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I feel off-kilter,
Somehow weighted to one side,
The mind hangs in the balance,
A set of scales nestled in our egos,
Ungodly yet ornate,
Lifes events are as weights on one side or the other,

Life can bring circumstance of both good and bad,
Too much of either can be destructive,
Positive and negative,
Success and heartbreak,
Narcissism and misanthropy,
Use these events as lessons not additions to your id,

Either weight dropping is a fell stroke,
One way leads to decadence,
The other a fall to adversity,
Both are forms of insanity,
Both will destroy your own soul,
Both are evil by different modus operandi,

Do not allow your scales to dip,
One must strive for balance,
Be as a pendulum,
Map a safe travail through lifes hills and valleys,
The ups and downs,
Protect your minds integrity.

A novel new blight has arisen,
It is upon the tongues of all,
With the same frequency as hellos and farewells,
The covid virus,
The new political and media months flavour,
An ailment embellished,
Despite its lethal effects,

The initial symptom being a destruction of all sense,
Eagerly followed by the choking of the weak,
Indeed let it be known it is a foul affliction,
Lives shattered and irrevocably altered,
Not purely by this virus itself,
But by legislative hammers of feeble men,
Flaccid controls in the guise of genius,

It has taken over,
But what of the others?
Those recieved of other illnesses,
Cancers and strokes and fractures and derangement,
They are skipped over,
Verily banished from the facilities meant to aid them,
Sent to form morgues within their hovels,

Souls perish every hour to these curses,
But the darling of the elite takes the stage,
The pundits preach fear overblown,
Fear the covid,
There is only covid,
But I ask of you,
Does covid matter more than all other ills?

I have a tumour,
I feel it pulsing within my skull,
A neoplasmic fiend,
A frankenstein creation of my own heart,
My cells joining its unholy legion,

I know from whence it came,
I breathed in those cancerous cells,
They breached my lips,
On a vessel of her red lipstick,
Her nightly ritual,

She drew me in,
Like a spider playing a violin,
A trap of an embrace,
A witch in white gown lingerie,
Obsessive oncology,

This amorous disease ravaged my form,
Playing jukebox romance ad infinitum,
My humours sent into spasms,
My virtues turned askew,
Blurred eyes,

I ought to be alone,
Give me a bottle of amber,
My own radiation therapy,
I’m unclear of the prognosis,
But this love is cancer.

The day roars in anger,
As I awaken bloody-eyed,
It bares its dragon fangs to me,
Demanding I return to the aether,
It threatens my chakras,

So I turn to the gemstones,
They are eternal war advisors,
I turn to the agate to calm me,
It’s fiery aura pushing me ahead,
I watch the ruby rage,
Impelling me to take on the day,

Unakite takes on purging my nightly malice,
I clutch a pristine diamond,
It animates me to be a force of good,
Amplifying opal carries the lance and standard,
Tiger eye suggests a practical method,
The onyx points the way,

While the pyrite drives me to stand up to the dragon,
I gaze at the howlite,
Quietly it tells me to forgive the day,
They serve as bulwark and bandage,
The dragon shall be subdued,
Whether through heart or force.

I find that my ears rebel,
A battalion of brass instruments,
Crying directly into my imagination,
A constant assault upon myself,
Sounds that aren’t there,

There in my dreams,
There in my waking hours,
Ghosts shrieking,
But nothing is there,
White noise,

Crackles and sharp pops,
A gradual piercing of the cranium,
A bell ringing just out of sight,
A drilling of the oil in ones brain,
A bull in a cerebral china shop,

Static droning,
Ear plugs are a laughable stop gap,
Maybe one day my hearing will fade,
Will I still hear the frightful sounds?
Or shall the shrieking carry on in earnest?

You apathetic dragons,
In your boardroom hoards,
Remember us?
We little people,
The public,
The ever-hungry,

We were the ones,
You trod into the muck,
We were the ones,
You left out in the cold,
We were the ones,
You used in your schemes,

Our chump change wasn’t enough,
You had to take our homes,
And the skins off our backs,
But we’re only animals,
And when we feel cornered,
We’ll even hunt dragons,

When the resources expire,
And the fires burn low,
We’ll climb your piles of gold,
In our dingy rags,
On shattered limbs,
Mad hunger saliva,

You so-called elites,
You’re going down too,
Even your power won’t save you,
From the knives of the poor,
It’s the end for you too,
We’ll eat the rich.

Hello there inmates!

Here’s hoping that you’re all having a great day in quarantine. I’ve most certainly been enjoying the fantastic weather here in the UK the last couple weeks. I’ve not been out as much as I would have liked, but there you go! It is still seeming like a rather scary time out there. Very rare to hear good news right now, which is a pity. Too many people are losing loved ones. Deaths that many of which could perhaps have been avoided. But I am still fairly confident that we shall get through this virus business and return to regular (or not) life.

