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Hello inmates!

I hope you’re all having a very crazy year! I can’t believe it’s nearly Halloween again already! It shocked me to discover that my last writing music post was at Halloween last year. I do say that is unforgivable! It feels like a long time since I posted something that wasn’t poetry. I’m not saying that’s strictly a bad thing mind you, I love writing my poetry after all. It just seems like even this asylum is risking becoming a one trick pony. We can’t have that, that’s for sure!

So here we are once again, chapter 15 of the Harlequins writing music! For some of you who may be new inmates of the blog, I’ll briefly explain what this is. This section (if that is the correct terminology) is about music that I enjoy playing while I write my fiction and poems. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like writing in total silence! The Harlequins writing music is simply a place for me to share some of the artists and songs that I particularly enjoy to tune into whilst I weave my scribblings. I will be sharing 5 songs here that I have been listening to recently. These could be almost any genre, you’ll just have to see! Have fun!

Now, let us delve into the musical minds of whimsical artists the world over!

The Kinks – You Really Got Me

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

Grendel – Chemicals + Circuitry

Boy George – Evil Is So Civilized


Katatonia – Saw You Drown

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So there we have it for another chapter of the Harlequins writing music! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that perhaps you’ve found your new favorite artist. I encourage you to check out all of these bands. Also, I encourage you to check out my previous writing music posts for even more musical majesty! I intend to create a post in the near future that compiles the writing music posts so far into once place so keep an eye out for that! Be sure to put the eye back in of course…

One last thing, I have a new poem planned to be posted tomorrow at some point. It will most likely be in the evening, but who knows. My posting times are sporadic to say the least. As far as what it’s about, all I’m going to say is I haven’t written a poem about a serial killer in a while. Take of that what you will.

Until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!