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Life ain’t no movie kid,
That’s what an old man once told me,
That silver screen don’t care about you,
You’re just existing like the rest of us maggots,
His grizzled lips chastised,
No red carpets are waiting for you,
Not a single accolade,

You’re no action hero,
Take off those silly shades,
And save the petty bravado,
There are no days to save or dragons to slay,
Damsels don’t need no champion,
This ain’t anything like the movies boy,
You’ll pass away with not even a credit,

The loathing in the old mans eyes grew heated,
We ain’t no all-star cast,
We’re just nobodies and hacks,
There’s no adept director guiding us,
No expertly crafted romance and plot,
Just a slow treadmill of life,
Steadily trudging towards a void with no acclaim,

His words trailed off,
Head in hands,
The old man wept.

We sit scathed within this crater,
Still white-hot from that blast,
Amidst smashed plates and torn photos,
You and I my love,
We’ve taken shrapnel damage,
Devastated by this severe detonation,

We jointly set off this dire explosive,
A grenade of a lovers feud,
A shockwave of verbal munitions,
Heat of conflict scalding both our worn hearts,
Sent afly with shards of glass and porcelain,
Leaving us frayed and tearful in blood,

Broken we crawl amongst the rubble,
Embracing as the air cools,
We don’t want this bond to bleed out,
So let’s pick up the debris,
The pieces of us,
And reconstitute our partnership.

‘Tis the holiday season once more,
Can you hear the bells?
A chorus of Christmas cheer,
A symphony for everyone,
The winter festival of joviality is come,

I can hear it already,
The echoes of familiar voices,
The gaiety of family and friendly ovation,
The scent of turkey and bad television,
Brussel sprouts and too many liquors,

A time of togetherness,
Of forgetting this beast of a year,
The pine tree stands ready against the annual grinch,
No humbugs allowed here,
Merry Christmas to all!

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and that you’re holiday season has been joyous so far, despite the world conspiring against us all. Viruses and political upheaval aside, it’s actually been really heartening to see people coming together and helping each other even under the current circumstances (which have take a nosedive in the UK). I’ve seen so many still giving to charity, whether it be money or toys for poor children. It does give me some uncharacteristic hope for the world.

So, down to business my friends. Today is not going to be a writing music post, but instead it shall be a brief look back at the previous year and my “highlights”. So, to begin with, the beginning of this year was an odd time for me. I was still recovering quite extensively from certain negative events of the last couple years. I was getting myself treated, but it would take monthes for me to begin to resemble myself again.

I had neglected the blog for a long time as well. I had a place to stay and friends around and that helped but it has been a long road. Starting from early in the year I forced myself to get writing again, and I am proud to say I have posted every single day since. It may seem minor to some, but it’s been my own ongoing therapy. There have been some setbacks over the year, but the one constant has been my writing.

I don’t know if it has shown, but the writing, the blog, the silly artwork and the responses from you folks has meant so much to me. It has been a galvanising element in my heart that has kept me (mostly) on course. I can also owe a lot of thanks to both my brother and my best friend-turned-partner Tash. I love you guys! I have a long way to go still and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. It’s been a mad year but my own brand of madness has been a shield and hopefully succor to others.

So, to hammer this point home slightly, I thought I’d highlight a few poems from the year that have been the closest to home so to speak. The ones that have spoken what my voice was unable to. The poems that have offered a look into my actual life if one were to read through the lines.

Here goes…

I’m Not Him – It wasn’t all fun and games, I was a broken clown at the beginning of the year.
Insomnia– A common symptom of depression. I was no different.
The Enclave – A poem about a place I once called a haven.
Drinking Problem – Well, this one kind of goes without saying.
Strike Out – All good things come to end.
The Road Onwards – Finally some positivity!
A Rose For You – All for Tash.
Harlequin Aspect – By November I began to return to my true self.

I think that will give enough food for thought. I am pretty proud of these pieces of work as well. I hope that you will give them a look if you haven’t already had them come up on your feed. It’d mean a lot.

