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I have a torture chamber of my own making,
It rests within a cranial centre,
Containing all manner of devious racks and thumb screws,
My skull is the iron maiden it rests within,
Rusted spikes implied by self-esteem,
Nicking and piercing at cruel intervals,

I cannot escape this chamber,
It’s in my head,
I am tied soundly upon this breaking wheel,
Cracking my own limbs and jaw,
I can only scream internally though,
This torture is for me only,

In their masochistic inquisition,
My thoughts crank up the restriction upon this rack,
Foul ichor oozing from my gullet,
In the form of “I’m okay!”,
Lies brought forth through torture,
Cries for help in vile pools on the floor.


Posted: Dec 16, 2013 in Poems, Writing
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Society can be many things, like a hydra has many heads.

Society can be the most extensive family tree.

Society can be the most extravagant party.

Society can be the most fearsome of beasts.

Society can be the most compassionate Samaritan.

Society can be a grotesque monster.

Society can be a truly destructive army.

Society can be a virus.



Society is the ultimate torture device.

An iron maiden, rack and a brazen bull all in one.

For me.