the other days of the week you know! Wednesdays are for writing music! Did anybody see the clue for todays musical theme? I’m going to keep asking you know. It was right there on the social media, you naughty munchkins!

Let’s get straight to it as I was really looking forward to todays theme. The theme for this weeks writing music is night time! As many of you may know from many previous poems, I’m a big fan of night and in particular the sight of the moon. Sunsets and sunrises have their appeal to be sure, but to me, sitting under a starry sky with the odd cloud lit up under a full moon is so much more magical. If I ever need to go out and think, I prefer to take a short (or sometimes not) ride around the island on a clear night. It really is quite something special. I think music artists get that too. There are so many ways to express the visual beauty and esoteric feelings that the darker hours profess. Slow and numbing electronic beats, songs from a sad soul alone in the dark, music about the realm of dreams or maybe songs expressing fear and horror with how the night is. It’s one of those broad subjects that means a different thing to every different person. The best subject for an artist. Musical and otherwise. Let’s see what I found for this theme eh?

Please join me as we delve into the minds of nocturnal artists the world over!

Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down

Poets of the Fall – Late Goodbye

Kikuo – Song of the Night

Phaelah – In The Twilight

Tiger Army – Dark and Lonely Night

And there we have it for another week! If it wasn’t a bit chilly tonight, this would almost make me want to go out and wander about in the dark. On second thought, that sounds a bit on the creepy side. That’s definitely not what I meant. Haha! I hope that you all enjoy the musical choices for this week. I tried to get a decent variety of musical styles while still retaining the overall theme. I hope that y’all decide to check out these artists from this week, they all deserve the attention. Madness knows it’s a rough world in the music industry after all.

Incoming awkward segue! You know what else is a rough world? Getting noticed on the interwebs! Not in celebrity terms of course, but just reaching new readers is all. That’s what social media is meant to be for eh? So, I’m going to share my social media sites here for anybody who hasn’t followed/liked yet. No pressure of course, just an open offer. The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and lastly a page over on Twitter as well! Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thanks for everything my friends!

Until next week, have a very crazy day my dear inmates!


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