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Good day inmates!

It’s summer time finally! The sun is beaming down (occasionally), the sky is ever-blue and the island I live on is full of visitors. Oh yes, summer! The time of year for music festivals, trips to the beach, road trips along sweltering roads and wonderful parties at sunset. The time of stargazing and sunbathing. It’s my favorite time of year, believe it or not. I wanted to post another chapter of the Harlequins writing music, but I thought it would be fun to do it a bit differently this time. We’re here to celebrate the summer after all!

So yes! This is the “Summer Special” of the Harlequins writing music! Let’s all rejoice and party and all that! I’m going to post some summery songs that I may write with sometimes. I find that my productivity goes up noticeably during hot weather, it just makes me feel more energetic and creative. Since this is a special, I’m not too bothered about posting songs by artists that I have posted in the previous chapters of writing music. Some bands have dark depressing tunes, while still having energetic ‘party-esque’ summer numbers. These songs will represent the innate nature of summer. Some will be high tempo beach party songs, some may be spirited and optimistic holiday anthems, while others may be slower watching-over-a-sunset tunes. Let’s see what we get eh?

Now, let us delve into the musical minds of aestival artists the world over!

The Offspring – Want You Bad

deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers

Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again?

MiTiS – Life Of Sin (pt. 3)

Goldfinger – Superman

Koda – Shattered

So there we go! That’s it for our celebration of the summer months. I hope you’ve enjoyed this special edition of the Harlequins writing music! I feel that each of these songs is quite summery, you can’t really have summer music without at least one Blink 182 or Offspring song eh? Give each of these bands a try if you haven’t already, you shan’t be disappointed! Anyway, I hope each and everyone one of you out there is having a wonderful summer! I intend to! Best keep those tans topped up right?!

Until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a great day! This is going to be a pretty short update for now, though I do intend to have another post later on tonight. I’m not going to tell you what that post is going to be though. * Cue maniacal laugh*

When I was typing up that writing music post yesterday, I had a thought. Looking through the blog archives for the other writing music chapters (if you’re interested) is a little bit of a nuisance. I simply thought I’d type up a quick ‘catch-up’ post for those who missed the older writing music chapters. Much like how I did with some of my previous works here. After all i do intend to create some more writing music posts in the future, so i thought it’d be nice for people to be able to see the older ones that they might have missed. All for your convenience my dear inmates!

So there you go! Quite a selection so far, to be honest. As always, I would recommend listening to all of these bands. Many are well known, many are not. In my eyes, they all deserve the attention they get.  Anyway, thanks for reading as always. I hope you give my older writing music pieces a try. Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to go screech like a cat to music…


Have a very crazy day inmates!

Good day inmates!

I hope you’re all having an enormously crazy day! It’s time for another chapter of the Harlequins writing music. I can’t believe I’ve actually created 10 of these posts. I was half expecting somebody to have told me to shut up about my music taste after the first chapter! I’ve been quite busy on getting some new poems and other miscellaneous writings complete this week. This music has helped enormously! I can’t really imagine writing in silence anymore.

Now, let us delve into the musical minds of incredible artists the world over!

Mr. Strange – Twisted Family

Skillet – Monster

The Tenth Stage – Cinderella’s Revenge

Knife Party – Bonfire

Apocalyptica – Fade to Black

And there we have it for another edition of the Harlequins writing music! I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as willing to write as much as I do without my musical backdrop. I gives me ideas, it keeps me calm and it is quite simply something I enjoy. It is almost like an unseen assistant. As always, check out all of these bands. I try to keep these lists reasonably varied so hopefully there will be something you’ll enjoy regardless what you’re musical creed is. Thank you for reading my friends!

Have a very crazy day inmates!

Hello there inmates!

Hope you’re all having a truly crazy day! I’m getting back into the swing of blogging it seems. I got more posted since i got back then i expected to, to be honest. For now though, it’s time for another edition of the Harlequins writing music. I astounded myself when i actually realized how many of these I’ve done already, sure hope you guys aren’t getting bored by them. That would quite simply not do! Got some more great bands for you today, quite a variety once again. We’ve got a little bit of metal, a little bit of electronic, a little bit of steampunk and something else entirely unusual. In my opinion at least!

Now, let us delve into the musical minds of astounding artists the world over!


deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts N Stuff

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Professor Elemental – I’m British

Tarja Turunen – Until My Last Breath

Seasick Steve – Green and Yeller


Well, there you go for another edition of the Harlequins writing music! Be sure to check out all of these bands, they’re great! I hope you’ve enjoyed the 9th edition. I intend to keep going, so check back in the future for number 10! Let me know what you thought of these bands, i know they’re not quite as obscure as previous editions, but hey ho!

Have a very crazy day my good inmates!



Good day inmates!

Hope you are all having a crazily good day! I’ve been listening to some pretty creepy music recently. I think my family have been quite worried. Disturbing songs like “JACK” by the Tiger Lillies or “Old Black Clown” by the Edgar Allen Poets. The former is quite noticeably disturbing with dark imagery, mad vocals and shrieking strings scratching against your brain. I’d recommend it to anybody who likes dark music and anybody who enjoys the Tiger Lillies. The latter is quite sad sounding, yet surprisingly normal if you were to ignore the lyrics. The lyrics paint quite a disturbing picture, if you think about them. Really quite marvelous! As it happens, the Edgar Allen Poets are on this list today.

