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I once had a dream,
An esoteric dance of the mind,
A story of astrological language,
I made a raft out of fingernails,
Crafted by strength of Taurus,
With the helping hand of a ram of course,
Upon cautious and melancholic stone,
To skirt a blue sea of pisces scales,

For miles I voyaged,
Waters of empathy,
Drifting upon balanced winds of Libra,
Winds of expression,
Dodging ornery waves of piscine goats,
Sent by the aquatic bearer of divinity Aquarius,
I escape by the skin of my teeth,
I disembark above Cancer rockpools,

To be greeted by conjoined twin dockhands,
Eager to assist,
Onward to bend the knee to a lion king,
And his assertive fiery mane,
His scorpion royal guard eye me suspiciously,
Barbed halberds at hand,
His equine archers nock arrows in caution,
Tension grew like noxious clouds,

When it seemed their patience had run thin,
The hand of his princess out cast,
Her name Virgo,
The other stars faded,
An embrace commenced,
But then I awoke,
And the stars were gone,
Only sunrise remained.

Inside my mind there’s a checkered staircase,
Aspects of Victorian design,
If you could peer through my eyes,
You’d see it,
And shudder,
The eyes are a window to the soul after all,

The steps wind haphazardly,
No rhyme or reason,
The barbed banisters suggest cruelty,
But the gentle incline shouts serenity,
An incarnation of mania,
I don’t know what lies at the top,

Is there an attic room,
That hides screams of abuse?
A hidden room with a green door,
That contains the holy grail,
Or is it,
Where I hear that spectre wailing?

The staircase,
That scratches the edges of my skull,
Where do you think it leads?
My thoughts struggle to climb it,
My imagination died many steps earlier,
Sweaty flotsam on the steps of a soul.

Always fear the magpies.
One for suffering for all eternity.
Two for a happy, but fatal addiction.
Three for a plague.
Four for a parasite.
Five for eternal inferiority.
Six for a victory stolen.
Seven for a secret,
You were never meant to know.
Eight for Heaven.
Nine for Hell.
And ten for the ire of a supernal clown.

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At first there was Love,
But then Man found his enemy,
And Madness struck Love down,
And from that, came Rage burning.

Rage and Man made a pact and became one,
To war upon Madness,
And way they did,
But Man and Madness saw their similarities,
And unmasked their true enemy,