So, I think I have waxed poetic enough for one post. I’d hate to bore you guys. I just thought with the year slowly waning that it deserved a proper look back. It’s been a hell of a rough year for us all. Let’s approach 2021 with our heads screwed on tight and ready for what may come. We made it through 2020, we can do anything, all of us.

So, I should probably include my social media spiel like usual eh? I have a prescence on Facebook, an Instagram account and an account on Twitter too. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page! Thanks for all your support!

Until next time, have a very crazy day dear inmates!

Oh my precious rose,
Let us dance this night,
Before this pyre we have built,
A gilded spotlight built upon love and comfort,
Shadow puppets we be this eve,
A personal ballroom lights up for just us,

We may not be thespians,
But we are dance partners,
So let’s trip over each others feet,
Fall into a heap haphazardly,
Lay and talk to the stars,
Declare our passion to the cosmos,

We can waltz when we wish,
We can always get back up,
Our shadowy limbs to grant another shindig,
The light shan’t dim,
This romantic lantern shall be ever luminous,
So we may dance at our own behest.

Two rivals stand opposite,
Only dust and bad blood betwixt,
Former allies now only bound by rancor,
Spectators hide terrified in musky windows,
A laughing track of hostile wind surges,

This has been a long time coming,
These twin souls were destined to meet like this,
It can only be expected,
They came from the same womb,
Long term tensions become a storm,

Time freezes for a heartbeat,
A finger twitch,
A thunder clap,
The peacemaker roars,
The undertaker can only sneer,

A motherly wail comes from the plains.

Someone must be told,
You sit down to scribble,
A message must be bestowed,
Your current mood is a catalyst,
To drive ahead this heartfelt endeavour,
What shall be the purpose?

What shall this clay golem of characters say?
You scratch varied runes into this parchment,
The magic of emotional discourse,
In ink of tears and smiles,
The reds of disappointment and fury,
The emeralds of jealousy and want,

Your reasons for this missive may be myriad,
Romance or notification or malice,
Meticulously cast upon each word and period,
So that they may confer a spell upon the reader,
A soft caress or spiteful outburst in letters,
Ending with a best regards and an array of X’s.

The world is a grim playground,
Innocence turned to horror,
Grainy like an old film,
Featuring a host of unknown actors,
A dusty piano whispers just offscreen,
The people let loose amidst the play equipment,

Not all are having fun though,
Some suffer scrapes and bruises,
Split lips and black eyes,
Screeching in childish fashions,
No children in this play pit though,
Just adults suffering among trifles,

The worlds greyscale toys are deadly,
Paper cuts on dollar bills,
Brain freeze from too many cold drinks,
Tantrums and scuffles,
Accidents in toy planes and cars,
No health and safety here,

It’s enough for anyone to take their ball and leave,
Seek a way out,
Jimmy hung himself on the swings,
Sandra overdosed on skittles on the astroturf,
Billy set up his slide way up high,
Lily drew lines with broken glass in the corner,

This glum park is the game of life,
It is not all fun and frolics,
Not everyone wins,
Yet play time is never over.

An atom bomb is dropped,
A line goes flat,
The news is akin to a shockwave,
A crater is left amongst the family,
A surgery becomes a mausoleum,

Grief emanates from the hole like toxic waste,
Clouds of dark veils and funeral processions,
From the ground zero of your ties,
Mother and brother,
Sister and cousin,
Only a rubble of memories remains,

After a chemical wash of tears,
A vigil takes shape,
At the dinner table,
An empty seat reeks of fallout,
The radiation has permeated each heart,
The poisoning will linger for decades.

Love thy neighbour,
Love each of your fellow earthly souls,
For better or worse,
Love thy killer,
Adore your murderer,
Commandments from deity and party leader,

Love your killer,
For he is just a mentally sick man,
Maiming rodents since his youth,

Love your killer,
For they believed you a traitor,
Extremist news outlets,

Love your killer,
For she only opened fire in fear,
You came close with the wrong skin,

Love your killer,
For he was merely following orders,
Fearing for his own kin,

Even as the knife twists,
Even as the wound coagulates,
Even as your skull fragments,
And the line goes deathly flat,
Be sure to forgive your killer,
Though no god will save you.