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Good day inmates!

So another week done and dusted. Well sort of, I kind of judge it wednesday to wednesday with these musical posts. You get the idea. How has it all been for all of you? Exquisitely good I hope! It’s early in the year, but there’s no reason not to believe good times are ahead eh? The weather has been diabolical here on the island again. I had a feeling January was going to be a bit nasty in that respect. It has been in recent years. It’s particularly annoying as I’m in the market of job-seeking again and riding the bike in this weather is less than ideal. Regrettably I can’t make liveable money on what I do here at the asylum, that’s just the reality of being a hobbyist I suppose.

So, writing music. That’s what we’re here for isn’t it? I would ask if anybody saw the clue today but I fear it was a tad niche this week, so I feel like it’d make more sense to just get right now into it. Todays musical theme is a specific band once more. Todays ‘theme’ is the… Cruxshadows! We’re going a bit goth this week. The Cruxshadows are a “dark wave” band or more commonly called a dark synth-pop band from Florida in the USA. They are an electronic band that incorporates synth music (hence synth-pop) with light rock and violins. They’ve even been known to include dancers in their “roster” so to speak, for live shows and such. Beyond this, they very much hold the look of a gothic band with lots of black and alternative fashion for all the members.

The band is led by an odd gentleman called Rogue, who is the primary vocalist and songwriter. He is rather distinctive for his rather eccentric hairstyle and performance on stage. He has a habit of rushing about the stage willy-nilly and occasionally climbs on the supports and such. As for the music itself, they tend to be heavily influenced by Greek and Egyptian mythology, including songs about the mythic characters themselves. Aside from this, you have lots of romantic tunes, songs about the concept of deities and songs about depression. All of these come with a rather dancey style of music composition. Here, you’ll see what I mean.

Come join me as we delve into the musical minds of the Cruxshadows!

The Cruxshadows – Immortal

The Cruxshadows – Edge of the World

The Cruxshadows – Birthday

The Cruxshadows – Home

The Cruxshadows – Quicksilver

And there we have it! What do you guys think? It was hard to pick just five songs to be honest, I’ve been listening to these guys since I was a teenager and they’ve released a great deal of material in that time. I hope that you enjoy the musical choices this week and that decide to look further into this rather unique band. I’ll include their website here in just a moment. Go on, you know want to check them out. Go ooooon!

Here is their website:

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello once again inmates!

I hadn’t really intended to post this quite so soon, but the piece i had originally planned to post today isn’t quite ready yet. It’s taking a little bit longer to do, i want to get it right by me i suppose. So, I’m going to post another edition of the Harlequins favourite writing music.You may learn of some new bands, you never know!

Join me as we delve into the minds of fantastic artists the world over.

King Diamond – Give Me Your Soul‎

Mitis & Mahi – Blu

Celldweller – I Believe You‎

The Silent Comedy – Bartholomew‎

Poets Of The Fall – Carnival Of Rust‎

The Cruxshadows – Sophia‎

So there you go! Quite a bit of variety eh? Well, different kinds of music match different pieces of writing. Music compounds with the bizarre landscape in my head, to bring forth all kinds of wonders and horrors. Or something like that.

Check back for part 3 in the near future!