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I see him,
In cast-iron visage,
A harbinger of arms dealer joy,
Illuminated in the brimstone of industry,
Lighting up a cuban next to sea mines,
Counting rounds as if an attentive sire,
A self-appointed god of war,
Bestowing energetic gifts of abhorrent blitz,
To all of the unlucky boys and girls,

He visits foreign agoras,
Grinning with teeth of bullets,
He’s extant behind every shell-shocked orphans eyes,
As they grieve for yesterday’s barrage,
Slumped upon sun-scarred plains,
Torn and battered by winds of heavy calibre shells,
Despite this carnage his friends cheer him on,
There is profit to be made,
But first comes the war,

For the bliss of it all.

I see you in virtual space,
Wearing your mask of a monitor,
A maginot line for your real life ego,
You think yourself a technomancer,
A hacker and revolutionary coder,
Yet in real life you’re merely a follower,

You’re not alone in this realm of 0’s and 1’s,
Adherent to a collective of trolls,
Shadow friends,
Allies purely in pixels,
But they are a fickle lot,
How long before they cancel you?

A crusade against good taste,
No endgame in sight,
Getting your jollies from tearing others down,
Spewing bile for its own sake,
Caps lock in place of reason,
Your keyboard acting as blunt scalpel,

But what if that blade were turned on you?
Are you so brave in person?
Can the follower hold his own?
Do you truly hold the ideals of that base collective?
When you’re the next target for their games,
Will the keyboard protect you too?

When sides are to be taken,
Political discourse disasters,
Or misunderstandings in partnerships,
Do we consider the other position?
Their feelings and humanity,
Is an opposite number still only a foe?

Is common ground a fictional nirvana?
Must a debate end in bloodshed?
Fingers in eyes and hair torn,
Noses and faces cut to make a point,
Hearts pierced with vocal convictions,
Potential friends lost in a tirade,

When disagreements are had,
The senate floor taken,
Must we destroy the contender utterly?
Can no knowledge be thrust bilaterally?
After all when all both sides offer is contention,
The entire world learns nothing,

Both sides can be devils.

Humanity has a deep-seated curse within our marrow,
An in-built vice,
A hole that can never be filled,
Greed for greeds sake,
Buying for your egos sake,
And society has taken this notion of want too far,

Each city is a motherlode of avarice,
The streets are lined with strips of gold,
Though that gold be inundated with greed and feces,
Sweatshop blood and third world perspiration,
Produce of slavery under a different name,
Souls with no voices,

The inconvenience stores on the avenue,
Churches to Mammon,
Store shelves stacked with things we don’t need,
Enormous televisions and supercars,
Designer shoes and watches of gilt,
Lines of holy grails with real worth of peanuts,

Subsistence has mutated into indulgence,
This curse pushed into frenzy by words of the upper crust,
Parties in penthouses held as parades of excess,
Boardroom priests up high,
Delivering sermons in commercials and billboards,
Spawning a fetid hive of consumers,

And we consume.

The world is a grim playground,
Innocence turned to horror,
Grainy like an old film,
Featuring a host of unknown actors,
A dusty piano whispers just offscreen,
The people let loose amidst the play equipment,

Not all are having fun though,
Some suffer scrapes and bruises,
Split lips and black eyes,
Screeching in childish fashions,
No children in this play pit though,
Just adults suffering among trifles,

The worlds greyscale toys are deadly,
Paper cuts on dollar bills,
Brain freeze from too many cold drinks,
Tantrums and scuffles,
Accidents in toy planes and cars,
No health and safety here,

It’s enough for anyone to take their ball and leave,
Seek a way out,
Jimmy hung himself on the swings,
Sandra overdosed on skittles on the astroturf,
Billy set up his slide way up high,
Lily drew lines with broken glass in the corner,

This glum park is the game of life,
It is not all fun and frolics,
Not everyone wins,
Yet play time is never over.

You are a man,
By births accident you must be as a rock,
A bastion,
A roll of timber on a stormy sea,
For others to shelter on,

Even as the weight of the world bears down,
Bones splinter and muscles tear,
Even as your mind writhes in the strain,
You must never reveal it,
Boys don’t cry,

You must hold a face of stone,
No emotion is the only way,
Intravenous toxic masculinity,
No tears to show weakness,
No visible humanity,

Defy all common sense,
The testosterone negates your feelings,
Machismo over mental health,
Men never weep,
And you want to be a man right?

Love thy neighbour,
Love each of your fellow earthly souls,
For better or worse,
Love thy killer,
Adore your murderer,
Commandments from deity and party leader,

Love your killer,
For he is just a mentally sick man,
Maiming rodents since his youth,

Love your killer,
For they believed you a traitor,
Extremist news outlets,

Love your killer,
For she only opened fire in fear,
You came close with the wrong skin,

Love your killer,
For he was merely following orders,
Fearing for his own kin,

Even as the knife twists,
Even as the wound coagulates,
Even as your skull fragments,
And the line goes deathly flat,
Be sure to forgive your killer,
Though no god will save you.

Many lands believe might makes right,
And bestow this belief on the foreign poor,
A show of force,
A frank display of arrogance,
Replacing ancient tenets with roads,
Inflicting new flags on old traditions,

With heretofore never seen weaponry,
Science turned to warfare,
Behemoths of timber and black powder,
Lines of steel and ruby uniform,
All lands become part of a gold rush,
Power used to justify itself,

Large swathes of the world under one creed,
But a creed benefitting very few,
Vampires in wigs of affluence cheer,
Raising goblets of exotic blood,
To chalk and sands stained in red,
Conquest being its own reward.

The politicos must be ambidextrous,
Full control of robotic limbs,
Both starboard and port,
Built of steel comprised of voter ballots,
These men are performers to be sure,
Paragons of dexterity,
Through rarely of intent,

They take the stage,

These cold iron jugglers,
Able to aptly spin so many plates,
Receptacles holding human welfares,
The lives of constituents,
Or underlings,
Depending on whom you ask,
Critic or sycophant,

Some plates will be laid low,

These robots wear human suits,
Manufactured for one purpose,
Powerful hands of stately cunning,
Only one plate is truly a priority though,
Both hands indeed focus on that,
That plate that holds their own fortunes and positions,
No chance of that plate slipping,

It is the reason for this show to begin with.

A counterpart of sorts to ‘Construction‘.

Today we earn our keep,
With sire and sibling,
We work through the day,
Sunrise to sundown,
Sweat becomes crowbars,
While effort becomes splinters,
Strain begets demolition,
Humanity begets ruins,

New homes become debris,
To a strangely upbeat radio soundtrack,
With the nails and detritus,
Plasterboard and nail hammers,
Lead and fragments,
We’re demolishing an old world,
Making way for a new one,
Or perhaps among a current utopia.