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I’m sure I have a gremlin on my back,
Like a corpse from the past,
A beating heart under the floorboards,
I know not his motive,
Merely that he enjoys to scathe me,
He’s a creature of vitriol,
A sprite of malice,
I can only feel his weight,

He hates me,
And I hate him,

Gripping tightly to my shoulders,
Biting and scratching,
Whispering cruel nothings into my ear,
Reminding me of that dark time,
And those times,
The time with the fists,
And the coldness,
The time with the tears in the black,

He hates me,
And I hate him,

But you know,
I grow weary of his exaltations,
I seek a new life,
I’m going to grab him by the horns,
And suplex that wretch into the earth,
Crack every malicious chopstick in his body,
No more negativity,
I have a life to lead,

He hates me,
And I beat him.

A counterpart of sorts of ‘Grey Skies’.

I took a stroll this afternoon,
Along a stony road of optimism,
To ponder the world,
And my future in it,

The cerulean sky,
It stretches on to infinity,
The grey has lifted,
I can see the sun finally,

The sky cheers me on,
A heavenly audience of hope,
I smile freely and openly,
Among the solar spotlights,

The wisps of sprightly cloud,
They tell me,
Even misery fades into freedom,
Sadness is not made of chains,

Progress and smile onwards,
I return home a better man,
The grey clouds,
They are forgotten for eternity.

A flash,
A light comes on,
In the recesses of your mind,
All becomes clear,
A eureka moment,

A flicker of a synapse,
A blazing sun is born,
An idea,
A solution,
A wish,

When the puzzle assembles,
Ideas become reality,
Your masterpiece,
Your Adonis,
Your Mona Lisa,

A split second,
Is the cortex of creativity,
Your fulcrum,
To wield as leverage,
To pry your art from nothingness,

Even the stars up high,
Appear obscured,
By the flash of your moment,
That euphoric realisation,
There is nothing like it.

On my strolls at twilight,
Through the astral,
Not asleep but not waking,
I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe,
Alien worlds lie out there,

There is horror in the cosmos,
It’s true,
But there is also wonder,
Things of rapturous spectacle,
Fey and whimsical,

Flowing hills of chromatic grass,
Blue flower beds that soothe the soul,
Placid beasts of all forms,
Butterflies that taste of candy,
Rain that sings a playful chorus,

It’s indistinguishable from a dream,
But perhaps these lands are born of imagination,
A painting from the mind,
The human mind is a glorious thing after all,
A god in your head,

Grab your hat,
Come with me,
Let’s walk the cosmic gardens,
Let’s get lost in the bizarre charm,
A euphoric adventure.

I owe many thanks,
For my freedom,
My blessed independence,

Not to angels wings,
Nor a pact with demons,
But to two wheels,
My faithful bike,

She’s no racer,
But she’s a winner to me,
A workhorse,
Like no other,

The road calls,
The true promised land,
No freedom like it,
Tarmac liberty,

Don the helmet,
And the leathers,
My steel stallion,
Where do we go today?

The road ever calls.

My mum,
The strongest woman I know,
You offer me unparalleled succor,
Protecting me,
Teaching me,
Thank you a million times over,

Wherever you are,
Is home to me,
You brought me into this world,
And now you help me through it,
A stable hand on my shoulder,
Guiding me,
Thank you for being there,

I’d not be me,
Without your love,
The words,
I love you,
They’re not enough,
Not by magnitudes,
Thank you for everything.

Welcome to our enclave,
It stands tall,
Whimsical in its design,
Bavarian sloped roof,
Designed by old royalty,

Hallowed are these walls,
Dear to me,
My ivory tower,
A place of safety,
A nest of friends,

Its denizens,
Of varied design and age,
My other family,
Lily-white and honest,
Philanthropists to my eyes,

A wealth of thoughtful experience,
And the tales,
Oh the tales,
Stories from all over the world,
Sagas of comedy and charity,

This place,
It truly is a home,
A haven,

The smog lifts,
Feelings of smoke dissipate,
Emotional baggage lifts,
I can breathe again,
No more choking,
The smog lifts,
The soot leaves my mind,
No more tears,
They’ve all evaporated,
This clown looks up,
I can peer through the haze,
This painted grin returns,
The future beckons,
The show must go on,
The smog lifts.

Good day inmates!

This is truly a joyous day for me! I don’t think I ever expected to be writing a post like this. Or rather, a post about this. It’s extremely good news and i feel rather proud to announce it.

WorldofHarley has finally passed 1000 followers!!

Huzzah! The big one triple zero! I could scarcely believe it. It’s possible that you already knew about this if you’re one of our Twitter followers but still, I felt it necessary to make a short post (are they ever short?) on this wonderful milestone. I never expected it to get this far at all. I know I say that quite a lot but it’s true, I simply find myself dumbfounded each day! Each and every like, follow or comment is a reason to celebrate here at the asylum.

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So basically, I’d like to thank each and every one of you that check the blog out, follower or not. You’re all amazing and you simply must be mad! Thank you, thank you and thank you! We simply must try to keep the madness going, no?

So, until next time, have an extra crazy day inmates!

Good day inmates!

A quick little note before my “main event” tonight. Oh yes, I’m posting something new tonight. Something a little different. Something a little political. I finally know when I shall be regaining internet. This is grand news as you can imagine, it feels rather odd never being able to access the internet. I simply can’t wait! I’ll be able to get back to unleashing more regular writings and ramblings as I was before. I will be regaining internet again on the 23rd of September, which is next Tuesday. Glory, I say! I hope to see you all around the asylum soon!


Until next time my kindly inmates, have a very crazy day!