I also hear that it is World Poetry Day today.  I hope that is correct! Haha! What a wonderful idea. I also hope that everyone is getting their cute little poet hats on today. I’m sure I’ll be reading plenty of great poems today as i stalk around WordPress some. Here, i have a little something for you today, before we get into the music.

As i sit alone
The music comes with ideas
Of madness and fun

There’s my minor contribution for now. Haha! Now, join me as we delve into the musical minds of terrific artists the world over!

Fracx – In Your Memory

Edgar Allen Poets – Old Black Clown

Day One – Horizon

The Cog is Dead – The Death of the Cog

The Clockwork Quartet – The Doctor’s Wife

Well, there you go for another time! I hope you enjoyed chapter 8 of the Harlequins writing music. I hope you enjoy these bands! Let me know what you thought of these magnificent artists. Perhaps they are not so magnificent to you? Let me know! I love to hear different opinions.

Check back next time for chapter 9! Have a very crazy day my friends!

Hola fellow inmates!

Hope you are all having a most crazy day! I know i am! It’s time for another Harlequins writing music post. I’ve been finding quite a few new artists recently. These artists have been almost exclusively electronic, but are, for want of a better word, primarily very chilled. Very thought provoking.

One in particular has been played almost constantly for the last two or three days. His name is Tom Day. He seems to be a fairly unknown electronic artist from Australia. His music is simply beautiful. It’s relaxing, it’s calm, it’s exquisite. I will be including one of his songs today as i feel he deserves so much more attention. That’s not to say that these other artists don’t as they most certainly deserve it as well!

Join me once again as we delve into the musical minds of meritorious artists the world over!

Three Days Grace – Break

Tom Day – Crossroads

Weird Al Yankovic – Polka Face

Alestorm – Captain Morgans Revenge

TwoThirds – Pieces

So there we have it for another time! I do hope that anybody reading this gives a listen to all of these artists. They all most certainly deserve more exposure! Makes a change from pop music right? Haha!

Check back next time for part 8! Have a crazy day!

Hello there inmates!

I’ve been getting some strange looks from family members while I’ve been listening to music recently. I suppose it’s not surprising with the likes of the Tiger Lillies or Ghost BC blaring out of my speakers at a considerable volume. I should of expected it really. My family tend to be a bit more conventional when it comes to music, they listen to pop, rock and the occasional rapper. I often find myself in prolonged conversations with my brother about why the hell i listen to the “weirdo” stuff that i do. Simply put, it’s because i enjoy it and it’s different. Not to mention the fact it helps me think!

For now though, let us delve into superlative artists the world over!

Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home

The Pixies – Where Is My Mind

Your Favorite Martian – Take Over The World

Blue Stahli – Scrape

À Rebours – Cardiac Thanatosis

So there we go for another chapter of the Harlequins writing music! Quite a varied list once again, some well known bands there and some not so well known! Seeking new music and new experiences is extremely important to a writing process I believe though. Variety is the spice of life and such! Haha!

So, see you next time for part 7! Have a very crazy day!

Greetings once again inmates.

It is time for another post about the Harlequins writing music! Oh joy right? I’ve noticed in this last week that the amount of writing I’ve done has dwindled ever so slightly, while at the same time I’ve also not been listening to songs that make me think. It almost appears directly proportional in fact! This has inevitably led me to believe that “writing music” as i call it is actually quite a vital part of my so-called writing process. I need background noise, but it can’t be too loud. It has to actually interest me. I need to hear lyrics that are clever. Lyrics that make me think. Lyrics that make me see the world and its inhabitants in various different lights. It all helps.

So join me once again as we delve into the minds of adroit artists the world over!

Creature Feature – Such Horrible Things

Ashbury Heights – Anti Ordinary

Linkin Park – In The End

Madonna – Frozen

Eluveitie – Omnos

And there we go! Once again quite a varied list, but such is the nature of music. If it gives you even one little idea or line for a poem, then it’s worth it right?

See you next time inmates. Have a very crazy day!

Hello there inmates!

Well, new month, new writing music post! I’ve got quite a few more of my ‘writing bands’ to go yet. I’m always finding new songs and new bands that inspire me, whether they be energetic metal songs, thumping steam punk songs or ghostly electronic songs. Or some that are altogether more bizarre. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t be close-minded about music. Don’t limit yourself to individual bands or genres. You simply limit your own inspiration.

Join me once again as we delve into the incredible minds of artists the world over!

Doctor Steel – Back And Forth

Panic! At The Disco – The Ballad Of Mona Lisa

The Shanklin Freak Show – Carousel

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Just Like A Chap

Obsidia Ft. CoMa – Masquerade

There you go for another time! Some interesting bands there yes? One of them is even a local band to me, try to guess which one eh? Hehe!

Have a very crazy day inmates!

G’day inmates!

It is time for part three of the Harlequins writing music thingamajig (That’s a technical term you know…). It’s getting to the point now where it almost seems like this is a favourite song list, but i assure you it is not. While I do love all of these songs, I have not included my favourite songs simply because they are not part of my writing music. There is a difference, believe it or not.

Join me once again as we delve into the minds of marvelous artists the world over.

Ghost – Ritual

Arkasia – Pandemonium

The Tiger Lillies – Thousand Violins

Abney Park – All The Myths Are True

Spellblast – Goblins’ Song

And there we are! Another edition of the Harlequins writing music for your viewing and listening pleasure! Once again, quite a bit of variety eh? Variety is the spice of the mind, as well as life i suppose.

Check back soon for part 4!