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Oh yes,
There is joy in the air,
Visible to the eye,
Heralded in myriad colours,
A thousand little specks of paper,
Fragments of a rainbow given flight,
A host of manmade fairies,
Dancing and raving on the breeze,
I do declare,
Whatsoever the occasion,
Nuptials or Pride or a festival,
You know it is a merry time,
A time for genuine smiles,
When the confetti flies.

This town square,
This faded galleria,
It bathes in the grey din of woe,
Bereft of love,

Wouldn’t it look so much better with rainbows?

Where ones love is not limited,
Nor chastised,
Where you can show your colours,
Where grunts of disquiet are swapped of pride,

Shouldn’t passion triumph over blue devils?

Flags of every ilk,
Swamped in every prism under the sun,
A parade of embracing pigments and participants,
I think that sounds superb,

So what’s to be done?

These cobbles ought to be painted,
Splashed upon all the walls and lanterns,
Brought to life,
Brought to love for all,

Wouldn’t that be better?

To a friend with no name,
I am no scholar of the heart,
But I see you,
You’re not alone my friend,
There’s a whole gaudy parade behind you,
Humans of every walk,
Humans of every ilk,
We are behind you,
You are not alien my friend,

There’s a parade of colour behind you,
Violets and reds and blues,
A veritable rainbow of people,
We are behind you,
And we shall jive and dance beside you,
Embrace and hold hands with you,
Hold the line with you,
You are not inequity,
There is no queer,

There is only humanity.

Oh yes,
That cloth of rainbows,
It is not my flag,
But I love it all the same,
As it flaps in tumultuous winds,
A freedom all its own,
It flies proudly at parades,
Raves of jovial feeling,

And so it should,
To love is to be human,
So love how you wish,
Gender be damned,
It’s a kind of amiable authority,
But all that holds this flag over our heads,
Is all of our own hands,
Because it is the right thing to do.