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Is there only one way to spend a night?
While the throng bathe in their alehouses,
Falling down their own rabbit holes,
Drinking up the booze and bodies,
As for this clown,
At times it is better to stay home,
So I do,

A serenity is filling this hovel,
I greet the quiet like a lost sibling,
Embracing my duvet and cushion friends,
The fireplace licks calmly at my toes,
I’m simply existing in my own space,
Catching up on that picture or that tome,
It’s a personal health visit,

You can keep your fireworks,
You can have all of those jazzy shots,
You can have all of the rowdy fun,
I’m having a night in,
Just this once.

I often gaze at you,
When you’re not looking,
A cute little game,
Just to admire your profile,
Possessed of a fae beauty,
An innocence denied by yourself,

You’ve cast a spell upon me,
A strange conjuration,
Etched a rune into my heart,
I’ve felt an earthquake within my being,
Amorous fireballs in my chest,
Thunderstorms stirring my heart rate to elation,

It’s a pleasant warmth,
A magic of belonging,
Are you a sorceress?
A wicce?
I don’t want this ritual to be dispelled,
If I’m enthralled so be it,

I love you.

On this day of all days,
When my years grow overly pointed,
A thought forces its way to the forefront,
A sharp heartbeat of reflection,
A strange method of precognition,
A outre mix of dread and optimism,

I wonder if I should fear aging,
Does it hold monstrosity for me?
Is a mans birthday a tone of a deathknell?
Or a step towards elegance?
The unstoppable tsunami that time is,
One must either float upon it or be crushed,

Does your time pass like deluges between fingers?
Or gracefully like a claret past the lips?
Do you fade to grey in a bland ward?
Or go out in a tumultuous blaze of glory?
The years are a road with an uncertain end,
Either to a gentle hearth or off a cliff.

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’ve all had a fantabulous day and that you all are having a festive holiday season. I hope you’ve all got everything you wanted and your families have been all stuffed full of Christmas food! I know I did! I had more than my fair share of roast taters and a few bevvies. All was certainly well!

So the end of 2020 is looming. It’s true that for most of us this is definitely a good thing. The year has been a definite letdown and a bit of a living nightmare for many. The year has been alright to me personally I will admit, but it can’t be denied that it was overall a horrific year. Let’s all hope for a better 2021. I am feeling unease when I think about it though. Though that could be the clown I ate earlier.

So, speaking of new years, this will be my last writing music post for 2020. I’ll still be continuing them in 2021 of course (and there’s one more poem tomorrow), but I must at least recognise this personal milestone myself. I’ll share some proper bangers, as the kids say these days, to send off the year in proper asylum style! Heres the final edition of the Harlequins writing music!

So, join me as delve into the musical minds of superlative artists the world over!

Project Pitchfork – Rain

Enter Shikari – Sorry You’re Not A Winner

Zedd – Stay The Night

Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

UB40 – Kingston Town

And there we have it for this final 2020 edition of the Harlequins writing music!

Not a bad send-off for the year eh? I suppose 2020 needs a cold hearted kick up the backside on the way out too. I hope you guys enjoy my picks for this episode, I truly think they all deserve more attention, as always. Be sure to give them a look and let me know what you think!

So, lets put my usual social media jargon in eh? The asylum has a presence on a few sites these days. I have a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a page on twitter. Please consider giving them a like or follow, it really helps. As always, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page! Thank you for the year!

Until next year (so much comedy!), have a very crazy day inmates and a crazy new year!

‘Tis the holiday season once more,
Can you hear the bells?
A chorus of Christmas cheer,
A symphony for everyone,
The winter festival of joviality is come,

I can hear it already,
The echoes of familiar voices,
The gaiety of family and friendly ovation,
The scent of turkey and bad television,
Brussel sprouts and too many liquors,

A time of togetherness,
Of forgetting this beast of a year,
The pine tree stands ready against the annual grinch,
No humbugs allowed here,
Merry Christmas to all!

