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Good day inmates!

Ahh, a slight cooling in the air this week. It’s still been rather warm on the island, but not exceptionally so. It’s been rendered rather ideal by a noticeable breeze. How are you all finding it in your corners of the world? Pleasant I hope, whichever weather you find yourselves in. On the negative side, my phone is still damaged. However I am betting on getting it fixed (hopefully). My tablet has fortunately been sufficient as a makeshift social media device in the meantime. Haha!

So, on to todays main event eh? You’re all here for the music after all I imagine, not my technological clumsiness. I have been really looking forward to doing this particular musical theme I must confess. Did anybody see the clue I posted? I certainly hope so!

Todays musical theme is a hot one! Oh yes, with the summer being here and the temperatures rising I just had to do this theme. The theme for this week is fire! Flames are a very popular image when it comes to music and I think this is due to the fact it can represent a number of things. Passion, heat or rage to name a few. It can be used as an anecdote for romance, for pain or sometimes for crazy parties, bizarrely. It can be used in reference to biblical things like Hell and suffering as well. As such the musical variation that I have to choose from today is rather extensive, which is definitely a huge plus! No genre is off the table really. It’s rather hot, you could say! Peak comedy! Anyways, let’s get to the music eh?

One thing I will mention before I start. One of these songs today has some themes and depictions of the subject of suicide that may trigger some people. The video itself even has a short intro by the vocalist talking about it. I felt it sensible to prewarn.

Please join me as we delve into the musical minds of torrid artists the world over!

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire

Disturbed – Inside The Fire

Kings Of Leon – Sex on Fire

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

Elektronomia – Fire

And there we have it! I feel a tad sweaty now after that. Some pretty hot tunes there eh? I tried to show a fair variety with my choices as always, but I feel like I could easily do another list for this theme to be honest. Maybe I will, I don’t know. The voices haven’t told me yet. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all of my choices this week and that you check out all of these artists as well!

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

Do you ever wonder what a fireplace sees?
From its brickwork oubliette,
Blushing in its soft heat,
What secrets it bears witness to,
The feelings put out into the universe,
Caresses and kisses upon the shaggy rug,
The hidden trysts before its flame,
The small moments meaning the most,
A living room rising to its name,

This choleric witness,
Do you think it laughs?
Fire displaying its cruel nature,
Flickering in hilarity,
With its charcoal friends,
Or maybe it tries to warn them?
Crackling in its mayday throes,
Energetic yet impotent,
Within its hearth prison cell.

Fire given form,
Smoke and ash given intent,
Among the jinn he resides,
Among creatures of the hereafter,
Upon a searing wind of flame,
He comes to Mundus,
With broiling malice in his eyes,
Emanations of foul determination,

He comes to spread misfortune,
His bestial form is scalding in its barbarism,
Horns and scorched auburn fur,
He comes to bring about an encompassing scorched earth,
But there is a defence,
Go to your Imam,
Chant your Du’a,
Chant if you hope to douse the fire,

To defeat him,
To defeat Ifrit.

As gunfire erupts,
And bulletproof angels squabble overhead,
And tracers flitter here and there,
A lord of war takes to the field,
A knight of the brine approaches,
Even the mighty sea herself quakes at its coming.

A cascading tempest of fire and brimstone,
A man-made tidal wave,
A force of human nature,
Even as brothers of the fleet rot and burn all around,
The knight of brine surges forth,
Bellowing hellfire and smoke.

Ahead full!
To victory!


All flee in terror when it darkens the skies,
Wrought in iron and chain,
Wings built from aircraft carcasses,
Eye fabricated from red traffic lights,
Spewing petroleum-fueled flames,
Searing all of the peoples homes,
Not to mention their ambitions.

It is mankind’s greatest threat,
But man has only himself to blame,
It was built to destroy the enemies of mankind,
But they made a miscalculation,
They forgot one significant fact,
Mankind is his own worst enemy.

Dark stannic wings approach.
Here comes the man-made monster.
You best hide.


I once built a wickerman.
It was on the advice of a friend.
Or perhaps a foe.
I built it with blood and sweat,
Wood and charcoal,
Hopes and dreams.
A twisted focal point for my humanity.

I threw my whole self into it.
My hopes for the future.
My confidence.
My wanderlust.
My compassion.
My faith in humanity.
All laden with wood and rope,
Awaiting the hellfire,
Of my wickerman.

I unleashed the flames.
My hopes went up first,
Burning into melancholy.
My confidence followed suit,
I became an ember of my former self.
My wanderlust became smoke,
As if wishing to escape.
My compassion melted to slag,
Turning my heart to hatred.

My faith in humanity erupted last,
Turning to ash,
Like the world around me.
My wickerman burns furiously,
And my soul with it.
My humanity seeps away,
Like clouds of smoke.

I am human no more.
The wickerman is ash.