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Hello there inmates!

How are you doing this week? I know I ask that into space each week, but I am genuinely curious how any readers are doing. I’ve been a little on the low side myself this past week. I’m dealing with it, but It has made me realise how isolated I am at times. I’ve been finding myself not getting out of bed and being productive most days unfortunately. My brother in particular has been there for me a lot though. I’m not exactly sure why I’m being so whiney and candid about this but yes. I’m extremely lucky and blessed to have the family and friends that I do. They’re the best and I shan’t forget that!

Anyways, on to more compelling subjects eh? Music! Oh yes! Everyone loves music! It’s part 104 (bloody hell!) of the Harlequins writing music. Todays musical theme is one I threatened to come back to a few weeks ago. Did anybody get the clue earlier on today? I can’t imagine it was a very straining experience. Today’s musical theme is, once again, Europe!

Yep, I did cover this a few weeks ago but I said at the time that I couldn’t possibly cover the musical range and variety of the continent in five songs. I only showed off five nations of the 44 (I think) present on the continent. Only five artists doesn’t cover the many distinctive nations over here. I’m not going to cover the UK in these by the way. Purely because I feel I can easily create a separate list for British artists as a theme. So anyways, the home of the European Union and of innumerable distinct culture groups. As I would have mentioned last time, this continent has a long and rich history. Borders have shifted, names were changed and cultures have clashed. It’s one of the several melting pots of the world, so of course music has morphed in a multitude of directions. I think I’m likely to just keep rehashing that same point if I keep on so let’s see which artists (and nations) I’ve got for you this time!

So, join me again as we delve into the minds of Eurocentric artists the continent over!

The Dubliners – Whiskey In The Jar

Skaldowie – Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie

Fuel Fandango – Toda La Vido

Within Temptation – Angels

Avicii – Wake Me Up

And there we have it once again! Some pretty distinct artists there eh? There was even one (I’m not saying which) that I had actually forgotten was from a European country. Silly me! I hope you check out all of these artists all the same, they all deserve the love. Let me see those guesses as to which nations these wonderful artists hail from.

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Until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!

Good day fellow inmates!

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day. It is a rather crazy time right now isn’t it? Almost out of a horror movie! No slashers or creatures of the void in sight. This whole virus business seems to have brought out the very best in humanity, but also some of the worst. I suppose humanity and fear are the ultimate horror antagonists.

Things are running fairly smoothly here at the asylum. I’m actually finding myself getting out into the sun recently. Primarily to do some gardening, but i’ve found myself sat on one of our benches to write or read. Almost fell asleep out there yesterday! Haha! It’s a glorious time of year in that sense. Pity about all the misery going around really.

So, it’s time for another volume of the Harlequins writing music today. Keep the spirits up you know? We’re almost at number 30! Originally I didn’t think I would do more than 2 or 3 of these. They are rather entertaining to create though. Plus they’re something of a mental exercise trying to remember the full names of bands or songs from the past. The noggin doesn’t work as well as it used to! So, here goes…

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of sensational artists the world over!

Apashe – Lord & Master

Miracle Of Sound – The Path

The 1975 – A Change Of Heart

Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache

Within Temptation – Memories

So there we have it for another tome of the Harlequins writing music!

As always, I hope that you all give some of these artists a look. Bring some rhythm into your quarantine! One hopes that these artists (and ones from previous editions) help you all cope just a tiny bit.

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So, until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!