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Humanity is a ridiculous thing,
A living superiority complex,
A parasite feigning importance,
A host of little Sisyphus clones,
Yet in truth we are clueless,
Incapable of answering those big questions,
Man and the universe are incompatible,

No matter how hard we thrash,
How violently we kick the cell walls,
It is for naught,
For humanity to know the secrets of the universe,
Finding meaning in the meaningless,
Is an absurd notion,
Don’t you think?

I often feel,
I’m surrounded by insects,
Moths specifically,

They flutter in office spaces,
Flitter sullenly about suburbs,
And drift carelessly along sidewalks,

They commune briefly,
Then fly on,
Towards their each own light,

We’re all moths you know,
We flutter about on frail wings,
Fragile aimless things,

We don’t even know we’re doing it,
We all have different wings,
Yet we all strive towards the same thing,

Towards a light,

At least we believe it’s the sun,
But as we draw closer,
The sun is peculiarly crypt-shaped.

Let me die,
Bleed out or succumb to plague,
Do not mourn for me,
Scatter me and my memories to obscurity.

Forgive me if you must,
But certainly forget me,
Reduce me to naught but ash,
Do not start a tears life in my stead.

I shall not mourn the passing of this world,
It is and was nothing to me.