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We’ve been savagely chased from yesteryear,
Demons of loss and pain at our backs,
Like Jack Russell’s nipping at our heels,
Chunks of us left in the last year,
Physically and emotionally,
Not all survived the rout,

Yet we must look forward,
It’s a mad new world,
Time waits for no man,
The days ahead are in flux,
Waiting to be crystallized by new experience,
New faces and affairs to be held in glass,

But take note,
It is yet unclear if this new year will also maim,
That same glass may be jagged,
But our assault must be sustained,
For time will not tarry,
So we ought face the year like a hopeful sunrise.

The past is dust,
Illusory and asphyxiating,
Memories kept in a domestic recreation,
A dolls house,
Boarded up windows and plastic veils,

Mental furniture coated in grey,
Left in that abandoned house,
Images of joy and grief,
Cracks filled with anger and serenity,
Dust unsettled by latter discourse,

It combats your urges to clean it up,
Caked deep on to chairs and tables,
Images burned into your brain,
You can’t wipe away this dust,
It remains in that house in your past.

To whom it may concern,
To a younger me,
Before the top hat,
I’m writing to you this eve,
To tell you that all is well,
We’re making it,

I remember your life,
In fragments,
You were blessed with a seemly family,
Supported in the extreme,
Mostly taught to read at home,
With a saintly maternal hand,

School never was for you,
You had an alright head on your shoulders,
But you wanted to live in other worlds,
Pixels and ink,
You were afraid of this life,
Afraid of the future,

You had plenty of good friends,
You weren’t stupid,
But you were certainly easily led,
You would always let them lead,
Most of the time this was fine,
Sometimes it hurt your back and caused bruises,

I know you were bullied,
Sometimes intentionally,
Other times simply not shown respect,
You weren’t weak,
You could have fought back,
But you felt you deserved it,

You always preferred the dark,
Those damned midnight strolls,
Nothing but the wind and emo music for company,
You knew the night like a forbidden lover,
I guess it felt safe,
We never did see those monsters did we?

You wasted a few opportunities,
Neither of us can deny that,
Not enough effort there,
And leaden limbs here,
You didn’t know what to do,
I don’t blame you for that,

I remember you loved too hard once,
That definitely broke you,
It spawned a voice in your head,
A certain clown if I recall,
There have been mishaps since,
Even I struggle with that one,

I write to you in my lucid moments,
To tell you it got better,
Not easier but ever more finer,
You’re me now,
We’ve come a long way,
I think we’ve got this.