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Hear me friends,
The night of frights is come,
The moon demands a lightshow,
And we must construct our effigies,
Totems of the pumpkin king,
Ghastly in his visage,
And a corpsefire within,
An icon of the night,

So take up your scalpels,
Gather your minions around,
Prepare your orbed squash for its procedure,
Align the sacred blade,
Initiate the incision,
Grin as you grimly create,
A beautiful chelsea smile,
Upon this pumpkin bestow,

Its grin shall greet the creatures of the night,
A will-o-the-wisp to call up the underworld,
The legions of unholy beings,
For this night of ungodly jollity.

So i woke up yesterday morning (Well i say morning, i believe it was actually about 1 pm) and turned over to Lee, who had also just woken up. You see, we often have these silly little conversations about how our sleep was and also whether we remembered any dreams we may of had.

On this occasion Lee actually had remembered one of her dreams. She did more often than me. Always.

The dream she described was both pretty creepy and awesome at the same time. Lee described being given a pumpkin as some kind of gift. That’s bizarre to begin with, but it gets stranger. She said that the pumpkin kept feeling like it was moving slightly. After a while the pumpkin sprouted 6 legs, akin to a crabs and started messing up the house. Lee said she somehow expected it to sprout two arms complete with crab claws.

How very bizarre, it’s not even Halloween anymore.

The whole reason i decided to hurriedly write a whole blog post about it is simply because of the image it conjured in my head. The image, or something close to it, is the picture i drew here.I think it’s interesting how a description of a fictional creature or object, however vague, can conjure up images like this. I love it!


I know i’m no artist!