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Have you ever been plucked from serenity?
Carried aloft within claws of heated iron,
Dropped into water of stressful intensity,
A pressure cooker,
To stew in a broth of every ill thought,
Every wound real or imagined,
Bubbling with barely contained rage,

The situation builds the pressure in notches,
Until it becomes too much,
The steam shrieking in your head too loud,
You want to let it all out,
And shower them in bitter broil,
Your fury is as searing water,
Administering burns heated from your own strain.

Having grown lost and confused,
My compass a hopeless compatriot,
I tire of traversal,
I cease for repose in a shrouded glade,
Flanked by vines and caressed by grass almost glowing,
But my rest is quickly cut short by weight of eyes,
A million foreboding fireflies,

Miniscule beings of glamour I notice,
Little simulacra of humans,
Hiding behind toadstools and tulip buds,
Scores upon scores,
I hear them flitter,
Giggling and chanting in shrill tongues,
Sounds from every direction,

Skeptical of their intentions,
Whether foul or fair,
I bade them come clean,
But instead they plied their folkloric magics,
Binding me in cruel ivy,
Laying claim to me as a plaything,
Still their hollering chorus cried on,

For decades I have remained here,
Still bound in enchanted green,
A literal piece of garden furniture,
Subject to jests and jabs of fancy,
Endless riddles and unfair games,
My torment at their hands may go on for eternity,
A nightmare wrought in trickery and thaumaturgy,

I implore you,
Beware the fae glades,
Beware the pixies.

At times my mind seems to glitch,
I stare unheeding into the horizon,
I find myself in a vacuum,
The very air becomes clammy,
As if coated in cellophane,
Displaying the world like wax figures,

Nearby voices sound like distant echoes,
Muffled by my inattention,
I’m an alien,
Though I feel more like a UFO,
Feeling as if I’m not here,
No longer tied to mundus,

It was a gross realisation,
Of my own derealization,
Of my minds plea to be free,
To be mad,
To be something else.

All children are born killers,
Little Bonnies and Clydes,
Astray infants running with scissors,
Accomplices to a most brutal slaying,
But not little rippers do I describe,
But humans like you and I,

They are not guilty of the instinctual murder they commit,
They were born into this jagged cycle of consumption,
They are not monsters,
But fellow killers of the world,
Maggots in a fetid wound of the earth,
Participating in its slow demise,

It’s not their fault,
They’re innocent,
It’s just the homo sapiens blueprint,
The way of progress,
To consume,
To kill.

The caustic familiarity,
My brain is chained to it,
The gorgeous image of it,
And the memory of euphoria it imbibed,
But it wanted me dead,

A parasite,
I hear its siren song,
Whispering in the sunlight,
But clamouring loud in the night,
A gauntlet to run every moment,

It won’t let me sleep,
Sweet nothings in dark voices,
It speaks in palpitations,
Paragraphs in shivers,
Finishing lines with drops of sweat,

It never ebbs,
But to succumb would be ruination,
The grail contains only poison,
I dare not speak its name,
You already know.

Upon this urban spot of the map,
We are drones,
Tracksuit wearing termites,
Pervading this nest of terraces,
This sad town,
Brick and mortar mazes,
And empty shuttered merchants,

Image of the great depression,
This town is a shipwreck among fog,
Cloaked in steely smog,
Intoxicating in its misery,
Sent under by grapeshot of recession,
Plagued by ghosts with shopping bags,
Cawing and wailing at price tags,

The sky reflects the hopeless hamlet,
There is nowhere to go,
We live here,
We are bound here,
As cardinal as the concrete of the car parks,
And as cold.

I remember reaching out,
During this winter of winters,
Fingers clawing out to earthly rime,
Hands straining to feel some sliver of nature,

I remember the boreal pain,
An intense bolt of arctic lightning,
Biting and vengeful,
A scourge birthed in cold,

Now my hands lay in black stain,
No longer able to caress anything,
This rot has been inflicted upon my fingers,
For the sin of touching the world,

Now no sensation comes to me.

There was an aged man,
Whom I met on an outing to the market,
A creature akin to a wildman he was,
He had no hometown and no societal desire,
He proclaimed to be just passing through,
A man of worldly tales myriad,

Over glade and alpine he had roamed,
With no company save his own thoughts,
He lived off of the land,
Always looking for the next hill,
The next river,
That next natural wonder,

His back was mangled and dinged by knapsack tonnage,
Weight carried over chasms and borders both,
He had frostbitten fingers like sabercat tusks,
Ice fields for malms he had traversed,
His feet were burned and blistered,
Meat seared upon dunes of amber sand,

We spoke until even the sun began to tire,
So he finished his yarn with a flourish,
A word of foresight,
A wish for his future,
That he desired to die amidst leaves,
And be buried amongst roots of oak.

His monitor accomplice lights up,
Another has fallen for it,
He smirks,
This is a profitable day,
The numbers rise,
Binary and currency,

He is a shady parasite of cybercrime,
His ploy was successful once more,
These marks are putty in his digital hands,
Another gig,
Another scam,
Phishing banditry and hacker hold-ups,

They are cattle,
They do not matter,
They’re just emails and profile faces,
He cares naught for their numbers of years,
Only for the ones and noughts they possess,
The lifeblood in their wallets,

Feelings are left on the keyboard,
Your savings depart into bytes,
As his virtual persona has already fled cackling,
Out of jurisdiction and danger,
He’s a ghost preying on the web,
With his runaway car always at hand.

These fanatic pitchforks I spy,
With waving flags they jeer,
With the blaming sabre,
And toxic forked tongues,
The wrong people broken under heel,
Be they the wrong colour or creed,

You dinosaurs believe your own haughty myth,
That your borders confine some element of superiority,
To simply resent the alien,
To hate the outside,
To hide behind a tattered mask of patriotism,
You have learned nothing from history,

You live in nations built alongside immigrants sweat,
You ignore your own history for spites sake,
Spewing lies forced into your veins by dangerous men,
Your self-serving devotion is weakness,
You don’t show strength,
You show fear.