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One black day,
In the gelid rain,
The clouds begin to crackle,
The gallows lie silent,
Save for one unholy sound,


His laugh,
A chortle unending,
The one convicted,
In fits of hysterical amusement,
Despite the grim circumstance,


A skeletal man,
A sick man,
His crimes too ghastly to mention,
But perhaps irrelevant,
Exorcising such an affront was its own excuse,


His giggling emanated,
Containing such madness,
As to insult nature herself,
A vile cackle,
Even as the mans throat bled,


He never stopped,
Even as the drop commenced,
And the horrific snap,
He kept laughing,
A limp body howling in joy,


Many years later,
Upon a stroll through the graves,
Something gave me the chills,
I could still hear him laughing,
Even beneath the corrupted earth,

He’d never stopped.

New Monday.
New week.
Same old work.
Same old desk.
Boss is a bigot.
Bored of life.
Hate working at the warrant office.

Case-file 1.
First of many.
20 something female.
No native family.
Sentenced to termination.

Case-file 2.
Getting hungry now.
Young infant.
Found on the border.
Parents shot dead by security nearby.
Sentenced to indoctrination.

Case-file 3.
Young foreign couple.
Sentenced to termination.
Can’t wait for work to end.
Hate this tedious job.
Nothing interesting ever happens at the warrant office.

This red termination stamp is getting worn out too.


Standing proudly on your stage,
High above the crowd.
They’re cheering just for you,
Or is it jeering?
Your hangman co-performer beside you.
Your only prop around your neck.

Your performance,
Your time to shine,
Your noose,
Your death sentence.
Even an execution can be a masterwork.
All eyes are on you after all.

Your co-performer nods,
The lever says “GO!”,
A short, sharp drop,

You begin your great dance.
Feet twitching and pirouetting,
Arms and hands waving and prancing,
Head flapping and waltzing,
Pulse vanishing.
Neck broken.
The papers say you’ve broke into the big time.
The bandits jig, your Pièce de résistance!

You were headline news yesterday,
You were “Wanted: Dead or Alive” by all,
You’ll be headline news tomorrow,
Remembered forever in the obituaries.
You’re a celebrity.
A legend.
An epitaph.

Your final dance,
Your final performance,
The bandits jig.
Next stop: the underworld!