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and that you’re holiday season has been joyous so far, despite the world conspiring against us all. Viruses and political upheaval aside, it’s actually been really heartening to see people coming together and helping each other even under the current circumstances (which have take a nosedive in the UK). I’ve seen so many still giving to charity, whether it be money or toys for poor children. It does give me some uncharacteristic hope for the world.

So, down to business my friends. Today is not going to be a writing music post, but instead it shall be a brief look back at the previous year and my “highlights”. So, to begin with, the beginning of this year was an odd time for me. I was still recovering quite extensively from certain negative events of the last couple years. I was getting myself treated, but it would take monthes for me to begin to resemble myself again.

I had neglected the blog for a long time as well. I had a place to stay and friends around and that helped but it has been a long road. Starting from early in the year I forced myself to get writing again, and I am proud to say I have posted every single day since. It may seem minor to some, but it’s been my own ongoing therapy. There have been some setbacks over the year, but the one constant has been my writing.

I don’t know if it has shown, but the writing, the blog, the silly artwork and the responses from you folks has meant so much to me. It has been a galvanising element in my heart that has kept me (mostly) on course. I can also owe a lot of thanks to both my brother and my best friend-turned-partner Tash. I love you guys! I have a long way to go still and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. It’s been a mad year but my own brand of madness has been a shield and hopefully succor to others.

So, to hammer this point home slightly, I thought I’d highlight a few poems from the year that have been the closest to home so to speak. The ones that have spoken what my voice was unable to. The poems that have offered a look into my actual life if one were to read through the lines.

Here goes…

I’m Not Him – It wasn’t all fun and games, I was a broken clown at the beginning of the year.
Insomnia– A common symptom of depression. I was no different.
The Enclave – A poem about a place I once called a haven.
Drinking Problem – Well, this one kind of goes without saying.
Strike Out – All good things come to end.
The Road Onwards – Finally some positivity!
A Rose For You – All for Tash.
Harlequin Aspect – By November I began to return to my true self.

I think that will give enough food for thought. I am pretty proud of these pieces of work as well. I hope that you will give them a look if you haven’t already had them come up on your feed. It’d mean a lot.

So, I think I have waxed poetic enough for one post. I’d hate to bore you guys. I just thought with the year slowly waning that it deserved a proper look back. It’s been a hell of a rough year for us all. Let’s approach 2021 with our heads screwed on tight and ready for what may come. We made it through 2020, we can do anything, all of us.

So, I should probably include my social media spiel like usual eh? I have a prescence on Facebook, an Instagram account and an account on Twitter too. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page! Thanks for all your support!

Until next time, have a very crazy day dear inmates!

Oh my precious rose,
Let us dance this night,
Before this pyre we have built,
A gilded spotlight built upon love and comfort,
Shadow puppets we be this eve,
A personal ballroom lights up for just us,

We may not be thespians,
But we are dance partners,
So let’s trip over each others feet,
Fall into a heap haphazardly,
Lay and talk to the stars,
Declare our passion to the cosmos,

We can waltz when we wish,
We can always get back up,
Our shadowy limbs to grant another shindig,
The light shan’t dim,
This romantic lantern shall be ever luminous,
So we may dance at our own behest.

Hello there inmates!

I hope that you have all been keeping safe and enjoying each day to the fullest. Another week has passed and its been quite an interesting week has it not? The US elected a new president (despite clamours of fraud), the UK has descended into a second lesser lockdown for some reason and my bike had its MOT and full service. It’s been a full one here at the asylum. My posting times have been all over the place I know, but I’m keeping my usual rate up I think. Apologies regardless.

Now on this day, it’s time for the next spurt of the Harlequins writing music! I’ve elected to create one of my single band editions once again. Showcasing a single band that I particularly enjoy and draw inspiration from. Can you guess who it is this time?

