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You wear a mask of innocent sincerity,
A cute yet bewitching visage,
And you wear it well,
But I ask myself,
What lies behind the mask?
There is sugar on your lips to be sure,
And this coalesces with your honeyed words,
A perfume to spur on my infatuation,

Do you intend to use me?
An abusive succubus?
Are you hiding sharks teeth?
Perhaps a venus flytrap?
Our dance has gone on so long,
Our steps grow ever more elaborate,
The mask never shifts,
I can’t tell if it’s truly you,

When I hold you close,
I don’t hear hisses and curses,
Spy no dragon eyes,
The veil may hide only past pains,
It may be a shield rather than a disguise,
But I ask myself,
Will you ever remove it?
Or will this masquerade go on ad infinitum?

Lives of masks

Posted: Nov 11, 2013 in Poems, Writing
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What is a mask but a denial of oneself?
Who can say the eyes peering through are truly yours?
Who can declare the voice eking through is yours?
Masks prevent us being ourselves.
They make us become something far more fantastical.

They can turn us into monsters,
even gods.
But a mask can never show our true selves.
They shield our true selves,
they shield our true emotions,
our true pains.

We take on somebody else’s soul.
A strangers?
Or maybe even a friends?
Masks are a costume for the soul.