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Hello there inmates!

Welcome once again to an edition of the Harlequins writing music with an increasingly unlikely number attached to it! How are we all this week? I hope that y’all are surviving, the world is seeming more and more volatile every week. I had a rather rocky start to the week myself. Sunday evening through to about early afternoon Tuesday, I had a rather uncomfortable stomach bug. Unpleasant as you can imagine, so I don’t think I need to elaborate on how that went. It seems like a few people I know have had similar ailments recently so I had a feeling something was going to happen. Just my luck eh? At least it didn’t last longer though.

On to something that’s less disgusting, how about we discuss todays musical theme clue? Did anybody see it? I’m suspecting some algorithmic shenanigans going on at the moment. At least on Facebook, it seems like my post reach is being throttled to an extent that I’m even unsure if anybody is seeing my posts. It’s almost gotten to a point that makes me wonder why I bother. Haha! With that in mind, It’d be rather forgivable if nobody saw it this week. This isn’t a shout for help by the way, just a dejecting reality I’ve noticed this last week.

Regardless, todays musical theme is… chemicals! Or chemistry, perhaps. They go hand in hand I suppose. This is one of those less overt musical themes I feel. But when you think about it, there have been many songs over the years that toy with the idea of chemicals. There are songs about the toxicity of people or situations. There are (perhaps too many) songs about using illicit chemicals in the recreational arena. There are even songs out there about the chemistry betwixt people, romantically or otherwise. I’d say that many aspects of humanity is all about chemicals really. They’re in practically everything and used for some a myriad of purposes. Coloured liquids and dangerous toxins are vibrant representations for all manner of human realities. A liar with a tongue of cyanide, the beguiling pull between two strangers, even the poisonous booze that we drink to numb the world. I’m sure a smarter person than I could come up with many other examples of chemicals in the inspirational sense, but that’s all I have at time of writing. I think it’s time for some music eh?

Please, join me as we delve into the musical minds of alchemical artists the world over!

Deathstars – Cyanide

Rush – Chemistry

Twenty One Pilots – Chlorine

RealestK – Toxic

Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical

And there we have it! Does this water taste a bit funny to you? I hope that you like the decent (If I do say so myself) variety of music artists this week. I almost went on a rabbit hole of “toxic relationship” songs during the making of this post. I could have easily made a list on just that, but that would ignore all of the other aspects of chemicals eh? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the choices this week. Be sure to check out the artists, they always appreciate the love I’m sure!

Speaking of love, mind showing your ol’ pal Harley some? I’ve been struggling with the whole social media stuff I must admit. I’d say I’m out of my depth in fact! If anybody reading would like to help me out, please consider following or liking me on my social media sites. I’ll include links here of course. The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and a page over on Twitter as well! They’re really cool I swear! Haha! Also, if you really enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well! Thanks for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Mankind is but an acorn,
A humble spore,
Still at the beginning of its life,
Only just beginning to thrive,
Still a long way to go,
Only dreaming of one day being a redwood,

The growth spurts come thick and fast,
Microscopic to industrial to digital,
Evolution to innovation to augmentation,
Sometimes strangling other life,
The years plod on,
And the seed is preparing to split,

Not all trees reach their apex,
It’s a dog-eat-dog world,
Mans upsurge has been anathema to many,
Practicing allelopathy through progress,
Trees often blot out the sun for others,
And hominal endeavours are a choking canopy,

I do wonder,
When the time comes,
Will humanity sprout as an oak,
Or burst into a parasitic wasp?

I’m a spaceman,
With a fishbowl on my noggin,
Setting off to explore,
Touring a galaxy of stars and art,
And charting the supernova in my heart,

I’m in a space shuttle,
Surging through the atmosphere,
A confident rocket,
Leaving self-deprecation on the launch pad,
Burned away at last,

The turbulence doesn’t scare me,
The journey has begun,
I’m in a space shuttle,
And I’m going up.

A shock,
A trauma,
An attack,
Your body is flushed with adrenaline,
Fight or flight,
The cortisol keeps you there,
Keeps you battle ready,
Your eyes widen,
A slideshow is blaring in your brain,

The body provides,
There’s a syrup of survival in your blood,
A tonic against peril,
Flight or fight,
Do you feel your hands shake?
The sweat upon your forehead?
Do you feel your heart grow to bursting?
The heat as you flee?
The pain as you fight?

You must be a cartographer in this life,
Despite what some say,
You have to find your own way,
The years offer no signposts,
Nor safe havens to rest,
You’ll concoct your own journey through decades,
The good and bad,
Plot a course to avoid the Bermuda triangles,
Those treacherous reefs of liars and hurt,
Serpentine sharks and heckling jackals,
The need for navigation never ceases,
The years want you to be adrift,
Will you be lost like Leichhardt?
Or will you be Amelia Earhart?
A failure or a legend?

Oh to be a cyborg,
A factory-built Pinocchio,
To keep the undeniable qualities,
The cerebrum and heart and sensations,
Of a real man,

Blended with a physique of mineral,
Unfazed like an ingot,
A skeleton and carapace of steel,
Undeterred by time,
Impervious and cold,

The best aspects of each,
Iron and flesh,
The virtue and ingenuity of humanity,
With the force and adamancy of machinery,
In one body,

In one cyborg.

Oh my,
She’s a laser beam,
Full of energy and warm light,
A powerful streak of colour,
Blazing through my dusky skies,

As quirky as a disco ball,
Shimmering under glitzy rays,
She’s energising as the suns glare,
Yet cutting as a Goldfinger laser,
She’s almost like science fiction,
This laser beam lady,
She lights me up like an x-ray,
A pale heart in an irradiated skeleton.

We are spawned as a blank slate,
With no rhyme or reason,
A doll not yet painted,
A straw fetish not yet burned,
We’re a biological puzzle,
A mutable disasterpiece,

We shift and grow over the years,
Mutated by our experiences,
Adapting bodily to lifes toils,
Given hardier scales after each betrayal,
Sharper talons and fangs for every struggle,
Sprouting wings to follow our dreams,

Each of us adapts differently,
The beauty and horror of nature,
Decade after decade,
And trial after challenge,
We keep evolving,
Until we finally go extinct.

Heed this message,
Lady Lunar sees all,
Watching from her ballroom of constellations,
Her cold eyes falling upon us,
Like a gravitational force,

Though her face be pockmarked and severe,
The moon must have a heart,
She sees all of our vice,
Our innate enmity,
And doesn’t choose to end us,

Through tidal waves or disdain,
Or falling upon us in apocalyptic fashion,
She could but resists the urge,
She remains our guardian,
Foil to her nuclear sister.

Humanity is electric,
Volts piloting fleshy mannequins,
And we’re all having an energy crisis,
We lack the energy for change,
A scarce stockpile of self-betterment,
Effort dimming along with our bedside lamps,

It seems our supplies are depleted,
Interest and vigour evaporated in our tanks,
No drive to fix our problems,
Our societal defects,
No natural gas to pump our breast,
Nor to warm our hearts,

Tragedy after tragedy,
And plight after plight,
Policies for change are avoided,
But these shortages can’t be ignored forever,
There is an energy crisis abound,
And the future shall pay the inflated price.