The gloam comes,
And with it the ravages of the night,
The regrets and the nightmares,
The sweats and the guild-ridden fantasia,
And things in the periphery,
Despite the serenity of the scene,
My skull is a maelstrom,
The quiet is no comfort this eve,

But the firmament brings aid,
The clouds burst,
A million little saviours,
Sallying forth in torrents,
A soothing cacophony of blue,
Each impact a pyrrhic victory over the silence,
Every raindrop upon my window,
Like a lovers kiss goodnight.

  1. Magnificent! What a beautiful image of rain as kisses goonight…bravo👍👍

  2. Julydase says:

    This is a lovey, bittersweet poem, Harlequin. It put me in mind of a song I haven’t heard it many, many years.
    Below is a link to it…I hope you don’t mind. ❤️🖤

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