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Good day inmates!

Hope you are all having a crazily good day! I’ve been listening to some pretty creepy music recently. I think my family have been quite worried. Disturbing songs like “JACK” by the Tiger Lillies or “Old Black Clown” by the Edgar Allen Poets. The former is quite noticeably disturbing with dark imagery, mad vocals and shrieking strings scratching against your brain. I’d recommend it to anybody who likes dark music and anybody who enjoys the Tiger Lillies. The latter is quite sad sounding, yet surprisingly normal if you were to ignore the lyrics. The lyrics paint quite a disturbing picture, if you think about them. Really quite marvelous! As it happens, the Edgar Allen Poets are on this list today.

I also hear that it is World Poetry Day today.  I hope that is correct! Haha! What a wonderful idea. I also hope that everyone is getting their cute little poet hats on today. I’m sure I’ll be reading plenty of great poems today as i stalk around WordPress some. Here, i have a little something for you today, before we get into the music.

As i sit alone
The music comes with ideas
Of madness and fun

There’s my minor contribution for now. Haha! Now, join me as we delve into the musical minds of terrific artists the world over!

Fracx – In Your Memory

Edgar Allen Poets – Old Black Clown

Day One – Horizon

The Cog is Dead – The Death of the Cog

The Clockwork Quartet – The Doctor’s Wife

Well, there you go for another time! I hope you enjoyed chapter 8 of the Harlequins writing music. I hope you enjoy these bands! Let me know what you thought of these magnificent artists. Perhaps they are not so magnificent to you? Let me know! I love to hear different opinions.

Check back next time for chapter 9! Have a very crazy day my friends!