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I remember a girl,
An acquaintance,
She received a locket for her twentieth,
A gift from her ailing mother,
And from her grandma before her,
Passed down through generations,
Women across the centuries,
Like a relic of Salem witches,

A silver ravens skull holding a crescent,
Amethysts set into its eyes,
Into this token of quicksilver,
She fused all of her hopes,
All of her dreams,
Infused in her most lonesome nights,
They blended with the dreams of her foremothers,
A gossamer tether through the ages,

I do wonder,
When and if the time comes,
Will she too bequeath it to a daughter?
Add a new link to the chain,
I would hope so,
It’d be a shame for this feminine connection to end,
For the locket to be lost,
Forgotten in the mists.

Hello there inmates!

How goes your week so far? Exceedingly well I hope! Getting everything in your personal worlds done and dusted eh? I admit I had a bit of a slump early in the week, but that has since passed. I suppose posting poems like ‘Memento’ or ‘Remembering’ may have given my low mood away, but I assure you I’m rather good now. The weather here has been a bit schizophrenic as well, rain one minute then blue sky the next. Here was me thinking I belonged in an asylum, but I think the weather does more so. At least it’s been warmer!

Enough nonsense for now anyways. How about some music? The Harlequins writing music to be specific. Did anybody see the clue today? It was a good one I swear! You should have seen it! Oh well, you’ll get some music today anyways, I forgive you.

So, the theme for todays writing music is rather fabulous one! The theme for today is female empowerment! Oh yes indeed! This one is for all of those mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmommies! This was sort of inspired by the situation over in the US right now with the current abortion law fiasco. It has made me very sad to say the least, and after talking to a good friend over the pond, I wanted to show some form of solidarity with the good ladies who are having their rights threatened. Not only that, but there are some really good bops that can be centred around lifting up the ladies in your life. Many artists have written songs about how much they love their femininity, grace or maternal instinct. Songs about how girls can do anything that a man can do. Songs about a girls night out. I’m sure the list goes on! So, let’s see what I can come up with and hopefully I do you goddesses some justice eh?

Please, join me as we delve into the musical minds of feminine artists the world over!

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Iggy Azalea – Fancy

The HU – Song of Women

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

And there we have it! I know that this has been a slightly different kind of writing music post today, but I do hope that you all enjoy this one. Even without the nonsense going on in the US, I think it’s important to show love to the ladies in our lives, whether they be family or friends. Please check out all of these artists, they all deserve the attention. I feel like you may know the majority of these ones.

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As always, have a very crazy day inmates!