So, it’s time for another edition of the Harlequins writing music! We’ve finally come to part 30! The big number thirty! I’ve been really humbled by the response to these posts, especially since I find them really quite enjoyable to make. I’m going to do something slightly different for this week’s edition. I’ve only done this once before so far. I’m going to focus on a single musical artist that I truly adore and that regularly inspires me.

This time, the artist i’ve chosen is the Poets Of The Fall. This is an absolutely fabulous rock band from Finland. Pretty easy to listen to, with deeply emotive lyrics and a staggeringly high variety of styles in their songs. Their lyrics tend to be highly surreal and metaphorical. Also, they’re delivered by the tremendous vocals of Marko Saaresto! Quite possibly my favourite vocalist out there right now. I’m going to share with you five of my favourite songs by this energising band.

Join me as we delve into the singular musical minds of Poets Of The Fall!

Poets Of The Fall – Drama For Life

Poets Of The Fall – Late Goodbye

Poets Of The Fall – My Dark Disquiet

Poets Of The Fall – Moonlight Kissed

Poets Of The Fall – Daze

So there we have it for another special volume of the Harlequins writing music!

I hope that you give this truly marvellous band a try. Their music is so varied that I feel they will likely have something for everyone. They definitely deserve further exposure! Here’s the link to their website.

Also, I hope you look forward to tomorrow’s poem. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it…

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Until next week’s edition, have a very crazy day inmates!

Good day fellow inmates!

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day. It is a rather crazy time right now isn’t it? Almost out of a horror movie! No slashers or creatures of the void in sight. This whole virus business seems to have brought out the very best in humanity, but also some of the worst. I suppose humanity and fear are the ultimate horror antagonists.

Things are running fairly smoothly here at the asylum. I’m actually finding myself getting out into the sun recently. Primarily to do some gardening, but i’ve found myself sat on one of our benches to write or read. Almost fell asleep out there yesterday! Haha! It’s a glorious time of year in that sense. Pity about all the misery going around really.

So, it’s time for another volume of the Harlequins writing music today. Keep the spirits up you know? We’re almost at number 30! Originally I didn’t think I would do more than 2 or 3 of these. They are rather entertaining to create though. Plus they’re something of a mental exercise trying to remember the full names of bands or songs from the past. The noggin doesn’t work as well as it used to! So, here goes…

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of sensational artists the world over!

Apashe – Lord & Master

Miracle Of Sound – The Path

The 1975 – A Change Of Heart

Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache

Within Temptation – Memories

So there we have it for another tome of the Harlequins writing music!

As always, I hope that you all give some of these artists a look. Bring some rhythm into your quarantine! One hopes that these artists (and ones from previous editions) help you all cope just a tiny bit.

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So, until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!

I sit here in my padded cell,
Clad in muck and detritus,
The dark as my blanket,
The lights went out eons ago,
Turns out the pills don’t work,

Alone with my thoughts,
Mental spectres,
Partners in madness,
Comrades in straitjackets,
A gang of critical voices,

Mental images of the past,
To torture me with past stupidity,
We cackle together,
Mock my mistakes historical,
A little joke at my own expense,

Always the freak,
Always the waster,
Friends who became strangers,
Deadend employments,
Ill-advised trysts,

I’m a miscreation,
I’m a wreck,
I’m a freakshow,
To the voices in the dark,
These corrupted consciences,

I’m better off here,
Friends lost the keys,
Sanity is a stillborn dream,
And with it normality,
All I can do is rock and laugh.

Hello there fellow inmates!

I hope that you’re all having a wonderfully crazy april the 1st. I’m not entirely a fan of april fools day. Always seems like the very definition of a recipe for disaster. Too many people have too many different views on what a joke comprises of. Never ends well in my experience. So, with that said, i’m not going to try to make some outlandish claim in the guise of a joke. The voices don’t find it funny you see!

Anyway, I do hope that you are all surviving your particular nations version of lockdown. It’s not really affected my life if i’m honest. We’re quite secluded here at the asylum as it is. It’s just like any other day (or week, or month). But regardless, I hope that you’re all keeping safe and making the most of this time at home. It shan’t last forever after all!

So, it’s time for another edition of the Harlequins writing music. It’s hard to believe this is the 28th edition of these! I also seem to have managed to get them to an almost weekly routine now too! This is very much unlike me. I wonder how long it shall last! Haha! Let’s have some more quarantine music shall we?

Without further adieu, join me as we delve into the musical minds of hellacious artists the world over!

Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now

Call Me Karizma – Quarantine With Me

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

WinterGatan – Marble Machine

Bryce Fox – Bodies

So there we have it for another volume of the Harlequins writing music!

I hope that you all give at least one of these wonderful artists a look! I varied it a reasonable amount today, to hopefully appeal to everyone just a tad. All of these artists deserve the attention in my eyes!

Oh, and before I forget, if you like what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-Fi page! Thanks as always!

So, until the next time we meet, have a very crazy day inmates!