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Hello there inmates!

So February has finally arrived! This year is continuing along at pace, I must admit. Maybe it’s true what my parents say that the years go by faster as you get older. I’m unsure if that’s a good thing or not. Anyways, how is everyone doing this week? Getting back into post-lockdown life? I know it’s been a while since the lockdown (at least in this country) but the world has seemed rather slow and sedate in getting back into the swing of life. The job market is one big example of that right now…

Enough about all of that real life slop. You’re here for virtual slop! The Harlequins writing music to be specific. I posted a clue earlier on for todays musical theme. I feel like it was a reasonably obvious one this week. Did you see it?

Todays musical theme is the great nation of Germany! Yes, our germanic cousins over on the mainland continent! A land of great culture and personality. I know that the germans have something of a stereotype of being stiff-lipped and unemotional, but I personally have a soft spot for them. Obviously the country has a long and varied history. Conflict and oppression and innovation. Much of which you’re likely to be aware of yourselves.

There is a great amount of musical influence from Deutschland. I would even say the nation has given us a few genres of their own. One in particular that I’m a huge fan of is industrial. I would even say that industrial music is quintessentially german, though obviously people of other nations partake too. I feel like I’m rambling again. This has become slightly listless hasn’t it? Haha! Wanna hear some of my favourites?

Without further nonsense, join me as we delve into the musical minds of Deutsch artists the land over!

Megaherz – Vorhang Auf

Rapsoul – Gott Schenk Ihr Flugel

Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt

Mark Forster – Ubermorgen

Revolverheld – Immer Noch Fuhlen

And there we have it! Fantastisch! There’s some interesting ones there eh? I was almost tempted to just put industrial music on this list, but I think that would be doing Germany a disservice. I hope that guys enjoy this list and give each of these artists a good look. They all deserve it, even if you don’t understand the German language so well.

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Until next week, auf wiedersehen and have a very crazy day inmates!

Under thundery skies of white,
Came the rumble of tracks,
And the boom of gunnery,
A boreal front is rent open,
An iron cross enclosing upon an eastern jugular,
Hammer and sickle on the backfoot,
Surrender was no option,
And so flesh was ground against iron,
The blitzkrieg was on,

Two flags spiral around each other in dispute,
Cities and fields become their shrapnel market,
Lives were the currency paid in full,
But both fate and snow had other ideas,
The winter came to its sons aid,
Freezing fuel and choking soldiers in grey,
Another weapon against the iron cross,
Like the little emperor before,
This evil could not weather the winterstorm.