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Hello inmates!

Ahh, my own mad family! How are you all doing there? Having a decent week so far? I’m certainly hoping so! I’ve had a bit of a rough one all things considered. My bike is having some mechanical issues again unfortunately and just to top it all off, as I write this there is a pretty significant rainstorm. So that’s fun. Oh well, here’s hoping that things will improve over the next few days. On the plus side, I’ve been mostly happy with the writing I’ve concocted thus far. I especially felt that the poem “Fight” needed to be written. Purely as my own form of support to the women who are being attacked by their own representatives over in Texas. It’s like the dark ages all over again. I find it all very disturbing indeed!

Anyway, enough about that for the time being. It’s part one hundred of the Harlequins writing music today! That’s something to be happy about right? I’ll ignore those crickets I can hear and assume you all are celebrating along with me. Did anybody manage to ascertain what the theme today is? Did anybody see the clue on social media? Well let me tell you what todays theme is eh? The theme today is family!

Yep, family. We pretty much all have them, in a myriad of different forms. Whether it be the ye olde traditional nuclear family, just an simple childless couple, A group of friends or colleagues, a lady and her cat and all manner of other possibilities. Many people over history have written songs about those closest to them, many times being their families or friends. Family can mean all sorts of things. There’s ups and downs in every familial group, as you can all attest. Even simply people of similar mindsets or interests could be considered a family. Does anybody want to hear some songs that I consider family-oriented? Even though the meaning of family can differ so harshly! Let’s give it a try eh?

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of family-oriented artists the world over!

Twisted Family – The Shanklin Freak Show

If We Have Each Other – Alec Benjamin

Matricide – Munro

Family – The Chainsmokers

All Of Me – John Legend

And there ya go my friends! What do you think of these choices eh? Quite a varied pack of musicians don’t you think? All different outlooks on what family mean. As Vin Diesel once said, family is everything. Or something like that. I don’t watch many movies. The point being, family is important. We’re social creatures, we need each other and, at the end of the day, aren’t we all one big human family on this Earth? In this asylum? Please give these artists a gander for me eh? They all deserve the attention, they are all very talented. In my eyes at least.

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

How has your week been so far? Totally good I am hoping! My week has been sufficient I suppose, uneventful since monday honestly. I suppose I shouldn’t complain really. I’d rather uneventful than negative eh? Apologies for the later posting today, I’ve been getting a bit lazy honestly. I’ve been enjoying my writing this previous week or so, and I hope that you guys have been enjoying my work. I’ve felt like I have created some of my better works recently and maybe my best ever during this year. That’s not to say they’re good, by the way, merely that I’ve felt they were better than my average.

So, with that grumbling out of the way, let’s talk about music eh? The Harlequins writing music to be precise! Music is always the best way to improve ones mood. Did anybody see the clue I posted earlier today? I felt like it was less obvious, as far as music goes. Did anybody guess it? Well, let me tell you! The musical theme for todays atrocity is…

Dark magic!

Yes, that’s right! Witches, sorcerers and warlocks oh my! It may sound kind of crazy as a theme for music, but hear me out. Magic and hell and demonology have been subjects for many musical artists over the years. From death metal bands to orchestras. It is a theme we can all sort of understand. Imagery of monsters and witchcraft are pretty well known globally, albeit in different forms. The feelings of dread surrounding death and the passage to hell are often incorporated into music in low drumming and ominous tones. At the other end of the spectrum, some pretty chilled music can be used in represent the more natural and pagan forms of witchcraft, ethereal and whimsical in design to be sure. I’m finding it hard to actually describe music that includes themes of the occult or similar esoteric ideas, I can imagine it in my head (mostly from listening to particular artists) but it’s so hard to put into words that seem coherent. I think it may be easier to just listen to some eh? Yes? I think that would help. Let’s do that.

So, join me as we delve into the musical minds of sorcerous artists the world over!

