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I’m a toy,
Did you know that?
I’m not exactly old,
But entirely mishandled,
By a cruel former playmate,

I’m sat isolated in this toybox,
It’s been so long,
Since anyone played with me,
I’m the defective doll,
A workshop wouldn’t be enough,

Poorly put together,
Batteries running low,
A frayed drawstring,
Chipped paintwork,
Mental health blemish,

Occasionally a girl will take me out,
Filling this wooden heart with hope,
Only to assess the damage,
With often shallow eyes,
And disgustedly launch me back to my box,

I’ll remain in the dark,
In this mahogany cell,
And collect dust,
As any child could tell you,
Nobody wants the broken toy.

Oh little toy soldier,
Why do you cry?
Wooden hands held tight to your face,
Gluey tears oozing southward,
Unheard sobs in the toy box.

Oh little toy soldier,
What are you afraid of?
Build by corporate talons,
Driven onward by unfeeling authorities,
Led to fight for your spiteful toy box state.

Oh little toy soldier,
Grab your pop gun.
It is time to wage war,
On all of those other toy soldiers.
They are of different toy box colors.

Toy soldier