I stare at the empty page in defeat,
Wracking my brain,
Futility in my writing hand,
The quill perspires at the scene,
The paper spits in my eye,
Discontent in its saliva,

It’s a marathon without movement,
No characters or worlds shall be wrought,
The lines on the paper quiver in mockery,
Scribbles in the margin,
It is as if language has become alien to me,
Something I could never control,

It’s defeating me in single combat,
My ambition has become apathy,
I’m not wordsmith,
I’m a pretender,
Foiled by the gravity of this page,
This infernal blank page.

  1. Yes! I can relate. Your words are deeply poignant. Well done.
    To write so eloquently about writer’s block is indeed well penned.

  2. I can relate to it. Very well written ๐Ÿ™Œ

  3. shauna says:

    Yep. Very much appreciated, that would be why I spend more time reading other writersโ€™ posts instead of writing myself, lol

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