Recognise them? It’s alright if you don’t. This is Ghost. One of my favourite ever bands, despite them being a more recent discovery for my part (2-3 yeara ago). They are a metal band from Sweden that formed in 2006. They are known for their eccentric performance style and theatricality. As you can see in that photo, they focus quite a lot on their costumes. They resemble a twisted version of a catholic church group. This is deliberate. Most of their music sounds like a satanic ritual performed through the lense of Black Sabbath or Blue Oyster Cult. They satirise religion quite intentionally, highlighting the absurdity of some of its elements. I’d say some could even find this satire offensive or infantile.

I’m hardly experienced enough in musicality or instrumentation to be able to judge how the music stands up to the greats. But I find it amazing! The vocals are superb as ever. Its easy to head bang to, surprisingly easy to sing along to and also initiate the traditional air guitar move! Yet the lyrics are quite deep or nuanced when looked into. So, enough babbling from this madman, would you like to listen to some? I’ll share my six favourites as I usually do. Let’s get on to it!

So, join me as we delve into the satanic musical minds of Ghost!

Ghost – Ritual

Ghost – Witch Image

Ghost – He Is

Ghost – Year Zero

Ghost – Rats

Ghost – Cirice

So there we have it for our display of the band Ghost!

I hope that you give this band a try. They’re quite unique in my eyes and the singingis really quite grand. I’ll include the link to their website here so you can look into them further. Please do my friends!

So, here’s my usual social media bit! The asylum has a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a twitter accounta twitter account. If you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page. Thanks for everything!

So as always, until next week have a very crazy week inmates!

Look at me,
Gaze upon my singular face,
Hark to this clown,
For it takes a fool to see the truth of things,
A madman to understand the world,
So I daub each colour upon my jesters aspect,

This face of paints,
It shifts like a tumultuous sea,
Replete with vivid corals of all shades,
Prismatic tsunamis as expressions shift,
Yet this mind is more of a circus,
I’m a deranged showman in truth,

I wield these colours instead of emotions,
Each chroma deciphering an aspect of reality,
To shine light on mans vices,
They are my true face,
For it requires lunacy to be totally free,
And insanity is the only truly sane way to exist,

An arbiter of pure chaos,
True art,
A clown to point the crooked way,
I’m the Oldschool Harlequin.

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a wonderfully mad day today. I hope you’re also enjoying the dwindling days of October as well. It’s hard to believe November is so close already. But you know what that means! Halloween is near as well! My favourite day of the year. I’d happily give up Christmas for a second Halloween and no that is not a joke. Haha! As you may be able to tell, I’m feeling much better from my little slump last week. I’m still not quite sure what caused that but I’m glad its been given its marchin orders.

So things here at the asylum have been performing much the same as usual. Traffic seems to be down a bit at the moment which is a pity but I suppose things just go like that sometimes. As long as I’m not irritating folks with my work recently or something. I’d feel very bad in that situation.

So, with that aside, it’s time for this weeks edition of the Harlequins writing music! As halloween is fast approaching I figured I would create a “spooky” themed list today. I’m going to include six (yes that’s right, six!) of the freakiest and scariest artists that I could think of. We need some unsettling imagery in this place! Some of these are likely to be artists that I’ve shared before. Lets get some interesting music videos going eh?

Join me this Halloween eve week as we delve into the musical minds of scary artists the world over!

Mushroomhead – Graveyard Du Jour

God Module – Spooky

Mr. Strange – Last Ride/Road To Ruin

Ghostemane – Lazaretto

Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

Broken Peach – Bad & Ghostbusters

So there we have it for another drop of the Harlequins writing music!

That last one was sort of a joke. A very good song, but hardly threatening. I’m a big fan of all of these artists and I think they all deserve just all of the love. Give a clown a hand would you? Check them all out, you’ll not be disappointed. Everyone needs a bit of fear in their lives, no? Especially at Halloween!

So, heres the usual social media spiel! I have a Facebook page for the asylum, an Instagram page and a Twitter account. I share random photos from my mad life and also include clues for my poems a few hours ahead of their release. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page. Cheers and I doff my hat to you!

Until next week, have a great Halloween inmates!