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My thoughts were nixed today,
My best laid plans shattered,
Quelled by the real worlds static,
The gentle whirring of my chronology,
Squandered by an awful cacophony,
The sound of the outside,

The noise pollution of the world,
Indecipherable to a sane mind,
The cries and debates,
The revels and the fits,
The industry and the felonies,
The pontificating and nuclear wars,

It’s like a bushfire in my brain,
Scorched earth in my eardrums,
But that’s not all,
The inner voices join with it,
In their frenzied burbling,
Producing an unholy choral inferno,

I grip my head in pain,
The racket is too much,
And no earplug can stymie the universe.

If one is hunting demons,
Look no further than the filthy mosquito,
That most hated of creations,
They are vermin on buzzing wings,
Employing their odious bayonets,
Sucking the vitae from all,
Trading it for disease and malady,
A truly foul trade arrangement,
These winged hussars of ill health,
They never sleep,
While man overtly cracks the planet,
They are waging a secret war,
A war on all healthy life.

A shock,
A trauma,
An attack,
Your body is flushed with adrenaline,
Fight or flight,
The cortisol keeps you there,
Keeps you battle ready,
Your eyes widen,
A slideshow is blaring in your brain,

The body provides,
There’s a syrup of survival in your blood,
A tonic against peril,
Flight or fight,
Do you feel your hands shake?
The sweat upon your forehead?
Do you feel your heart grow to bursting?
The heat as you flee?
The pain as you fight?

Is it blindness that hides pain from our eyes?
The struggle of others,
The ruined mascara and sweat,
The lines of strain penned upon their faces,
Our eyes seem to cloud over at the spectacle,
An unfeeling milky grey,
Our hands cupped over our minds eye,

How are we so blind?
Or do we not want to see it?
We say it’s none of our business,
That they’ll pull through,
You don’t need a reason to help,
Nor a reward,
So pry open those damn eyes,

Is it blindness?
Or is it selfishness?

I am afflicted,
Privy to rigor mortis of the lungs I fear,
A piece of me turned renegade,
Blackened internally like rot,

Respiring becomes a feat of heroics,
My torso doubling over like a crushed can,
Hailed by naught but wheezing,
Breaths like razor blades scrape at my lungs,
Each compression a cut deeper,
Superheated talons across flesh,

To speak of it is blood specks on a napkin,
To hear of it is a death knell,
To an ensemble of splutter and hacking.

Down those hospital stairs,
That chilly room is a sterile graveyard,
Clad in cold iron doors,
In place of stone markers,
Names replaced by codes on little tags,
Souls preserved just past the point of death,

Their stories will never rot though,
Even entropy can’t rewrite time,
This body here was a tyrant among tyrants,
This one has saved orphans abroad,
Over here we have an artist to succeed Picasso,
This one here was a master thief,

The lights behind their eyes are dark,
But these husks are still receptacles of stories,
People reduced to their bodily memories,
Held in iron caskets,
To be burned to ashes,
Or rusted away by time.

After trying these new sweets,
Compliments of the white coats,
I find my thoughts lying in a swamp,
Those little candies turn my mind to slop,
A marsh under kaleidoscopic skies,
But it’s for the best they say,
It’s for the best,
I sit in this swamp in my mind,
Unaffected by the brisk swill,
My eyes rolling in slow motion,
Rolling slightly to the sides,
A curious blur over my eyes like plastic,
I feel no remorse,
No misery,
But it’s for the best.

An unknown contagion afflicts me,
Interests no longer interest me,
Voids are appearing in my brain,
Areas of interest fading to nothing,
Neurons stashing away my will,
Like my own brain in open rebellion,
Lining up my blindfolded diversions,
Against a blood-strewn wall,
And snuffing them out one by one,
The inside of my skull,
I don’t recognise it,
It’s a wasteland,
The voids spread,
Making me a hollow man,
I begin to consider surrender,
Too far gone.

I am a broken jaw,
A smashed nose,
I am a fetid wound,
An injury of a being,
I require correction,
Surgery of the self,
Something has gone wrong,
An unknown contagion has rendered me inhuman,

Put me under,
Gas to kill the monster,
These doctors in their gory aprons,
They will fix my inhumanity,
Scalpels to the various pieces of my soul,
Incisions and psychiatry,
When next my eyes reflect light,
Will I awaken as a man?

Ofttimes we confer our lives to men of medicine,
Hippocratic Samaritans,
Truly worthy of our trust,
Yet once this trust was broken,
Reduced to residue in a syringe,
By a foul miscreation of fate,
On the island kingdom he resided,
A creature with eyeglasses and a kindly gaze,
This monster in a white coat,
Human anthrax,

Where he practiced,
The neediest of us fell,
Where he called,
Toxins invaded innocent bloodstreams,
Grandads and grandmas,
Taken by foul chemical artifice,
They needed him,
And yet he slaughtered them,
Casually he spoke in the sound of needles,
Smiled kindly with venom behind teeth,

Aged though these victims were,
They could still have had decades,
But with him they had minutes.