Munro – Demonic Headcase

Ghostmane – John Dee

Emilie Autumn – Chambermaid

Rob Zombie – American Witch

Peter Gundry – Goetia

And there we have it! How was that? Did you feel the arcane eminence coming from these songs? Did they cast a spell upon you? Feeling a little bit…. possessed? A little bit of a variety there eh? I could have included quite a few other songs in this field as well, but I think I wanted to get the theme across in the most poignant ways possible. Not to mention it’s getting a bit. I hope you check out all of these artists as I feel that they deserve the exposure. Don’t worry, they won’t cast any magic on you, I promise!

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a truly excellent day today! I’m doing fine as well, thanks for asking. Was that you? I have no idea, it’s appreciated either way. It’s been a fairly bog-standard week so far, with no major events to speak of. With that said, I’ve been very much enjoying reading the comments all of you lovely people have been leaving me recently. It makes me so happy to actually converse with people about the stuff I’ve written. It still always makes my dark little heart skip when I see people actually responding and such. A big thank you to all of you!

So, you know what day it is. Why, it’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for the Harlequins writing music once again. Despite the theme of the previous two editions, I decided to go with a new subject this week. It can’t all be summer sun and parties you know! No, the theme for today is quite different. And no, it’s not related to the football. I may be British, but I’m not interested in whichever flavoured team is kicking the pigs bladder this day or that. I don’t watch it and I don’t really know anything about it. So, that’s that! Haha! So, the theme for today. Did anybody guess from the clue today?

Well, the theme for today is sort of a mix. The theme is both technology and robotics. From science fiction, to the devices we use every day, to electronic/disco and all the way across the aisle to hackers and cyberpunk. Technology inspires music all the time, both in style and in creative methods. So, this can be an extremely broad theme I suppose. I think I’ll avoid my usual nonsensical spiel about the particulars of how technology inspires music artists simply because I’d be here typing for days! You’re here for the music, so you shall have the music! Let’s see what we have today!

So, join me as we delve into the musical minds of techy artists the world over!

Grendel – Timewave Zero

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

Daft Punk – Technologic

Munro – IRL.exe

Flight Of The Conchords – The Humans Are Dead

And there we have it!

That was a rather wacky arrangement of artists wasn’t it? I think that may be one of the more varied selections I’ve done for a little while, at least in terms of genre. I hope that you guys enjoy at least most of these choices this week and check out the artists on their pages too. They all deserve the love! Use your technology to show them how much you like their technological music eh?

So, I really ought to include some social media nonsense eh? Well, the asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and what do you know?! An account on Twitter as well! Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page! Cheers for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day. Not to brag or anything, but I know I am. Things truly feel like they’ve been looking up recently. A new home, some actual work and a new lady friend. The most important thing is feeling a great deal more free than I have in months. Smiles all round really! I don’t exactly know how to respond at times, I’m a bit too used to things being at least semi-gloomy. Haha! So I hope that you’re all keeping safe out there in this asylum of a world. It always warms my heart to see others happy.

So, enough boasting for one day eh? It’s time for some music. The Harlequins writing music to be specific! We’re so close to 50 now, it’s insane! I really ought to think of something different to do for it next week don’t I? We’ll see!

Well, lets share some musical artists shall we? For those of you who may be new to the asylum, I’ll be showing off five artists that I like to listen to while I write or when I’m fed up of the silence. I try to keep these as varied as possible, rarely sticking to one genre. Does that sound fun? I sure hope so!

So, join me as delve into the musical minds of rad artists the world over!

Portishead – Machine Gun

Munro – To Villains

PAIN – Shut Your Mouth

The Knife – Marble House

Broken Peach – Bad & Ghostbusters

So there we have it for another edition of the Harlequins writing music!

I hope that you enjoy some of these artists! At least try them out eh? They all deserve the attention, to be sure. A couple of these I’ve listened to since I was a teenager, so well over a decade now. They always entertain me and I hope they do the same for you guys too!

So we come to the climax of this particular post. It’s time for some social media peddling I think! The asylum has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram page. Also, if you like what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-Fi page! Thanks for everything my friends!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!