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Towards the end,
We embraced your every breath,
Holding on for dear life,
But like fragile pottery,
You began to crack in our arms,
Now resting,
We’ll be curators of your name,
We no longer have the full article,
But in our tearstrewn hands,
We still hold the shards of your memory,
Ever and always.

You gave us life,
Between the both of you,
Now a troika you are,
Mother Father and Stepfather,
Your love has always been capital,
Shoulders always ready for tears,

A beginning of blood and pain,
And then decades,
Bearing us through barbs and salt,
Holding us,
Feeding us,
Supporting our hobbies,

I could not list your accolades,
There are not enough hours,
But on this day of family,
Please allow me to state,
Thank you to my parents,
For all you do.

Hello there inmates!

This is going to be the final writing music post before Christmas! The hour (or day) does indeed approach. It’s only about half a week until Christmas day now. Is anybody else feeling festive yet? I certainly hope so cause I’m not. I’ll leave all of the cheer to you guys I think. I’m not trying to be a scrooge, but as I mentioned previously, I don’t much care for Christmas or this time of year in general. It’s simply overhyped and over-commercialised in my eyes. I do however, hope that you’re all ready for the big day with gifts and food for the family and such. Nothing worse than last second panic shopping is there? Mind you, I’m probably going to be one of those poor souls on Friday. I still want to get some presents for my loved ones but it’ll have to wait until that day. That’s finances for you!

Today however, it’s time for music! The Harlequins writing music that is! Did anybody happen to see the clue for todays theme earlier today? It was over on my social media pages, you couldn’t miss it. Or you could I suppose. Anyways, it may not come as a huge surprise given the season right now.

The musical theme for todays post is family! It’s what the season is supposed to be about after all! Not material things. I suppose a little treat every now and then doesn’t go amiss but still. So families. We all have one and yet nobody’s experience is ever the same. There are as many styles of family as there are people on Earth. Biological, adopted, a person and their pets or a purely chosen family, there is no wrong kind of family. As such, music about families can manifest in all kinds of ways. It could be a song about particular family members (positively or otherwise), family events or simply the feeling of belonging to a clan. There is no rule to it of course, everyone views family completely differently. It could be a happy thought or a cause for distress. You know what shouldn’t be a cause of distress though? The following musical choices! Let’s get to it!

Please, join me as we delve into the musical minds of communal artists the world over!

Rina Sawayama – Chosen Family

James Blunt – Monsters

The Cranberries – Ode To My Family

Anna Clendening – To My Parents

Ozzy Osbourne – Mama, I’m Coming Home

And there we have it! I actually found it hard to find some songs that weren’t sentimental or sad in nature. I’m sure there’s plenty of other happier songs I could have picked, but here we are! It makes me happy to know I’m seeing both of my parents this coming weekend actually. I always look forward to that, I don’t visit nearly often enough. Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy the musical choices for this week and you go ahead and check out all of these artists as well. They definitely deserve it! While you’re at it, be sure to tell your family you love them, whoever they are.

Speaking of love, mind allowing me a snippet? Only in the social media sense, don’t worry! I have some social media sites that would greatly benefit from your attention my friends! Please consider following or liking me over on the Facebook page, over on Instagram and for the time being, also on Twitter. I’ll include links here, but they can always be found on the ‘Contact Me’ page above! Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thanks for everything!

So, until next week, have a very crazy day inmates! And have a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/ too I suppose! Haha!

Within a family unit,
There is often a black sheep,
A knife that doesn’t fit in the drawer,
Making incisions in its own style,
Shunned by the whole kitchen,
Reduced to a sad anecdote,

At times that individual is at fault,
A blade used for untoward purpose,
And rightly discarded,
Other times it is the family that’s wrong,
Perhaps through hate or bigotry,
Slicing haphazardly like a machete,

In that event,
Don’t succumb to the same nasty rust,
Be the blade that severs generational evil,
Don’t inflict a cutting legacy on your children,
Be better,
Cut the ties.

This scrawl is all for you,

You’re my biggest fan,
My support network,
My inspiration,
My maternal cheerleader,
Solace is wherever you are,

Every trial I face,
Each scratch and broken bone,
Or tumbling down the foulest fissure,
I stand stalwart,
Because you’re there,

I may be a mummy’s boy,
But there’s no shame,
Quite the contrary,
I’m proud to be your son,
I love you mum.

This table holds years,
Connections soaked into its timber,
As well as generations under its side,
Saturnalia has brought us all here,
Grandparents to parents to siblings,
Matriarch at the head as is expected,
She feeds us like she holds us together,
Roasties and more variety than a butcher,
We’re all together,
As one,
As a family,
Around this table.

This nursery is held often out of sight,
Behind church walls and ragged hedge lines,
Out of mind,
At least that’s the hope,
This garden of corpses,
Decorated by obelisks and headstones,
It’s home to crops like you and I,
Planted here by fate and chance,

The rows are a series of stories carved into granite,
This old soil holds more than morbid botany,
There are memories planted here,
From babes cooing to final embraces,
Joy and rancor and fear preserved,
Every romance and broken heart under the sun,
All eventually find themselves interred here,
Along with worms and flies,

Awaiting a harvest that will never come.

All is quiet and pure under the christmas lights,
Families finally resting their heads,
With the younglings awaiting he in the red coat,
But be sure they are deserving,
Or they invite the Krampus,
The dark element of the holiday season,

A mountain of matted fur and goat horns,
Eerily shrieking basket upon his back,
Hooves upon the perturbed snow,
He likes to punish those bad boys and girls,
The ones who spit and mock the infirm,
And purloin them from their sobbing sires,

So young ones,
You better be good,
Show respect and eat your greens,
Or he’ll chase you giggling all the while,
You won’t be spared the birch rod,
And be whisked away by cloven hoof.

Stories are kept upon a knifes edge,
Stashed in libraries laid on precipices,
Entropy claws out at them,
A howling void that knows only hunger,
These repositories are locked by closed lips,
The only keys are held by our elders,
To be passed down father to son,
Matriarch to daughter,
And as the adage utters,
Each time an old man dies,
The library of Alexandria burns anew,
Pillaged by raiders of time,
And the stories are gone,
Wisdom lost to the pyre,
If not passed on by generational torch.

Down those hospital stairs,
That chilly room is a sterile graveyard,
Clad in cold iron doors,
In place of stone markers,
Names replaced by codes on little tags,
Souls preserved just past the point of death,

Their stories will never rot though,
Even entropy can’t rewrite time,
This body here was a tyrant among tyrants,
This one has saved orphans abroad,
Over here we have an artist to succeed Picasso,
This one here was a master thief,

The lights behind their eyes are dark,
But these husks are still receptacles of stories,
People reduced to their bodily memories,
Held in iron caskets,
To be burned to ashes,
Or rusted away by time.