From my home of blood and womb,
Did I get off on the wrong world?
Did I miss my port?
This was meant to be a utopia,
But its paradise is skin-deep and unhinged,
This isn’t the Earth I was taught of,
Something is awry,
Only a bizarre world I see,
Topsy-turvy and deceitful,

It’s built overmuch on vice,
Kindness seems to be a supernatural feat here,
Tyrants get ahead by virtue of cruelty,
Pollution seems to be a form of currency,
I was taught of a pure and decent world,
But this land ahead of me,
It can only be madness,
Was I lied to?
Or are these evils to be aspired to?

  1. A riveting read. How the earth longs to be paradise again, my friend.
    I love love your line and its enduring truth…
    “But its paradise is skin-deep and unhinged,”

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